I have something very important to say that may come as a bit of surprise to conservatives and Progressives alike. Are you ready? The left is going to lose, big time on Tuesday and this is the best thing that could have ever happened politically in American history. We don’t have to have a discussion about what’s wrong with conservatives, or America in general because this is a one time event. I’m beginning to think that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run for President in 2016 THAT event, or non-event, might be a bigger blow to the Right than if she announces, as expected sometime in early 2015.

President Obama

You see Democrats don’t need the perfect candidate to win an election. The last two were elected despite flaws, politically speaking, that would have disqualified them from ever running as a GOP candidate. Clinton and Obama will be seen by history as less great and more great respectively as history is written in the decades and centuries to come. A catharsis that was needed in America has taken place with the election of the first person of color to the highest office in the land. This plebiscite, coupled with the digital age, made it possible not only for Americans to speak openly and anonymously about race but to organize for and against the coming changes, socially, economically and spiritually in the nation that still leads the Free World.

So as I sit here in my home here in Dis with a half glass of Woodford Reserve with a Gitanes blonde burning lonely in my ashtray, I am far from depressed about the future of the Progressive movement in America. The conservatives deserve their chance to beat their chests and declare despite the direction that the windsock is pulling that the political winds have shifted. They haven’t.

teaparty demographics

During my recent trip to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, I met many people with strong opinions about politics–all of them conservatives. To a person they were male, white and working. Some had military service and all were over the age of fifty and very religious. They were against immigration, abortion, feminism, homosexuality, Islam, a social safety net and foremost President Obama. They were against many things but had no solutions to any of these save for the most draconian of solutions. Seal the border and shoot anyone who comes across, make it a crime to have an abortion, make women stay home and have kids, sent gays and lesbians to camps where they can unlearn being anything other than straight, nuke Mecca, and simply cut off the poor from the limited lifelines to survival that they have. Some of the solutions to the perceived problem of President Obama I won’t write here because some of them would certainly be actionable by the Secret Service.

hindsight 2321
In Hindsight

We needed the lightning rod that Barack Hussein Obama was and twice and will be until 21 January 2017. After that date many of these conservative white men will be left with their inaccurate recollections of both the Reagan presidency and the Obama presidency. The will spend the last decades of their lives realizing that there was little they could do as Texas turned blue and the next wave of young female voters flocked to the polls to vote for Democrats, went to college, moved into the workforce and changed the way America does business. Sure America is getting browner and blacker by the day and this annoys the run of the mill white male conservative. But more to the point the 12 year old white girl in 2008 who watched Hillary Clinton speak to her during the primaries is now an 18 year old woman who can vote. The 15 year old white girl who was a sophomore in high school on election night 2012 who listened to her father shout that America was doomed having reelected Obama will be making a decision not about her church, or her father’s worldview when she voted in 2016; this woman like millions of others will be voting for their right to choose what they do with their lives, their bodies and their futures. So have fun celebrating on Tuesday night you counts of conservatism because despite the victory that will taste so sweet in your mouths this year time will steal the very memory away within a few short years.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
28 Melnar 3 AS

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