After the removal of GMB’s posted comment by the Moderators of BlogsForVictory that I posted in the last installment, GMB roars back with an unapologetic response:

““Racist and-or ageist and-or sexist bigotry is never allowed. You can’t seem to get more than one post in before reverting to it. People with this pattern soon have every post removed as soon as we see the name of the poster. //” Moderator

What ever. Copies have been saved, those who wish to see the truth can. You are old and you are a woman. Truth that can not be denied. I do find it interesting that you now have “canned” moderator warnings.

Would you care to show me another post, other than response to your incessant cackling where I have been “racist, sexist, or ageist?

You can not. This was informative.

Your continued devotion to a document you are unwilling to enforce is just mildly amusing at this point.

Roll this off your lips, “President Warren” Again, “President Warren” One more time “AND NOW………. PRESIDENT Elizabeth Warren!!!!!!!

Bottom line is Go ahead and delete all my posts. Only a narcissist would care anyway .Your threats have never nor do they now work on me.”

Of course this inspires another disjointed reply from Amazona:

“My goodness, you are having quite a little hissy fit, aren’t you?

Do your parents know the contempt with which you view those older than you? I am sure the women in your life are fully aware of the fact that you find the term “woman” to be an insult, but I do wonder if you have taken the time to let them know, in that inimitable way of yours, how adding a few years will put them at the tipping point where there will be TWO reasons to have contempt for them.

I always wonder, when I see you and the forkers share the same characteristics—–that is, when you stub your toe on an argument you can’t refute you fall back on name calling, focusing on age and gender—–if this means that, as you disdain people of a certain age, you hope you never reach it.

You certainly have every right to determine how narrowly you will define those you deem acceptable. You can exclude people based on age, gender, sexual orientation, various opinions, etc. No problem. It is your life, and you get to live it the way you want to. No one is asking you to step outside your bubble. No one is asking you to associate with people who are different from you. No one cares. NO ONE CARES.

However, my point was that when it comes to POLITICS—-that is, how to govern the country—–you don’t get to make the rules for a whole political movement. Particularly when your litany of criteria does not have a single thing to do with how to govern the nation, but is only about the many many areas in which you are so gleefully judgmental. You claim to love your country, and constantly wave around your military service, (you know, John Kerry served in Viet Nam!) but it is impossible to believe that anyone who will contribute to the downfall of the country just to make the point that you are all bent out of shape because you didn’t get your own way also truly loves the country he has just helped condemn to misery.

You talk the talk, loudly and often, but you don’t seem to walk the walk. Bluster is all I see.

My point, the one that got your panties in such a twist and stirred up the hatred that obviously lies very very close to the surface, is merely that when it comes to POLITICS (how best to govern the nation) not anything in your endless list of issues and biases makes the slightest difference. A gay man can believe in the Constitution, and vote conservative to help preserve it. So can a Wiccan, a lesbian, an atheist, an agnostic, a Hindu, and so on. And the fact that you are so impressed with your own perception of your own superiority that you want to tell all these people to go vote for the Other Side because, for whatever reason, they do not meet your standards of purity is proof that you put your own ego and your own arrogance above the well being of the country.

I repeat—you are perfectly able to limit your contacts to the very few who meet your standards, but you do not have the right to try to impose them on others, and you most definitely do not have the right to use your overblown opinion of yourself to appoint yourself a gatekeeper for a whole political movement and try to dictate who can belong and who cannot. I can pretty much promise you that not one of these people you would refuse to associate with would be the least bit upset at keeping a considerable distance from you. Promising that no one would be expected to associate with you would probably be a good recruiting tactic.

As for your silly bleat that I am “unwilling to enforce” the Constitution, once again you sound like a forker, falling back on a lie to try to insult. (Hint: Only those I respect, only those whose opinion I value, can insult me.) It is not only a lie, it is a stupid lie, and easily refuted by every single post I have ever written on the subject. On the other hand, the guy who postures as Super-Christian doesn’t hesitate to stoop to bearing false witness, or to ignoring the edict to judge not.

