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Here’s a rundown on what’s going on in crime in the United States recently:

Pastor Reginald Myers, 65, was viciously beaten and called racial slurs in an attack outside his home in Pittsburgh. Two men, Gerard Rupert and Robert Noftz were arrested along with Kaela Rupert after the assault. The three are all charged with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation.

Two cousins, Joshua M Christe and William Cornelius Jr. were sentenced to 180 days in jail after the racially motivated beating of three young men in Bay City, Michigan. Christe and Cornelius hurled slurs at the three men who were walking a dog and passed by Christe’s home. They then approached the men and got in a physical confrontation that left Cornelius bloodied to a point where he required medical attention. Neighbors heard the scuffle and testified they hear the cousins hurling racial epithets that led to the fight. The Judge in the case, Harry P. Gill, stated, “It is sad that the color of a person’s skin can attract attention because they simply are walking through a neighborhood.”

The Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission is reporting that hate crimes in the region across the board are down.

Man assaulted in Rushville, Indiana outside bar on Halloween night claims the attack is a hate crime.

Nathan Wiley and Charles Alford of Defuniak Springs, Florida have been arrested and charged with running a criminal enterprise to distribute methamphetamine and associated gun charges.

Six Cortland County, New York residents have been charged with operating a meth lab.

Mystery shrouds the murders of Gloria Bono, 72, and Michael Bono, 45 in Stuart, Florida. The pair went to a home in an upscale section of the city appraently to meet their eventual murderer Michael Gulick, 32, who shot both Bonos and later killed himself.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
38 Melnar 3 AS


  1. We, Ourselves have reported on all of these matters. Many times We have asked what you would consider a solution to these problems and your response was simply more bigoted rhetoric which seeks to compound the problem.

    • which is why he’s been banned on other sites. hate speech isnt protected

      • Agreed. However, We, Ourselves, realize that banning free speech in a blog space, no matter how odious does not make any stride in furthering democracy. Let the Conservatives create echo chambers while Progressives create diversity in thought and speech. This is simply proof that Conservatives cannot stomach an open and often offensive debate.

  2. The Meditators feel that if all drugs were legalized this problem would soon become as mainstream as alcohol with suitable treatment programs to help those who become addicted.

  3. We understand that crime, especially violent crime is a problem in America. What We seek are solutions to the problem not simply blame for those who perpetrate such crimes. We, Ourselves, do understand that human nature plays a major part in any type of crime be it violent or not. Simply throwing money at people will not give them the values they need to move from poverty to the middle class. A change of culture is clearly required both in rural white community and in urban black communities to save those who would prefer a better life. The Meditators do opine that most of those over the age of 35 who choose to be violent or choose not to be a part of the workforce are likely lost without some life changing event that motivates them to live their lives differently. We can shout from the highest towers that these people need jobs, need education need better shelter but these people need to be motivated to want this. As long as they can do nothing they will seek their own basest level and satisfy their own base desires. They will stay intoxicated with drugs, they will fight they will shoot each other they will glorify themselves in the eyes of those younger and weaker to do the same. What We seek is a means by which to break this cycle– permanently, not just finger pointing in the name of making one race appear less violent, less ignorant or less disrespectful of people or property.

    [q c p n!]

  4. Please explain why “rural white culture” needs to be changed. Where are “rural whites” threatening to destroy whole towns if an apparently innocent man is not lynched.

    Where are the “rural white” mobs at? Where are the “rural whites” looting at?

    The answer is, is there are none of the above. By far “rural whites” are conservative and raised Christian. Are heads are not filled with propaganda from child to adult about how someone owes us something.

    Your argument reeks of avoiding the racist label. I bequeath it to you anyway Major for your inclusion of “rural whites” to qualify your remarks about inner city savages.

    You should mark my words here. When I say savages I mean savages. They have been taught the way they are since childhood and they were taught this by cultural progtards

    This war never has been about race or sex. It has been about power. The progtards want power over everything earthly because they have no power over Heaven.

    Come to Jesus. He demands no sacrifice of blood. He did that already and it covers everyone.

    • Rural white culture needs to be changed for the same reasons that urban black culture needs to be changed; this is because the power of insular culture is a breeding ground for social failure. Complicit in that failure are the elites both in industry and government that watch as tens of millions of people descend into a cycle or drugs, and barbarism unparalelled in Human history in the wealthiest nation on the planet for the benefit of a powerful class.

      Wanting the Truth and Justice as in the case in Ferguson is not the same thing as a lynch mob demanding a man be released to a mob. In your words you demand a privilege that you have not earned.

      The these so-called Christians then should be without crimes, or poverty or the ills that come from realizing that little matters what you do your lot will be a living misery. We, Ourselves can find numerous cases of abhorrent crimes in both groups yet We find it curious that no one assigns a visceral fear to the rural white man that is assigned to the urban black man. At one time in America’s history it was fear that kept blacks in a place where whites wanted them now in this new century the tables have been turned and it is whites who are sent to near panic at the thought of being on a dark street and seeing a single black man.

      We do not see savagery, this is a bigoted word, We, Ourselves view this as a result and a planned one that keeps as much as a quarter of 300 million people at bay from a middle class existence by some measure by their own choices and by some measure by the choices made by an unseen hand. Religion is not a cure for these ills were it these ills would not exist. The cure has to come from within these people who have little hope, little education and little experience except what previous generations have taught them. Those lessons of ignorance, want and self loathing are self evident and must be corrected. Only in a time without elite masters lording over the scales of success and failure and using bigotry against race, gender and sexual orientation as weapons for a fearful majority race will these ills ever be addressed.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

      • If you then, feel this way reading only a few news items about crimes perpetrated by white imagine how a young black person feels about hearing nothing but negative news about his or her people? The failings of people are Human Failings, not racial not religious but Human and thereby they have Human Solutions. It is this that We are dedicated to not any agenda to destroy Christendom, to elevate Islam, denigrate the white race or any of the other nonsense and shadows you shout against.

      • Your lust for racial violence in America is a dark spot upon your Soul. We shall pray for you.

  5. In my younger days walking through the Greens held no fear for me. I did so, more than a few times. These days the Greens are gone but they have been replaced.

    It still holds no fear for me. Nor will it ever. Your post proves my point. Your use of the word “fear” Fear is just another word for power. What you fear holds power over you. This is what it is about.

    You want each group below to fear the group above and the the highest group would be the gub’mint group. This group must me feared the most because this is the source of earthly power.

    Your remarks are about rural whites carries no water. Because? Being rural and white is not a racial issue it is a cultural issue. Anyone can be a “rural white” . Tim Scott is a “rural white” So is Walter Williams and Alphonso Rachel. Tony Sotomayor despite his foul mouth is also a “rural white” .

    You really did nothing but prove my point to what this war is all about.

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