In one of the most wealthy countries on Terra people are crying out about their oppression. A segment of the American population wants to send the world a dire warning that the early steps being taken now will lead to a massive shift in their rights and freedoms and likely will lead to a Holocaust style slaughter in the near future. All of this is because of their religion and social values. Some in this group say the horrors they have suffered can no longer be tolerated in any civilized country. What are the actions taken by these oppressors against this group? Are these people being forced to wear yellow crosses on their clothing? Are their book stores and bakeries being vandalized? Are their women being raped in the streets and their houses of worship desecrated and burnt to the ground?

No, no they aren’t because the group of people I am talking about are America conservative Christians. Over the past weekend a movie debuted in 736 theaters across America called, “Persecuted,” telling the story of an evangelist framed for the murder of a teenage girl and the government conspiracy to rid America of Christianity. That’s it. If you’ve read the last sentence you’ve seen the whole movie. The film stars Bruce Davison, Dean Stockwell, Fred Thompson and Gretchen Carlson. Yes, that Gretchen Carlson the Fox News host. Rumor has it that since shooting Stockwell is still showering trying to get the yuck of the poor plot off him.

The film grossed a whopping $851,391 over the weekend but that didn’t stop Christian Toto at Breitbart from writing an article touting the strong performance the movie had “in the Heartland.” Strong performance? The movie took in $1156.78 per theater which begs a serious question. If this is the type of fare conservatives say they want from Hollywood, why don’t they patronize these films? Toto says in his post, “Another film eager to entertain right of center audiences also made noise over the weekend. Persecuted tells the story of an evangelist (James Remar) framed for murder, a plot tied to a warped alliance between faith and the government.”

Made noise? Well I guess a whimper is a noise. And the “strong in the heartland” comment? Toto explains that the movie outperformed new releases like “Sex Tape” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in Cincinnati, Wichita, Philadelphia, Memphis, Columbus and Wilkes-Barre. I’m not a dempgrapher or a geography expert but since when were Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia in the “heartland?”

So where exactly did Christian Toto get his theater data? Well this article posted at the digital arm of the Oklahoma City CBS affiliate, posted an article which quotes a PRNewswrire release from One Media LLC the film’s production company. What Toto left out was how universally panned the film was by just about every film critic. The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety all lambasted “Persecuted” with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 0% rating.

Here’s the trailer:

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F.,O.Q.H [Journ.], O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
28 Ashtaq 3 AS


  1. Oh the poor things. Talk about being persecuted, isn’t that what flagellation is all about? Or am I mistaking it for fellatio? The first one is masochistic the last an act of a narcissistic contortionist.Ha!
    The image of Alexander De Large with his eyes wired open comes to mind. “Watch this movie or be damned!”

  2. I don’t know. How about “The joys of delusional self-persecution”. Narrated by Ken Hamm. Speaking of this breathtaking lunatic and his Christainism, he has now proclaimed that there are no aliens. And if there are, they are doomed to hell fire and damnation. These sorts of humanoids just have to be suffering from fucked up nervous system wiring. They are evolutionary throwbacks. Magic and superstition was a logical conclusion during the Paleolithic, noble even. Awakening consciousness and all of that, but 24,100 yrs later? No wonder neanderthals died out.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Cool article!

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Sharia Law? How Neocon1 In a nation of hundreds of millions of people who call themselves Christians and 2.5 million Muslims how in the world is Sharia Law going to be implemented????

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Well Presidents are voted for in things called elections. Laws are made by federal, state and local governments. Certain groups are protected by the federal government to keep xenophobes and bigots like you from violating the religious (yes) and civil rights of said groups. More could be done. Muslims have a right to live by Sharia in the United States for the same reason Hobby Lobby can opt out of buying contraceptives they feel cause abortion.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Yeah, right. If you can’t get a Republican in the White House the opposition must have cheated. Hilarious!

      • sarahbloch Says:

        It is racist when certain IDs like utility bills are accepted and high school and college IDs are refused. This is nothing more than demographic selection since conservatives are more likely to have a utility bills than a young college student.

  3. Yea, isn’t it? This scientist was so eclaimed that they name a particle accelerator facility after him. Fermilab. I think it’s in Wisconsin.

  4. sarahbloch Says:

    So if this is evil and I do agree that this is evil this places Islam and the Roman Catholic Church at the same level of evil by their deeds.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      Child abuse in the Catholic Church is not a small scale problem. I know it’s your CHOSEN faith but it isn’t without responsibility for breaking the will and ruining the lives of countless children AND women for centuries.

  5. sarahbloch Says:

    Oh my you are so persecuted.

  6. What’s your point Bill? You continue to site complete bullshit people as a source of reliable information and yet each and every one of them are loons with no credibility. When challenged, you refuse to back up your claims. You live in another universe with no hope of escaping. You have the maturity of a 5 yr old and with your fat gut I doubt you could even touch your toes let alone your tiny anti-Semitic dick. Do you think that by calling people names your intimidating them? That your boorish, crude and gutter snip behavior shuts down arguments? You are a fucking asshole who deserves some catastrophic event to occur to slap some sense into you. You’re a joke and are to stupid to realize that you are allowed to post here for comic relief. Explain this Bill. Since you believe that you are going to meet Jesus, how are you going to explain how you treat other people in this life? Do you think he’d laugh along with you? Think you possess a superior intellect? Slap you on the back. No, you’ve earned a one way ticket to hell. Now piss off. Or on, whichever suits you. Puss filled boils have more charm than you.

  7. An alternate point of view? Seriously? Why don’t you challenge gravity and offer an alternative. Like it’s really invisible Velcro with a static charge. Or Thunder is god bowling. Or toads cause warts or any other “alternative” point of view. You can formulate any opinion you want. So what?? Opinions are not facts and you have never, nor will you ever be able to provide one iota of empirical evidence that prove the factuality of these lunatic claims you insist are real. Do you hallucinate as well? The fact is, you are a deeply disturbed person who takes delight in making these outrageous claims, you revel in your racisim, your bigotry and your simplistic religion. And you insist with irrational conviction that you are intelligent and right and everyone else is stupid and wrong. You are pathetically insecure and consequently use the only tool you have to control social situations: being a bully. And even that you fail at. It escapes you that this blog could be partially a goof on morons like you who actually think it’s not tongue in cheek. Or do even know what that means? Another example of your lack of skills and how easily you become defensive and enraged is how quickly you bring things up about my past.Things that you made an effort to find out. You are so fucking stupid to think that by mentioning them you’re gaining some edge. Like I’m ashamed. I’m not. And let me add that I’d be a bit cautious about talking about behaviors. It was this blog that discovered your little secret. I just happened to come across it so do yourself a favor and either shut the fuck up and go away, get some therapy or attempt to be a nicer person. Because all anyone has seen over the past 10 yrs is a complete joyless asshole who no one likes and many wish would contract a disease and die already.

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