Variety is reporting this morning that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is launching her own Internet television channel called TheSarahPalinChannel.com. Palin claims the channel will focus on, “important issues facing the nation” stating she wants, “to talk to talk directly to you on our channel– on my terms.” Those terms it seems are $9.95 per month or an annual subscription of $99.95.

Above you can see Palin’s target audience discussing one of those issues important to the American people– immigration. There are hundreds of thousands of these bigots, conspiracy theorists and generally uninformed individuals clustered in all across America I am told by my human colleagues. The good news is that this Palin channel will become the gift that keeps on giving for Progressives as the midterm elections roll around in just over three three months.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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  1. Thank you for helping to make my point.

    • I do not feel that this opinion is bullshit. These people in Houston are clearly conservatives who are expressing their beliefs about the arrival of undocumented children to the United States. Is their crossing into the US without proper documentation a crime? Yes. Are the people protesting their care and treatment in the US and the lack of border security expressing low information based opinions and race based bigotries? Yes. My opinion therefore, and how these people will enrich Sarah Palin by way of her Internet channel is germane.

      [q c p n!]

  2. there was a link on reddit to a you tube vid showing a native american castigating a group of immigration protesters. he was yelling stuff like “we should have had those signs when the whites came here!” and “you all are illegal immigrants too” !

    the protestors were clearly uncomfortable and had no responses whatever. the reddit community thought it was hilarious ))

    • O3 that is priceless. I need to have Schwartz dig that one out. Cheers!

    • The Pilgrims were a “nomadic tribe?” That aside and now the descendants of the Pilgrims and those who came after them who were bloodthirsty conquering slave owners are today losing the Culture War to a diverse and superior people.

    • If you buy an illegal substance on the street you are just as guilty as the seller. The colonists for the most part were willing to put in the hard work to build their settlements but when property was being offered by the crown for ownership and governance these privileged people did not wish to pay wages they opted to buy slaves and force them to do their work and make them rich. That is until the Confederate defeat in the Civil War. The Pilgrims were religious outcasts.

  3. While a nation has a clear and present need to secure its borders; the United States has given in to corporate interests which demand undocumented labor to do a variety of jobs that native born Americans will not. Here is the root cause of the issue.

  4. Do you feel these people’s assessments of the border crisis are accurate?

    • You clearly have nothing but bigotry and ignorance to offer to this conversation.

    • Your worldview is based on the misogyny you learned in your youth. You want women at home waiting for their husbands to come home from work with a glass of scotch and dinner warm in the oven. You want to be able to shame women as being sluts when they desire sex as much as men do without commitment. You want men in pulpits dictating law. And you want the power of life and death by the gun in the case of crime in your neighborhood without the burden of legal responsibility. Am I too far off with this assessment?

  5. Crime both urban and rural, perpetrated by both black and white needs to be addressed in the United States. If there were no minorities in America there would still be crime.

  6. As you say Neocon1 you don’t live there why does it matter? Why don’t you ask some of the large fruit and vegetable companies that rely on migrant undocumented labor why they continue to hire these people. Can you put me in contact with a white man or woman in the United States that is unemployed who is willing to pick apples or harvest artichokes?

    • And this because the legal process is so slow that it assures you more years in the racial majority. That ship will sail by 2040, but of course it won’t matter to you by then.

  7. Reagan Bush and Bush had the White House for 20 years out of the past 34. Why did none of these conservative leaders do anything about the border? See corporate interests. OH and then there’s the amnesty that Reagan signed!

    • You won’t feel that way in 2017.

    • It is true no one on the staff lives in the United States. We do not work for a leftist organization, the journalists here work for a newspaper. Sometimes the stories we cover fly in the face of our political beliefs other times they support them. Breaking News is free from political injection generally. News of merit that exposes flaws in either the conservative or Progressive movement is still news. Yes this is a liberal newspaper but to simply be an echo chamber would make us no better than Breitbart, The Blaze or worst of all Blogs For Victory. You are correct in your idea that we have a target audience. Our target audience is the entire Human Race. The purpose of this blog’s work is to inform with facts and not partisan hyperbole and to inspire diversity and equality among all peoples.

    • This is about an agenda. An agenda of ensuring Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all– not just for the rich,the Corporations, the Christian, the white or the male, but EVERYONE.

    • In my homeland we have an excellent social safety net. Upon arrival here each new immigrant is given nearly $4,600 to acquire housing and groceries while looking for employment. Our faith based services feed the poor and no one who loses a job is considered to be a drain upon the economy. Our level of employment is nearly 93% and our veterans of wars are treated with respect and are offered a level of care that would surely make the average American quite jealous. And as a citizen of my country I would want the same for your people this is why I do what I do because conservatives, given their choice would let the poor die in the streets.

    • My country deals with ten times that number, very year, from your planet only. This is a racial/tribal issue for people of your worldview Neocon1. You fear for the futures of your children and grandchildren that the playing field will no longer be tilted toward them. You fear that someone brown or black will succeed and that success will cause them to fail. Fear not brother, there is room for all to succeed in the vision that I and many others have for America’s future–no matter the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their gender identity or the religion they hold dear in their hearts.

    • Cloward-Piven is a straw man hope that conservatives can rise up and use their guns. Keep your guns! Keep your bibles! Keep your bigotry! What you do not get to keep is white privilege and the right to control the lives of others based on your rules. Women will work and be successful. Same sex couples will marry and raise children to be great citizens. Corporations will serve the needs of a powerful consumer driven economy and none of your Rights need be violated to make that happen.

    • And yet these are the things you fear most being taken away from conservatives. The right to worship freely, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to free speech unimpeded by Congressional action. These are the drumbeats against the Obama administration that the right has had since he announced his intention to run in 2007.

  8. Do you not believe in an Afterlife brother?

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