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This post was prompted by my reading this article from which is a front news organ for the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens. The premise is as I have heard nearly a million times that blacks because of their population size and the number of crimes they commit are inherently more criminal than whites. I believe this is a fallacy because as I was taught early in my journalistic career by the best statistician I have ever met, Fred Schwartz, that “statistics are for liars.”

Unlike my colleague Diane Valencen who is a raging fan of association football I like the good old American kind. I recently watched the Division III championship game between the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and Mount Union. Both schools are steeped in football tradition with the Mount Union Purple Raiders having won the Division II championship no fewer than 11 times and most recently in 2012. The Wisconsin Whitewater Warhawks have won the Division III championship six times and have faced Mount Union nine times in the title game in the last ten seasons. These two small schools [both combined have a annual enrollment of 17,000 while the University of Alabama has 36,000] are the best in their class and have been for decades. There isn’t a Soul I know that thinks either of these two powerful but small schools should have to play Alabama or Oregon or Florida State or that their accomplishments mean anything other than they beat the best school in their division. Oh, by the way Whitewater won the game 43-34. Note there are no percentages based on the size of the school. The points scored aren’t decreased by the number of students. Raw numbers count in crime just as they do in sports.

Now I will pivot from the NCAA football to the statistics that the writer of the post says proves his bigoted point. In 2011, the FBI noted that 9.499 million crimes were charged in the United States. Of those crimes, 6.578 million were committed by whites and 2.697 million by blacks. I’m not making this up the numbers are right there in gray black and white. In raw numbers, white Americans committed more rapes, aggravated assaults, burglaries, larceny-thefts, motor vehicle thefts, arsons, other assaults, forgeries, frauds, embezzlements, fencing, vandalism, weapons carrying, prostitution, sex offenses other than rape, drug abuse violations, offenses against the family and children, driving under the influence, liquor laws, liquor laws, drunkenness, disorderly conduct and vagrancy. The three where blacks commit more crimes? Murder, robbery and gambling; and murder by less than 150 incidences–4,000 to 4,149.

So despite the roaring constant hurricane of black crime you see in the media I can assure you that the odds have it that on any given day a white person is more likely to be engaged in criminal activity than a black person. The numbers themselves don’t lie.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Robin Naismith Green, D.S.V.J., O.G.H. [Journ.]
Serratoth Custom House
City Desk Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
78 Melnar 3 AS

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