Thanks both to Shakespeare and his character Polonius for helping me class up this post.

Breitbart News is in rictus this afternoon with the headline “Madness!” over Charlie Spierling’s article noting Ted Cruz quoting Cicero on the Senate floor this morning. Cruz begins, “When, President Obama, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end to that unbridled audacity of yours swaggering about as it does now?” Cruz isn’t a stupid man and he is likely very well read. Also, he knows that there is nowhere to go but deeper into the sewer of the fringe of the conservative American base if he has a prayer of furthering his political career.

But despite what Cruz intones as madness, I have to reiterate one thing. President Obama never has to make a case for the American people to vote for him again. This does not mean he has free reign to be reckless in his actions over the next two year; but he can make an impact positively on the people who live within America;s borders. That is exactly what I feel he is going to do tonight in his speech to the nation on immigration. At no time in American history has there been so great a need to give people who are willing to work in America in fear of deportation a lifeline to hope and a path to citizenship.

hindsight 2305
In Hindsight

Senator Ted Cruz knows that politically he is in a box on immigration. I am sure he would love to endear millions of young Latinos to the GOP cause for decades to come by siding with a President that I am sure he knows is in the right on this issue. Cruz cannot and must not express his personal feelings on the issue because that would alienate his 30 million strong conservative base who is looking for the next great hope in the 2016 Presidential election to take on Hillary Rodham Clinton. So at the end of this day the real madness is the refusal of the Right to embrace the Latino voter, the undocumented worker and the spirit of inclusion that built America into the nation that it is.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
47 Melnar 3 AS


  1. None of those things would have come to pass. No matter his race or skin color the President is an American citizen as he was born in Hawaii.

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