It has been quite a busy weekend here in the Research Division of The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork. The glacial movement of Congress on the Omnibus Spending bill occupied much of our time but that’s a topic for a later post by my colleague Sarah Bloch. What my group and I have been working on for over a week is the murder of Jessica Chambers eight days ago in Panola County, Mississippi. Chambers was found outside her car and according to media reports she was burned over 98% of her body. The 19 year old woman died in a Memphis hospital of her injuries hours later.


This is a horrible tragedy and in that county of less than 40,000 people there is someone who knows both who and why this woman was killed. Now from the cops here in Dis that I have spoken to there can be only four things that happened to cause this woman’s untimely death. First, there was a catastrophic event involving her car that caused it to burst into flames thereby burning her to death. Second, Chambers doused herself with an accelerant and committed suicide. Third, an unknown person or persons, doused the woman with an accelerant and set her on fire killing her. The fourth and most unlikely is spontaneous combustion.

police procedure

My cop friend, from looking at the evidence and working on what she’s heard from the fine people at Serratoth Customs House say that numbers one, two and four have been ruled out, leaving only option three. So, going by the times tested “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” method of solving murders it is known how, when, where and what. What police in Panola County, Mississippi do not know or are not telling is the who and the why. This doesn’t mean that many among the living in America aren’t speculating on this case.

None of Jessica’s known actions led to her death according to those I’ve spoken to about the murder, but that hasn’t stopped any of the conservative bloggers, especially those with white supremacist leanings from blaming the death of Jessica Chambers on her association with black men. This is an odious attempt at best and for full disclosure I have to take my readers back to the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murders in 2007 which were covered by my colleague Diane Valencen in depth. Also I have to point out the suicide of Panola County, MS Sheriff Hugh “Shot” Bright in 2009 after his affair with teacher Melanie Dalrymple turned sour with was covered by my colleague Robin Naismith Green. In both of these cases the matters of Hellac Law that determine a Soul’s responsibility for their own death were determined as being “very high” as reported in the Entry Documents on the date of their leaving the corporeal world.

Now the Christian/Newsom murders were high profile due to the gruesomeness of the crimes [many of the facts of Channon’s injuries were embellished by conservative bloggers to make the circumstances seem even more savage which was not necessary at all.–F.S.] and they were covered widely in the Knoxville, TN region. The perps, all black all career criminals were caught and sent to what became sensationalized trials. After a judicial recusal and a retrial all were found guilty with only one, Vanessa Coleman, who was not found guilty of first degree murder in the second trial, eligible for parole this month [Coleman was denied parole 3 days ago.–F.S.]. Bright’s murder was simply a local story, gained no national traction at all and came and went with little notice except to our loyal readership.

I compare these two tragedies to make two points. First, your associations contribute to everything that happens to you on a daily basis. However, your associations can often be used as a stick to beat political enemies with when things go wrong for you. This was the case for Channon Christian when Ms Valencen wrote her article about her drug use which sent a firestorm of comments through our site. Arguments in the blog space at a local TV station led to Diane leaving our blog when she posted an article with personal information about a particularly bigoted supporter of the Christian/Newsom families. After a year and a few months as reckoned from Terra working as a spokesperson for a government agency [A fate, far, far worse than Death.–D.V.] Diane returned to the offices here and set out in her new role as editorial page editor that such a thing would never happen again. In her office today there is a black marble plaque with white letters carved into it that reads, “It is our job to report the news; not to MAKE, the news.”

As for the Bright/Dalrymple case it was more of a gossip column thing. There was no racial angle there. A man the community thought was conservative, Christian and upstanding, a pillar of the community, was having an affair with a local teacher. Nothing to see here. His associations were all white, all Christian all “good” so unless you were in line at the local WalMart and heard the gossip about how the mighty had fallen there was no there there for conservative bloggers. Stay with me on this.

