From 7 August 2014 in the Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang:

“With tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians and ethnic minorities facing potential slaughter by Islamist militants, the White House on Thursday wouldn’t say how — or even if — it will take further action to prevent bloodshed.

Pressed on whether it’s in America’s core interest to stop the looming genocide of tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountain in northern Iraq and surrounded by armed members of the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), White House press secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama still is weighing the situation.

The careful posturing by the administration came on a day of biting criticism from an influential House Republican, who hammered Mr. Obama for failing to follow through on a past promise to strengthen Washington’s ability to prevent genocide around the world.”

Then there’s this from conservative blogger Leo McNeil just this morning. So now the very actions that were called for by a conservative member of Congress means that the President of the United States has failed in Iraq. I, personally cannot wait to see just how the tone and nature of conservative political commentary changes after the 2016 election. No matter who wins I have feeling that this state American political discourse is in will evaporate, swiftly, between the election and inauguration.

Just seeing the breaking news on ABC with Martha Raddatz reporting the first American airstrikes have hit ISIS artillery positions near Erbil.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
44 Ashtaq 3 AS


  1. This situation was created by Obama. He left Iraq, which created a power vacuum. Isis is taking advantage of that power vacuum. If his position is that we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, that we shouldn’t have gotten involved then his course of action today is clear. He shouldn’t do anything. Instead, he’s doing just what Bush did, which is get involved.

    At best Obama is being inconsistent. Why get involved now or at all? It isn’t really clear, especially so after he’s ignored the Isis problem for months.

    • We do not see the events in Iraq over the last two decades as you do. This situation was not created by Obama; the departure of the United States military was a by product of a military action that need never to have been taken. Iraq, in 2001, was a threat to no one in the region. Wiser heads argued in the autumn of 2001 that to go into Iraq militarily with the intent of removing Saddam Hussein would lead directly to the sort of sectarian crisis that exists there today. What has been done is to recreate a civil war that should have played out on its own many years down the road when Saddam died of his own accord and his sons were overrun by the people seeking to seize power. In that scenario the Arab League likely would have rallied to aid in the formation of a true coalition government at best and three new nations at worst.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  2. Knowing just how much military equipment fell into the hands of the United States Military during our involvement in irakastan, it should not be a problem to airdrop a couple thousand ak-47’s and about 2 years worth of ammo for each rifle to every one who is threatened by sunni terrorists.

    Let those who want their freedom load their magazines lock one into the chamber and earn it.

    That is about as far as I would be willing to go were I in charge.

    Not one more drop of American blood saving savages from savages.

  3. Uh, no. This situation wasn’t created by Obama. He’s just next in the “who can we blame” line. This situation is thousands of yrs old. It was aggravated by the British in the 1920’s and inflamed by Cheney and his puppet Bush using 9/11 as an excuse. And they made a mess of things and set the stage. You sound like a guy at a party who pees on the carpet and then blames the host for inviting him.

  4. I agree GMB but the innocent shouldn’t be butchered by fanatical religious zealots while the rest of the world watches transfixed in horror. I say kill all the Isis where they stand. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard. They might have some sophisticated american military hardware but they don’t have an air force. Or drones. And if the rest of the Arab world gets alarmed enough, I’d like to think they would take action to protect their own asses. Talk about something that cold unite Israel, Saudi Araba, Egypt etc. It would be like the planet uniting to fight aliens.

    • How, then, do you rationalize the invasion of Iraq? What was its purpose and objectives as stated before the invasion? Were those objectives met?

  5. Get over this Kenyan Muslim lunacy. Either that or prove it. What? What’s that you say?? You can’t??? And while you’re getting rid of things, get rid of this Christian superiority attitude you have. Oh the poor persecuted Christians. Paybacks a bitch.

  6. Former President George W Bash made many errors that cost many lives; but the same can be said of every President in the last 200 years . . .

  7. Oh gee. I don’t know. How about the Crusades. Or the genocide of North American Indians. Or trying to convert native Africans and the Aborigines of Australia.
    Mountains of evidence my Jewish ass. What sources Bill? Corsi? Sinclair? Trump? If there was any truth to this insanity that you continue to push, he never would have been elected because the Clintons would have seized on it like hungry wolves. The question remains, why is this so important to you?

    • The Obama Presidency then by your accounting is a conspiracy of fraud that has been kept secret by hundreds of people within the government because they feared the wrath of 25 million or so adult black people?

    • You are flat out insane. Tell you what Doc Hollywood, exercise you right as a sovereign citizen and forcibly remove him. Single handed. Wear a White Power T-shirt while you are perfomring this act of patriotism.
      The subject at hand, which you are trying to avoid is active proslytizng by Christians; hell bent on convering the world to what they believe, not the behavior of natives whom you think you are morally superior to. Murder and mayhem is universal. You should know, you support it Mr. Racist stand your ground.

