There is a disadvantage to being the research leader at a large newspaper in hell. That being you often see things that you wish you could wash from your memory with acid. On scrolling through racist blogger Paul Kersey’s comments on an article entitled, “Old America vs. New America: What the AFC and NFC Championship Games Represent” I noticed this comment from Whiskey:

I’d second Pat’s analysis on the appeal on TV of the Black athlete — flashy plays generating ESPN highlights rather than gritty, grind it out determination and endurance.

And lets not forget, most White fans believe that Blacks are superior, master-race athletes. Faster, stronger, quicker, more athletic. Because they are, with the caveat that they lack White athletes endurance and intelligence.

However, the competition for sports and the desire to provide alternate sports at a lower cost sets threats to the NFL. Ticket prices are sky-high, a number of teams a week ago had to quickly buy out tickets unsold for playoff games to prevent local blackouts. Meanwhile hungry sports networks like NBCSports, etc. are featuring more affordable hockey, and even down-under or UK/France rugby. As well as female-friendly Winter Olympic sports featuring daring tricks and maneuvers and the twirliest boys and prettiest princesses (Skating).

As others noted, NFL expansion and revenues into Europe and Asia have been failures. So too, the NBA, save some merchandising success in China. Chinese guys and gals don’t find much use in watching huge Black guys dunk basketballs. NBA stadiums play to half-empty arenas in many venues, while the NHL is packed (and more affordable).

The NFL has many advantages, but there is literally no cost to switching to another sport for a fan. He can simply stop watching. There’s always racing, hockey, baseball, rugby, and soccer. Which both Fox and NBCSports are pushing heavily. Premiere League has every game on NBCSports. Ridicule soccer all you want, every nation outside the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are obsessed with it.

The NFL risks facing the fate of boxing. Boxing used to be huge on TV, with regular fights on every Friday night on NBC. Black dominance, corruption, fixing, and moves to pay-per-view made boxing a nothing, marginal sport. [Boxing in the US sucks, fighters don’t move, just stand there trading blows, Mexican boxing features real skill and footwork. Golden Boy productions on Fox will show Mexican boxing and I recommend it highly.]

The anti-black sentiment there is clear and, of course, this guy is free to watch whatever he likes on TV. Whiskey, I noticed, has a blog so I went there to see what a Paul Kersey fan would write on a blog. Well, here’s where the need for the retina scrub becomes apparent. Not only does Whiskey hate blacks, he also hates that women will not stay in their place. The reason for this? They are not risk takers and they are not mavericks and like all people who are not White males they do not invent anything.

The proof this bigot offers is in the form of the “all women crew” that made the Disney animated film “Frozen”. Now the last time I checked Frozen had netted $67.3 million on its opening weekend and currently has grossed $332.6 million as of this past Friday. Whiskey says in his article:

Disney’s new Frozen animated film is entirely the result of female animators and directors. Women have many virtues. Being rebels, breaking with the herd, bucking trends, and challenging group-think is not one of them. For better and worse, if an industry and organization needs whistleblowers, mavericks, rebels, and challengers of the status quo, they need men. Specifically, White men. Diversity is a guarantee of herd-like behavior.”

That first line is especially important and an example, one of billions, of how conservative individuals can take one thing that they see, trust it in its singularity, and make a patently incorrect declarative statement in support of their bigotry citing that lone thing they have seen as universal and unquestionable proof that their belief is now borne out in fact. You know that this cannot end well right? Of course, Whiskey the Bigot is wrong.

Frozen was co written and co directed by Chris Buck [White Male] and Jennifer Lee [White female]. For a normal conversation with people of broad intelligence that one nugget of FACT would be enough to end this blog post. I must, for the information of all conservative bigots out there assure you that there were several White male animators, sound people, visual effects people, editors, musicians and countless others behind the scenes. To see a full list of all those people you can click this link.

hindsight 2308
In Hindsight
Like most of my posts that was just an appetizer, this schadenfreude of conservative ignorance in the name of being “factual” to promote a bigoted view. While showing disdain for the accomplishments made on the Disney film by women and minorities, back in 2008 Whiskey was a big fan of Sarah Palin. This guy actually saw Palin as an empowerment role model and a success because she was chosen to run for VP and goes so far as to state she is a maverick for having a family and grabbing the brass ring in politics. Yet a scant two victories by President Obama not only has Whiskey decided that women suck he’s also decided they are what’s wrong with Hollywood.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
95 1 Leviathan 3 AS

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