I don’t threaten you. I laugh at you and your pomposity and irrationality but I do not threaten you. Paranoid much? Hey, it’s not my fault that you are so freaked out by being challenged by a WOMAN. Sounds like you should stick to areas where the women know their place, under the thumbs of the big bad menfolk. Places like this are always going to upset you

So you go copy away, put together archives of being picked on, brood and hoot and holler. None of this will change the fact that when a woman said something that tweaked that massive ego of yours, you flew into a name-calling temper tantrum. If you are going to fret that the blog might not offer itself up as a forum for your wall-kicking and screeching, go right ahead.

BTW, I have seen plenty of racist crap from you, mostly the pathetic “white hut” variety, and in this very post you wallow in ageism and sexism. Get over yourself.

I, on the other hand, will be out volunteering to help win this election cycle and the ones after it, encouraging people to vote for the conservative side and assuring them that the few egomaniacal blowhards who try to set themselves up as gatekeepers for the movement are really just that—–egomaniacal blowhards far too impressed with themselves and unaware that when they never take their heads out of their donkeys the view never changes, and do not in any way represent the core of the movement. You are our lunatic fringe, and will always be identified as such.”

Amazona is a special kind of conservative. She wants everyone to think that she believes in the freedom to pursue happiness but in reality she would use the Constitution as she interprets it to assure that a wide swath would never be able to do just that. Amazona is a State’s Rights Southern Strategy Reagan Democrat of the worst order. To disdain us here just throws gasoline on the fire. Mercifully, I am banned from B4V and can freely say what I want about the bitch of the backwoods and there is nothing she can do about it. Heads will begin exploding at B4V in three, two, one . . .

As collateral damage to all of this Cluster, who refers to the writers and journalists here as “speed bumps who were only here to denigrate others and display their ugly character,” displays his lack of TEA Party purity by stating, “I will also say one other thing about one of your chosen politicians – Sarah Palin. She’s done. Her 15 minutes is over. Sarah Palin is more interested in Sarah Palin than anything else.”

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F.
Editorial Page Editor
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
42 Ashtaq 3 AS


  1. First off let me say that even though we are at polar opposites of the political spectrum and even though I believe you collectivists will not stop collectivizing until faced with deadly force( in your case, undeadly force) denigration is not in your playbook as a first strike. Neither is it in my playbook.

    It is however, usually the go to play for amy. Then cluster joins in.

    Part of understanding blogsfourveggies is understanding how they feed off each other. Passive aggressiveness is sop. You will notice that I was having a decent conversation before she stepped in. Only after did cluster step up to the plate. It was even worse when Harricourts was hanging around regularly. All three would step in and 99% of the time it was with insults and personal attacks.

    Ah the good old days, right ?

    Second of all. Amy is no conservative or a Constitutionalist. She is plain and simple a dedicated authoritarian of the worst order. She is in her own mind the foremost authority on , well, everything. Have you ever noticed that if she doe not have the experience personally, she has a “friend” who does.,

    As for the Constitution she seems to somehow forget that there are mechanisms in place for changing it. One is the Article V Convention of the States, which by the way is gaining steam.
    Better hope that you can keep it under 34 States that have signed on. If you can not the freeshitarmy will be out of business.

    My bottom line? i am comfortable with whatever label is thrown my way. From racist to lunatic fringe. Whats in a label anyway?

  2. “Amazona and Cluster are a part of your tent.”

    I have to disagree. Both myself and Neo are anti establishment. Those are three have to a (r) behind their names no matter what. They are the establishment of the repubs. They are the kind of people the rnc depends on for donations. They pretend to oppose then faced with opportunity to give real opposition, they back down and go to the next hill.

    For myself and like people the death of the repubs will not be mourned. We will not think it is a crisis and we will move on to something new. A new opportunity will arise.

    There just is not enough of other peoples money left to go around much longer. The printing presses at the fed can print morney and each time they do the value will go down. More items will be removed from the CPI to keep the true inflation level.

    The middle class is being squeezed on purpose between high taxation and inflation designed to destroy their wealth and create more people dependent on gub’mint handounts.

    How much more can you squeeze before the middle class says enough.

    Only time will tell.

    It will be interesting that is for sure, to watch. Maybe the Better Half and I will pop some popcorn, sit back and relax, and watch.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      GMB your people separated from the GOP means that neither will win any office nationally again save for in the most rural areas of the nation where even there elections would be close and in demographic time both would become minority parties. Do you feel those who politically would agree with you should form a third party?