  8. The moon is made of green cheese. Whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. Toads cause warts. If it gives you comfort to seek out bogus information that supports your delusional fantasy’s then more power to you.
    Ted Cruz was born in Canada and until recently was a citizen of Canada as well. He’s not able to run for President is he? His birth certificate says Canada. The President’s says USA.

  9. For some reason you’ve been on a Caligula campaign lately. Do you know anything about Caligula? Are you referring to him as an historical figure or the character Malcom McDowell played in the Bob Guccione movie? And the most burning question, why are you making this comparison. You are not a conservative, you’re a multifaceted dick.

  10. The Crusades were an attempt by Christians to regain Christian Lands that had been conquered by the muzzies. They were not invasions of lands that had always been muzzie.

    Did we all forget that?

  11. The vast majority of Christian denominations are evangelistic. Please provide the time and date where a mainline Christian Denomination forced someone to convert or choose death.

    The last known example of a muzzie forcing someone to choose conversion or death is happening right now as we speak.

    In irakAstan, in Egypt, in Syria. Christians girls are being kidnapped and forced in sexual slavery or conversion to musslam and marraige to musslamic pigs as we speak.

    You fear a Christian Theocracy that very few Christians would want to take part in. In fact Christians like me would have no problem dealing against theocrats who only really want temporal power anyway.

    You are defending and aligning with two sects of a terror cult who only want domination over all.

    If by some chance you get all of us evil Christians out of the way, good luck keeping your head attached to your neck.

    You will need it.

  12. My problem isn’t with Christians or Catholics for that matter, my problem is with simplistic zealots. Essentially there is no difference between intolerant Muslims and Christian Dominionists. Or Zionists for that matter. Sadly for the United States, many of them hold elected positions. People like that, regardless of their religion are dangerous. Their world view is so fragile, they are so terrified of doubt and challenge that they are compelled to force uniformity on all. The very word Dominion comes from Dominate. Other than the willingness to murder and maim in the name of god, there is nothing that separates Christianist from the Taliban or ISIS. Religion is antiquated. Morality isn’t. And I am very doubtful that to many people here could keep up with me if I were to discuss my experience of the transcendent. Primarily because words, as a media for conveying meaning, are a hindrance.

    • I beg to disagree. Please show evidence of Christian “Zealots” doing this.

      The plain and simple fact is, Christianity got over this a long time ago. musslamics have not nor will it ever. Unless forced to.

      You, as an atheist will not even be given a chance to convert. You will be murdered outright for being a denier. But do please study the pictures real well. Especially the one third from last. Look at the murderers face. Tell me what he is thinking as he slits a throat………….

      Why these so called men surrendered is beyond me. They were murdered by their own kind.

      I say send them more knives and bullets. Why? Because when muzzies are killing muzzies the rest of the world is better off.

      • Don’t jump to conclusions. What makes you think i am an atheist? And if i am, so what? You take things on faith. Fine. I want evidence before I make a determination. You mentioned free will. Well my free will lets me question things. “Until the gods found out we had ideas of our own” Don Henley.

      • We, Ourselves, believe that the questioning must be an eternal project for Human Beings.

      • We, Ourselves, of The Collective and the Meditators, who are charged to answer such fatwas, would like to engage in this conversation for this is the root of a solution of understanding. We would point to Eric Rudolph and how his actions in 1996 were examined both by the mainstream media and by Christian writers many year after his terror attacks. By those religious pundits Rudolph’s actions were looked upon as an outgrowth of his Christian identity beliefs which are an apostate position as it relates to a wider religion. We would associate those who take suras out of context, and these lost souls number many millions within Islam, and use the Quran as a sword and not a guide for and a pathway to a Love of Self and one’s fellow man as apostates. Those who would use religion to soak the soil with the blood of their enemies are numerous and all are doing the work of Shaitan who was the embodiment of Evil and whose shadow still covers the eyes of those who do his blood soaked work.

        What apostates do no matter their religion in the name of that religion must be condemned in the strongest manner by Human Beings. In this I hope We can agree because Peace, True Peace, should be the only goal for all Human Beings.

