Regarding the Bundy ranch case, this from a conservative:

[From B4V]
In the words of our good friend, Neo … BRING IT!

I have a feeling that a lot of people are just itching for the feds to make one stupid move, and the war is on!!

GMB, that’s a given for any modern day politician. They don’t care about how they make tax-paying people suffer. Taxpayers buy their vacations, lavish dinners, tuxedos, dresses, wine, etc. Not to mention the communist core of government that wants to “even the playing field” so to speak. But it has nothing to do with evening the playing field…it has everything to do with control…and everyone who does not comply either goes to prison or gets a bullet to the back of the head, China and North Korea for example. That is what our modern day politicians want. Anyone who has ever survived a communist regime can attest to that. That’s why they want gun control…they key word being – control. They want to control information, and communication, key word once again, is Control.

Americans need to be TIRED of this mess, and they need to fight back with UN-reckoning force.

I would love to go out to the Bundy Ranch and join other patriotic Americans. Unfortunately I do not have the money to make the trip. You can bet though that I will be fighting it on my own turf when it arrives.

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Oballah is up to his eyeballs in this, he wants to give our natural resources away to the UN. He stopped this incident, no doubt in my mind, he did not want that SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD, not just yet anyway.

Yeah like that crack ho squawking about her free Obama phone. “Obama is great…Romney sucks.”

I totally get it…you are down for the struggle of the Red Man…putting in their casino’s to rape the white man of his cash through gambling. Totally.

Course replacing a bad thing with another bad thing is always the way liberals react. Especially when it fits their template for get-even-ism. Reparations??? Jack-wad.

Wish i could have helped out . The most American i have felt in a long long time !!

A Kangaroo Federal Judge should not be allowed to make a decision. A case of this magnitude should be decided by a well educated Nevadian jury of Cliven Bundy’s peers. The jury should be well versed in the history of land, grazing, and water rights in Nevada. Cliven Bundy deserves a fair, open, and impartial judicial proceeding to present his grievances against the Federal Leviathan.

[From The Blaze]

The news said a thousand or so showed up from all over the place.

I saw some footage and the protesters are armed. I saw a lot of AR15′s and some bullet proof vests too.

An armed populace is a free populace–the only deterrent to giant governments composed of a few egotistical bureaucrats who seek to intimidate the populace into submission.

Some people are stating that Bundy was wrong to do what he did. They believe that he did this only for himself. They believe that he should be paying the grazing fees. That’s disputable, but the fact is that these people were legally protesting and as a result, the unelected armed BLM bullied them. Also consider the excuse that the BLM used regarding the turtle, when THEY are the ones that are actually killing the turtles. Add the fact that Harry Reid’s son made a deal with China to build a solar plant which includes Bundy’s legally owned property….you tell me if this isn’t an infringement on 1st amendment rights, along with big bully government taking what they want from citizens? As for other Ranchers complaining about Bundy not paying the fees….that is complete BS! Most all the Ranchers are standing right beside Bundy!

Don’t let a few Troll bloggers and the Media turn Cliven Bundy into something he’s not. We have all talked about this and now a very brave man stood. We need to stand with him and others who will stand.

People need to stay vigilant because this isn’t over. We need to support anyone that will stand up against this tyrannical government – everywhere in America!

I agree with you Bob. They now know exactly how fed up we are and how far we are willing to go to fight them. They will be fighting even harder to infringe upon our second amendment rights. And while they have backed off of Bundy for now. They will come back in full force as soon as they think the coast is clear. I am keeping that family in my prayers.

[From Newsmax]

Sounding more like the leader of a rebellion than a cattle rancher in a land dispute with the government, Bundy told Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Monday that he wants all county sheriffs in the United States to take away the weapons of “federal bureaucrats.” It is rapidly turning into a rebellion and Mr. Bundy is right.

The Interior and BLM are using tax dollars to harass, intimidate, threaten, confiscate private property, and threaten to shoot citizens. Congress needs to rein them in and fast before they kill someone. Well we have seen first hand where all the ammo is going. Obama’s civilian army.

This is not Americans against Americans, it’s Americans against a rogue government that’s way out of line. This country is fast approaching a tipping point of no return.

[From CNS News]

These weren’t law enforcement officers. They were Fourth Branch military personnel acting in direct violation to the Posse Comitatus Act.

its unconstitutional to take peoples land at gunpoint to hand over to a foreign entity or to the UN, which is what is going on here, troll..

11 million ILLEGAL immigrants in this country, with more coming everyday and you’re calling Bundy a criminal? Your president is a bold faced liar and has violated his oathe to defend and uphold the constitution so many times I have lost count, and by the way, YOU dont tell me what to buy, PERIOD! I do NOT care what your corrupt bought out venal supreme court decides! You want to do away with the republic and the rule of law and impose pure democracy? Then mob rule is what you will get!

Yes. I am sick and tired of going to bed every night wondering what infringement of my rights I will wake up to the next day. I have long passed the point of being told by the left that they stand for the rights of the little guy and are doing what is best for “our” society while they trample upon individual MY freedoms and exclude my opinions and desires. They have made it very clear that I should have no say, making it “Their” society where I am just a tool to be utilized and expolited to futher their agenda. Adding insult to injury, I am informed that my opinions are racist, compasionless, and backwards!I am NOT a republican or a democrat. I am an independent individual who stands for individual freedom. With freedom comes personal responsibilty and I WILL NOT condone or accept assisitance from or payment for programs of the government! The government was created to protect my freedoms and liberties, and THAT IS ALL! Accepting government dependence does not make a better society, “Slaves are made in such ways”. I am nobody’s slave or serf!
What will it take for the left to realize that there are those of us who will NEVER relinguish our liberties or property for the “so called” good of a society we have been excluded from?As the mass exodus from leftist states and their policies continues to more freedom loving states, how long will it be before the inevitable confrontation takes place?! If you need to see what a marxist revolution looks like, so be it.

This is what Progressives are up against. A dying base that is willing to take up arms to protect someone who is breaking the law simply because they know their time is up. The Bureau of Land Management did exactly what was in the best interest of the American people by not giving the far Right another group of martyrs to weep over.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
176 1 Leviathan 3 AS


  1. dcobranchi Says:

    They need to arrest his ass the second they can do so without endangering any of the idiots protecting him. He’s defied court orders for 20 years.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Bundy is dancing on the thin line between being a disgruntled rancher and a domestic terror leader.

  2. sarahbloch Says:

    Ser Daryl that is exactly what needs to happen. This would have been a disaster if the BLM had not decided to depart. The last thing America needs right now is the Right emboldened with the fresh blood of martyrs.

  3. sarahbloch Says:

    You still have fans among the far right religious loon constituency at B4V

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