I puzzled over the word that should end the title for so long that I’ll leave the answer up to you, the reader. Watching events unfold in Ferguson, Missouri has taught me a very valuable lesson over the last week. That lesson is that I cannot understand the situation unless I was actually there. I can draw parallels to many of the missteps taken in the small community to the kidnapping last week of two Amish girls in upstate New York.

Errors are constantly made in situations where a person is confronted with violent crime. The need to make a victim of a crime, as I still believe Michael brown was, appear perfect by his family and horribly flawed to the point of deserving the consequences of their victimhood by others is chief among those errors. Michael Brown, clearly wasn’t a saint, but who among you there on Terra or I here in Hell is? There was something written in a great book about casting the first stone that applies to everyone. There was the narrative of a good kid who was going to college which furled the outrage among progressive bloggers and tweeters which was rekindled by the gleeful “I told you so” chorus from those on the Right after the videotape was released of Brown stealing cigars and shoving a store owner as he and his accomplice fled.

As I watched the video, which matched what we here know happened in the final minutes of Michael Brown’s life, in the conference room with my editor-in-chief, Cavalor Epthith and editorial page editor Diane Valencen, I wondered out loud just what was the purpose of releasing that video. As it stands in 2014 in the United States of America is it simply okay for law enforcement to kill a person because they walked down the street? And if not is it acceptable for the police to release previous actions of the victim to engender sympathy by creating a “thuggish” persona around him or her?


These questions bother me because it goes back to the way Americans today deal with the everyday effects that crime and death have on thousands of Americans every day. I saw on Twitter a link to a story that showed how the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter was portrayed the first time the media showed a picture of him. He looked like any other geeky white kid. The first photo I saw of Mike Brown looked terribly imposing. Double standard? I would have to say so.


And this finally brings me to the two little Amish girls in New York state. I am glad they are home again with their family. I read where the parents have forgiven their kidnappers and I have also learned where the girls were tragically sexually abused during their 23 hour ordeal. The mother of the 12 and 7 year old said that while she was glad to have her girls back things are not the same as they were. But if these parents who have had their little girls’ lives brutally changed forever have not lost their faith why is it so easy for the the citizens of Ferguson to be vilified for being so frustrated that their native son? To understand how I am looking at this now you have a question to answer. What would your reaction be if the Progressive blogosphere were calling the two girls little whores who really wanted to go off on a sexual escapade in a car with two strangers? Yes, even for me to say such a thing would be pretty shocking. In the end that’s what the conservatives have done with the Mike Brown case over and over again.

hindsight 2326
In Hindsight
Even now, having read to this point the conservatives that come here are saying to themselves, well the Amish didn’t burn their town to the ground or target every car they saw driving by until their girls were returned. That is almost a fair analysis if you value property over people and lucre over life. And here we go again that sentence will turn every conservative mind to the “holocaust of abortion.” And so it goes in 2014 in America the time you have all been waiting for when the tipping point in society was passed and you see the face of who cause the eventual decline into chaos. It is going to be surprising when conservatives see not Rush Limbaugh looking back at them or even some conservative gun loving Oathkeeper who has assassinated a prominent politician. No that person is you right wing “law and order” fanatic. This is your failure and the solution to the problem that has gripped America for the past thirty years, yes another question, “What happens when the peace is breached in an age when the police have the equipment of the military but not the training to deal with a frustrated American public?” Every 2nd amendment and New Testament clinging TEA Party freak ought to be at the barricades with the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, but of course to those bitter clingers this cause is not their cause as Cliven Bundy’s was for reasons to them that are as plain as the nose on your face.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
53 Ashtaq 3 AS

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