I cannot state strongly enough how much I delight in every instance of conservative Americans running around as if their heads are on fire in a fit of outrage blaming Progressives for all their hallucinated persecutions. The very same people who are weeping alligator tears for two police officers murdered in Brooklyn this past weekend are the very same people who wanted to see Cliven Bundy’s supporters have a firefight with agents from the Bureau of Land Management. And that’s just one example of the gut twisting hypocrisy that has to exist for anyone to be a conservative in America. Just a bit ago I read this comment from Cluster at BlogsforVictory:

OT, but I think we can properly blame the left wing of the Democratic Party for the murders of the two NYPD officers. Just a couple of weeks ago, there were demonstrations in NY, stemming from the GJ decision where the crowd was chanting – “What do we want, dead cops. When do we want it – now”.

I remember when the tea party was blamed for everything, imaginary or real, by the leftists yet nothing of this horrible magnitude ever developed. When do you suppose Sharpton will make his appearance and proclaim that “Police Lives Matter”?

Here is my full disclosure moment. Yesterday I sat in a meeting with Diane Valencen, Fred Schwartz, Majordomo Pain, Ciu Cava dealth Nixhot, and two attorneys from Pinchon Davies our legal representation to discuss where the limits of our tolerance for bigotry in comments to this blog would be. As a hardcopy newspaper we have a section of the editorial staff review letters to the editor and a few dozen make it into that section every day. Thousands of dozens of others do not. It isn’t the newspaper’s job to print every opinion; it is our job to be a clearinghouse for the rational and the germane.

In that spirit it was decided to ban Neocon1 from commenting after month of bigoted, homophobic and insulting rhetoric that would be better suited on a white supremacist blog than here where we without a shred of shame promote Progressive ideology, politics and values. This relates to the pathology of the conservative mind. Facts are seen as weapons by conservatives that can be manipulated or ignored to fit their desired outcomes, socially and politically. Never would anyone here say that all cops are bad but it never stops a right winger from decrying the universal subhumanity of black Americans, members of the LGBTQ community, women and anyone who espouses Progressive values.

Cluster fails from the very first sentence of his comment. It was not the left wing of the Democratic Party that caused the officers to be murdered it was the culture in America that makes it possible for a man with mental illness to acquire one of the hundreds of millions of guns and travel with it freely to a city and commit such a crime. Sure the TEA Party didn’t exist as an organized entity until FreedomWorks cobble it together after the Right saw the Affordable care Act was going to be passed by Congress and signed into law; but the embryo of their frustrations have been there for decades. In the most recent generation the frustration of the Right has manifest itself in the form of the abortion clinic bombings of Eric Rudolph and the terror attack of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. Note that I did not include the Newton School massacre in this list despite the fact that the gun culture supported by the Right is the blood that ran through the veins of that tragic event.

As far as the people chanting for the deaths of police officers, I and everyone I know on the Left denounce such calls as counterproductive to the cause of Civil Justice which means respect for police officers and police officer respect for all citizens.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
78 Melnar 3 AS


  1. I found video of the protestors chanting “What do we want?…” Pretty horrid. That being said, it was about 50 people in the group and the chant appeared to peter out after about 30 seconds.

    There are whole books on the madness of crowds. I’m pretty sure none of the people in that protest actually want to see cops murdered.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      We can go back to Mike Brown’s father’s grief stricken call to burn down the city of Ferguson as a classic example of what grief and frustration will do. Also I recognize your point on group madness. It was seen in ’68 in Chicago and Humanity hasn’t evolved very much since then.

  2. The relationship between the police and the citizens they’re sworn to serve is probably the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. And it all started with the militarization of the police. When even a minority of citizens conclude that the police have declared war on them and their communities, tragedies like that seen in NYC this weekend are the inevitable result.

    • That is a flawlessly logical argument. We, Ourselves, of the Collective find in between the shouting sides in this matter and the convolutions created by the gulf between the race in America, a common ground that would allow people to go forward. The disadvantage is that organizations are made up of individuals and those individuals of their culture and experiences. There will never be a time when racism and bigotry will no longer exist on some level; but there can be a time when the majority see people as Human Beings to be respected rather than members of other tribes to be feared.

      [q c p n!]

  3. I was surprised that you allowed Bill to post at all. With that being said, and in spite of my visceral disgust with his bigotry and sense of superiority, he has on occasion reached out to me personally and shared somethings that we have in common.
    As shocking as the mid term election results were (are) it seems to have removed the obligation the President felt to try to get along with the American Taliban. Progress is a state of being. It cannot be stopped. Attempts are made to legislate it, but that is only temporary. A few examples of progress. The prosecutor in Feguson having to admit that his key witness likely lied. The NYT suggesting that Cheney be tried for war crimes. Gun control legislation on a local level surging and then there is this.

  4. Your statment is another in a long series of quotes from unreliable sourses that either misrepresent the truth or lie outright to manipulate people like you Bill. You use these statements as evidence to justify your hostility and bigotry. The prosecutor in Ferguson HAD TO ADMIT THAT HIS STAR WITNESS LIED. Then there is this

  5. Errr, can we just IP ban him? Please?

  6. neocon01 Says:

    sorry daryl douchebag

  7. sarahbloch Says:

    We tried that in the past Ser Daryl and at the end of the day it’s just better to let him have his say in the name of Free Speech.

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