Here’s the translation of what Breitbart’s current headlines really scream to Conservatives:

Hillary is hiding something! Bengahzi!

Only white Christian people should be Americans by birth! Unless you are foreign and willing to fight in one of our wars!

They’re forcing their gay agenda down your conservative throats! [More on the comments left about this post from the Consiglieri later today.–F.S.]

Guns don’t kill people they prevent crime!

Liberal freaks having sex in public! Look! Look!

Lies! Jewish women are too excellent cocksuckers! Liberals hate Israel! You’ll go to Hell if you watch the Daily Show!

Typical Liberal behavior; fat nigger woman complains she only won one Oscar!

Page 18 girl 1
In Hindsight [Page 18 girl]

This could become a career for some luck member of my research staff because every day Breitbart screams the fear right into the wrinkly faces of Conservative Baby Boomers from sea to shining sea. It’s a facegasm of fearmongering with a thick creamy layer of bigotry so sour it would make a Meyer lemon vomit. No one’s even announced their candidacy yet and we already have a mega gaffe from Doctor Ben Carson and a scandal [faux as it is] swirling around Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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