Okay, there’s a dichotomy in conservative especially secessionist/white supremacist bloggers that seeks to blame every ill on black Americans. I’m fed up with it but the career path I’ve chose sends me back to reporting on their vitriol at least two or three times a Terran standard year. Just reading the comments at that follow the post entitled, “Jessica Chambers and The Black Squad” tells me everything I need to know about white conservatives. For these people there is no common ground. There can be no reconciliation or acknowledgement that diversity is what made America a great nation. Well diversity and shopping, but I digress.


The Council of Conservative Citizens calls the cause of Jessica Chmabers’ death, “femicide.” That is defined by the death of a woman at the hands of her boyfriend, ex boyfriend, husband or ex husband. Okay, I know that you know where I am going and also where the unnamed conservative that wrote this stream of statistics is going as well. Just yesterday, Mahordomo Pain [q c p n!] wrote an article about fear of black men being the driving cause of this new age of bigotry and racism in America. The writings and comments at these two pages are enough to show any rational person that this is the case.

At The CCC blog a commenter Tyler Higgins says:

“I think people everywhere are about ready to go hunting, we’re fed up.”

Another, James Duke responds:

“Saddle up get the guns dogs and a rope.”

A third, chimes in:

“Couple of kneegrows swinging might get these beast attention.”

James Duke then turns his ire toward Jessica Chambers’ father:

“trust this if i was the father this would not have happened . He stood by while his daughter dated an socialized with these animals. Time to deal with this, either the locals or the FBI.”

hindsight 2357
In Hindsight
You get the point. I could go on for days but after reading and shaking my head for so long I want to get to the final point. No race in and of itself is evil, or corrupt or violent; individuals within these groups and their likeminded followers are. I find it curious that while we report on crime in Chicago regularly these conservative sites filled with white supremacist fervor never report on suburban murder suicides like this one which left two children dead. Or maybe this one in Pennsylvania three days ago. Or this on in Sebastian County, AR where a man killed his father in law in a plot to kill his ex wife. Or this one in Chandler County, GA. I could break the internet with the sheer volume of white men killing their ex wives and girlfriend or killing their own children to get back at an ex wife or girlfriend. I could rebuild it and break it again with the massive numbers of drug crimes, sex crimes and assaults that never see the MSM light of day and really aren’t national news. My problem in the end is that fearful people do really stupid things. The CCC is already on the SPLC Hate Watch list and that’s a good thing. These people today are just all talk and hope that a black man is arrested or killed for the murder of Jessica Chambers. If it turns out to be a white kid who had an obsession with Jessica? You won’t hear anything about that.

[And for dessert try this bit of lunacy from a group that calls itself “Traditionalist Youth Network” read in the link the America they want for you.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
69 Melnar 3 AS


  1. Do not be too hard on the Fork Crew Neo. Had they been in Berlin on 30 April 1945, they would be reading the Panzer Bär and believing in imminent victory.

    • This has more to do with politics than it does crime. As has been noted violent crime is on the decrease in the United States and has been for nealy 15 years. Crime seems on the rise because virtually every violent crime gets published on the Internet.

  2. TexasRanger Says:

    Justice For Jessica Chambers Murder Claims,

    Sundance at recently stated the following misleading information about Jessica Chambers;

    “I know Jessica was not out of the Leah House as mom and dad claim. That was a lie, or misspeak, dunno. But Jess was only out since end of Nov. So maybe only a week.”

    Sundance is obliviously a harbinger that will state a lie as fact to add creditability to his speculative theories and self importance.

    The fact is Jessica Chambers had been out of Leah’s House since October, because she started her new job working for Goody’s (Batesville) sometime in October.

    Jessica Chambers’ mother said her daughter “Jessica came home Friday night after ending her shift at Goody’s Department Store in Batesville, where she had recently started working“.

    Listen carefully to phone interview with Bria Lundy Goody’s Director of PR at 00:59 in the video at the link below.

    The claims Sundance at makes should always be checked and rechecked for truth and accuracy!

    #justiceforjessica #jessicachambers

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