Conservatives are not the enemies of Progressives; they are simply ideologues who have an opposing viewpoint of what methods are best used to determine the course of the American experiment. I don’t believe that all Conservatives are evil or are even driven by racial or social bigotries while those traits are a common thread in their, in my opinion, base as it applies to the current President of the United States. I believe that all people have the capacity to become what Conservatives would consider immoral. I think it was immoral personally for President Clinton to get a blow job from Monica Lewinsky while married to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yet I still respect and admire and yes forgive him, even though it’s none of my business, for those actions because he was and is a great politician in many other ways.

Progressives can understand that Human Beings have flaws and can still be Human Beings. There is no moral purity test regarding sex for Progressives it appears to be one for Conservatives which they fail miserable at day in and day out. To me as a Progressive sex is as natural a daily function as breathing; to Conservatives it appears sex is something so traumatic and fraught with the potential for embarrassment that it has to be sanctioned by a deity of one’s own choosing and kept locked in a box until a ceremony is performed. A commitment to love a person, or even persons, for life is a powerful thing that I respect and live by; to make it a golden cage to lock up the sexuality of women simply for the pleasure of men is a crime against Humanity.

That brings me to the true nature of how I see the modern American Conservative as a creature driven by greed. It’s not just the money or the sex or that sweaty palmed feeling of delight they get by having their grip on the levers of power and social control alone. It’s a combination of the ability to judge others while not being judged themselves that plays a major part in the Conservative pantheon of hypocrisies. The ability to rewrite history [Reagan had extramarital affairs, smoked pot, gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants and grew the size of government] and define their opposition in terms that cannot be proven with facts all the while appealing to the highest authority, the Creator of the Universe who can condemn you to and Eternity of Fire and Suffering, which can punish all those to stray from their control.

Some Conservatives call Progressives a collective or hive mind. In reality take a look at the long list of members of the GOP who have given the slightest indication that they would work with President Obama on any issue and you will see the long knives out to slice those “traitors” and RINOs to ribbons. if the president gave ever American a puppy and a pound of gold the Americans for Cats and Platinum Party would spring to life overnight as an allegedly grassroots organization brought to life by a Sean Hannity closing comment on his Fox News ahow about how platimun is so much prettier than gold and how much more affectionate kittens are than puppies. FreedomWorks would then hire a fuckable looking blond in her early thirties with a calming Midwestern accent to be their face and posters would be dotting every intersection in the flyover states with a picture of an adorable kitten and an American Liberty platinum coin.

Conservatives now need even more help to get their message of fear and loathing out to their 37 million strong die hard, yet dying base. Black crime reports scare the shit out of conservative men and women alike. The reality of America is that a conservative white man or woman is far more likely to be killed by someone they know that is white, quite often from their own community in these places or die by their own hand than by the hand of a black man or a Latino. I’m not saying it never happens people are often found in places where the ignorant tenth of a group of people can cause them harm. But the facts are crystal clear on the matter of what most often kills white Americans in an unnatural manner–another white person, themselves, and usually with a legal firearm.

While MSNBC is clearly the Progressive version of Fox News, politically, it works for many young Progressives because they at least present facts when they show the Right where it has gone wrong. It isn’t propaganda when you show an unedited clip of a conservative woman saying that she doesn’t want niggers around her and then refusing to apologize for it–that’s called a news story. it is propaganda when a failed VP candidate is given time to explain why her home spun idea that President should be Impeached for violating her beliefs in what the Founding Fathers of America meant two hundred plus years ago.

hindsight 2158
In Hindsight

I write this article today as a direct response to Cluster at BlogsForVictory not to try to convince him that he’s on the wrong side of history. This article is about what people believe. On my side I have diversity and the ultimate freedom to be yourself and live your life the way you wish within the law of the land. On their side you have to live not only by the law of the government, but the codified bigotries of a religion raised to state religion by their requirement, the laws of an entire gender because this is the only way they can control female sexuality and the laws of their own greed which says to all unlike them “you must work” all the while hanging a sign in their shops that says “Niggers, Faggots, Dykes, Wetbacks and Atheists need not apply.”

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
34 Ashtaq 3 AS


  1. You are not a conservative so quit pretending. You are an unrepentant asshole and proud of it. You exemplify what this blog points out with your every guttural utterance. You are a collecting vessel of the absolute worst traits a personality can have. Lastly, you are no Christian. You are possessed by the devil and infected with an incurable disease that you are helpless to cure. You enjoy trying to spread it around and are pissed that the rest of us are immune. There is nothing Christ-like about you, you repel humility and if you were to meet Christ walking down the street, shopping in a mall or asking you about HVAC your reaction to him would be the exact same reaction you have to anything and everything that you are compelled to pass judgment over. Verbal projectile vomiting. You are a one reaction animal. Like a skunk or a squid or a toad. Predictable response no matter the situation. Have a nice day.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      A one reaction animal. I like that Mitch. I will forgive you the insults to skunks, squids and toads.

  2. Bill you must be a graditate from the Palin school of nonsense English. What are we trolling for and why do you avoid answering direct questions? What’s up with your fear of homosexuality? How would you feel if a child or a grandchild of yours was born gay? Would you be OK with them being thought of the same way you talk about gay people? With such hostility and superiority? You can’t possibly believe that these weak, crude insults have any effect. Or do you? And why does being gay disqualify one from any position in life, be it a Dr lawyer of Indian Chief? Or a leader or an elected official? Come on Mr. Bigot, enlighten us. It seems to me that you’re a faggot for bigotry. Again, no offense to my gay friends.

  3. Bill are you a living, breathing human being? The more you talk, the more you sound like a holographic projection of a software program designed to parody the crudest identifying characteristics of the American Redneck. When the program expires, maybe you’ll be placed either in a museum or in a lab for study.

  4. Are you charging her? Before you break your arm patting yourself on the back , button your shirt. Your heart is coming out. Mirror my ass. I’ll give you this, you’re resilient.

  5. Whatever. Are you looking for sympathy or are trying to act compassionate? This isn’t follow the leader nor a forum that requires a consistently opposite response. A huge problem is that “conservatism” has been hijacked by uber right wing, anti intellectual fanatics obsessed with social issues. You do yourself no favors by continually making comments about stereotypes that haven’t existed in 40 yrs. Inner city? Ghetto? Kikes? Comparing brown skinned teenagers to feral animals. Glorifying guns and demonizing anyone who is even slightly different than you. And then you have the gall to brag about how friendly and non -judgmental you are. Like fixing some poor old blind Iranian woman’s AC. Big whoop. At least be honest about your small minded bigotry and how uncomfortable you are about human sexuality,
    How about you hero, George.

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