    • I agree until it come to “dependency on government” that you mention as if it’s a foregone conclusion. The reality is that the Republicans, or Tea Partiers or conservatives; what ever “label” you choose to cloak the ideology in, is hell bent on denying things, not handing them out. They seem to get a sick pleasure in cutting social programs, denying medicare, food stamps for the truly needy, affordable health care, anything you can mention; out of pure spite and meanness. They shun the very groups they need to win elections, have invited lunatics like Palin and Cruz into the party and are a residence for racists and white supremacists. Just the other day some idiot claimed that the democrats are warring against Caucasians. Not only is that preposterous, it’s paranoid. Who exactly is this kind of talk appealing to? You don’t see this kind of behavior from so called “progressives”. It is, however, refreshing to see other people who have the same opinion of Ama as I do. Although I gave up trying to post there, I’ve been battling this woman and that blog for yrs. The bunch of them are a sorry case.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Mitch much of that dependency on government has been caused by the very pro runaway capitalism policies that conservatives adore. GMB has given me a terrific insight into just how the GOP may implode in 2016 if not before. There are by estimates I’ve seen recently as many as 15 million voters who identify with the TEA Party and an additional 9 million that see things as GMB does. Then there is the 4 million or so voters on the far right [Neocon, Amazona Mark and Cluster]. This is the base the 30 or so million establishment GOP voters needed to forge and alliance with to win presidential elections. Millions of these voters leave the heavy lifting to the aforementioned groups and that’s one of the chief reasons they lose. The other is that they do nothing to bring in moderates or minorities. They are going to set themselves up for a slaughter in 2016 especially if they gain the Senate in 2014. They will believe as you said that their denial policy has resonated in their bases and this will cause them great harm in the 2016 elections where they are vulnerable in both the House and the Senate.

  3. I think the video Neo posted pretty much explains it all. Somehow people who are getting something for just existing have now some inherent right to have something that someone else earned.

    They complain when conditions are placed on their free shit. The only people that have a right to wealth myself and my wife produce are myself and my wife. Everything that is taxed away is done under threat of force for non compliance.

    This condition can not continue. Inflation. High rates of taxation. These two factors are non conductive to the production of wealth.
    It can not nor will it go on forever no mat what any marxian idealist tells you.

    It is coming to end. We are seeing the beginnings of this end now.

    The gub’mint spying on the gub’mint. A gub’mint agency that is de facto just a part of one political party. Political correctness run amok. An economy based on fiat currency. The very people you depend on to produce your food are being ruled, regulated, and legislated out of existence all to save “mother gaia” .

    It is all a big yawn to me. I and people like me will always be able to feed our loved ones. Where there is way. I have the will.

    Our Founders did not need people like amy or cluster, fair weathere friends of freedom if any such creature ever existed.
    They did what did in the face of opposition by over 50% of the population.

    Let the repub party die. Elections mean absolutely nothing when all you have is two different branches of progtards competing for the same pile of fiat cash.

    As far as cry of racism, sexism,homophobia, or whatever label anyone throws out. I just do not care anymore. I accept your illusion. That is all they are. Illusions.

    I deny any substance because there is none.

    • You sound like a Buddhist GMB. Or a quantum physicist. It is (emphasis on is) all an illusion and all currencies are representative. Money is literally made from trees. It’s rarity that gives things value. Did you watch True Detective? If I remember you do have a TV?

      ““I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law…We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, a secretion of sensory, experience, and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody.”

      • We do have a small television inside our home. It is neither connected to a cable or to a outside antenna. We do have a small collection of dvds but since the end of winter it has not even been turned on.

        Life is much to fun and a bit chaotic when you live in a multi-generational household. Sitting our kids down in front of a tv set to vegetate is not an regular occurrence during good weather.

        There is just to much to do outside besides I want our kids to have our values not the values of some weirdo who pretends to be someone else for a living.

        A Buddhist? Nope a firm believer in “Whoever believth in me shall have ever lasting life”

        All the rest is just glitter, gloss, and window dressing.

  4. More filthy examples of progbaggers. These people make me sick.

    It is not very surprising anymore where you find openly admitted racists.


  5. Yeah Bill. Would you like some or are you to pure? Or scared?

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