I was just reading Mark Noonan’s latest screed about free speech. I’d like to remind readers of this blog that we do not delete comments for any reason unless requested to do so, or in the case of errant information or potentially actionable cases of libel; all of which have taken place a collective total of five times in nearly nine years of bringing reason to the Living. That said the kernel of reason in Mark’s post was washed away quickly by his inability to understand that free speech isn’t always civil. People with passions about issues are often hostile in their words. Like many journalists I would like cooler heads to prevail and intellect to rule discourse, but hey, I’m quick to call a motherfucker a motherfucker when the situation warrants.

Retired Spook made an interest comment here it is in full

I apply the same metrics to free speech that I apply to anything involving freedom. When someone condemns something I’ve said, my first reaction is, why? That simple one word question, more often than not, will open a dialogue, and, worst case scenario, you may just have to agree to disagree. Now if someone goes beyond disagreeing to attempting to punish me for something I said or prevent me from saying it, then my fall-back position is ALWAYS, “I will defend my right to say what I said with my life. Will you defend your position to punish me for what I said with YOUR life? If not, then get the hell out of my face. I’ve found, 100% of the time, that people who would attempt to shut someone up that they disagree with NEVER go beyond either the mob mentality of shouting someone down or recruiting others to do the dirty work for them.

hindsight 2312
In Hindsight
That last line in italics is the part that makes me wonder about the belief that Mark Noonan and many of the others on the conservative side of the fence really have in their ideology. It’s also what made Cluster take down his own site simply because people cannot be cordial. Fuck that. If you don;t have passion for politics and political thinking you need to go back to your knitting group. This is a hardball issue that will affect the future not only of America but of the world you live in. If that’s not worth calling someone an asshole or a fucking bigot when you clearly know they are then get out of the game.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
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  1. Someone should have the presence of mind to ask him why then, is he so dismissive, hypocritical and afraid of others engaging in free speech. i.e. disallowing certain posters, referring to everything that challenges his ideology as a “lie” etc. But like so many things, there is a limit to free speech. The ancient phrase yelling fire in a theater, threatening someones life, etc. I do however, both understand why and admit to preventing certain people from having their responses published on a blog. Primarily because what they say and believe is revolting or they are such pieces of shit that they are denied a public forum to spew the acidic bigotry, hatred, racism and religious absolutism that oozes out of their very being. People like that have nothing to offer. Instead they characterize themselves as being smarter and more informed than everyone else. They are only interested in confrontation and when challenged the best they can do is call someone names. Like a limp dicked, impotent 3 yr old. So I do what I can to deny them viewership.
    I’m talking about fucked up racists, Birchers, birthers etc. Noonan won’t allow any challenge at all, regardless of how civil. Many times I’ve pointed out how in the beginning B4V (as B4B) had an impressive amount of respondents. But if you disagreed with their stance on anything from the Iraq invasion to abortion to evolution to religion you were mocked and banned. That’s free speech being stifled. It’s not telling some fucked up asshole racist who glorifies people like George Zimmerman or sterotypes blacks or insists delsuions are real and uses other fucked up assholes as a reputable source that they don’t deserve to breathe, let alone spread their yellow-green diseased puss around on a public blog. They deserve to be isolated, quarantined and removed. Hopefully from the rest of the population.

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