        نحن، أنفسنا، لتجمع والمتأملين، الذين المكلف بالإجابة هذه الفتاوى، نود أن الدخول في هذه المحادثة في ذلك هو جذر حل التفاهم. ونود أن نشير إلى اريك رودولف وكيف تم فحص أعماله في عام 1996 سواء من قبل وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية والكتاب المسيحيين سنوات عديدة بعد الهجمات الإرهابية له. قبل أولئك النقاد الديني وبدا الإجراءات رودولف عليه، وثمرة معتقداته الهوية المسيحية التي تشكل موقف المرتد من حيث صلته دين أوسع. فإننا المنتسبين الذين يتخذون السور خارج السياق، ويبلغ عدد هذه النفوس الضائعة العديد من الملايين في الإسلام، واستخدام القرآن كورق السيف وليس دليلا لوطريقا إلى حب الذات واحد أخيه الإنسان والمرتدين. أولئك الذين يستخدمون الدين لامتصاص التربة بدماء أعدائهم عديدة ويفعلون كل عمل الشيطان الذي كان تجسيد الشر والذي لا يزال يغطي العينين من أولئك الذين لا يفعلون عمله غارقة في الدم الظل.

        ما المرتدين تفعل بغض النظر عن دينهم باسم الدين يجب أن أدان بأشد الطريقة التي بالبشر. في هذا آمل أن نتمكن من الاتفاق لأن السلام، السلام الحقيقي، ينبغي أن يكون الهدف الوحيد لجميع البشر.

      • It was my understanding that you are an Atheist. If you are not then do not apply that part of the comment to yourself. I will stand corrected on that issue.

      • sarahbloch Says:

        Are you saying that murdering abortion providers is self defense? or an act of war?

  13. Ok here. I apologize in advance if I get a bit long winded here. But i am going to discuss a bit of Christian Theology.

    Most know it is “thou shall not kill” This is incorrect. A better translation of the original Hebrew is “Thou shall do no murder”

    Does anyone disagree that there is difference between killing and murder?

    Lets say that Quarryman is getting ready to drop a big slab of Granite onto the ground to break it. He does not see someone walk under his slab of stone. He pulls the lever and boom the slab hits and instantly the other person is dead.

    Was the victim killed or murdered. You answer the question.

    What is the point of this little exercise.

    Free Will.

    God gave us all free will. The victim was free to know what kind of danger he was in and the Quarryman was to make sure that there was no harm in dropping his slab of stone.

    Neither person exercised the God given free will very well right?

    The Dominionist believes that they can appoint a leader that could have prevented this unfortunate flattening.

    As noted philoser H. J. Simpson would say, “unpossible”

    The dominionist believe that they are fighting Lucifer to regain control of Earth.

    Again unpossible.

    “Your reward is not of this Earth but in Heaven”

    Wait wait wait. Do not even think. Just because that I do not believe in a theocratic government does not mean that I do not want people to have Christian Values.


    Honestly, if you find this offensive there is something wrong with your brain

    Nowhere in Jesus’s two commandments does it say to force anyone.

    You must come to Jesus on your own. Yes, quite a few Christian Denominations are evangelistic. The missionaries roam far and wide to spread the word of Jesus’s love.

    It is your decision to come to Jesus or not You have to make the choice. You have to exercise your free will. The Christian missionaries have been leaving their weapons at home for a long time. Jews are not Evangelistic at all. That leaves pretty much only a cult who will cut your throat if you do not join up.

    Again sorry for being long winded. I hope I made my point clear.

    A couple of by the by here. First off is a question aimed at one person only.

    What is worse. Living in a pretend world or living in a world where you have scrubbed virtually your entire existence away from the same standards you hold others to?

    And to the Brimstone, I give kudos to you for your open minds.

    Come to Jesus. He demands no sacrifice of blood. He will give love and I believe that is what we all are looking for. .

    • Mitch, GMB and Neocon1 I am working on a post for this weekend that I hope will go up on Sunday about the eruption of violence around the world this year. Whether it be Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or Hamas’ actions in Israel there seems to be a growing darkness across the world that violence is the first choice to solve problems between those with opposing goals politically, socially and economically.
      Thanks GMB for recognizing that people who have divergent solutions to global problems and have different ideas about how society should be ordered can still find that being open minded is far more helpful than being closed minded.
      This is a great and civilized conversation and I encourage all sides to keep this going over the weekend.

    • We, Ourselves, of The Collective and the Meditators welcome your comments on these matters and respect your faith, which is a true power for good when it is used for good. All religions can be corrupted by those that seek gain–this is known. The power of Love We feel is the greatest power Human Beings possess. The route to Love is not a singular path. No one group owns the franchise or can collect a toll for travelling these roads. All are welcome to enjoy the journey.

      As always We must remain of an open mind and question those with which We hold ideals in common just as forcefully as We question those with views that are different from Ours.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  14. Bill you’re to thick and to narcissistic to understand. In your case, I don’t fear you, I pity you.

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