Breitbart’s conservative commenters are out in force displaying their bigotry against the LGBT community in force in reaction to a kiss between two 13 year old gay characters on the ABC Family television program The Fosters. Today it is the most commented upon post on the conservative news blog with more than 5200 comments. Below are a few selected comments from loyal American Conservatives on how they feel about the program.

WilliamWallace Tiger McDrew • a day ago
“The Fosters” is pure pro-gay propaganda…Putin outlawed this kind of sick brainwashing in Russia and the Cultural Marxist led West decided it was time to eliminate the threat. How dare he protect Russian children from this kind of garbage, how dare he transition the ruble to a gold standard, how dare he encourage indigenous Russian people to have more babies rather than immigrate millions of third world people into Russia, and how dare he declare Russia a Christian nation when our President announced to the world in 2009 America is no longer a Christian nation.

Derp_Meowslurp Ordinary American 2014 • 6 hours ago
homosexuals top the charts for mental disorders. Which is why homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder in the first place. You are not a well adjusted person if you think the primary purpose of sex is pleasure. And they believe this, with all their hearts.

Ironically, its the evolutionists that are at the forefront of this idea. Regardless of what you believe, homosexuality is a one way street. You aren’t producing progeny, you have no viable social unit (family), you are often marginalized by the herd, and its usually b/c you were mistreated or abused as a child. Otherwise you’re indulging in extreme fantasies, which are not reality, you can expect mental instability to rear its head. They try to fudge numbers to make it look like its totally normal and healthy, but the real numbers don’t lie. Homosexuality is a symptom of a much greater psychological and physiological disease.

FaithbyHearingGospel Derp_Meowslurp • 3 hours ago
75-80% of STDs come from homosexuals…….average relationship 3 years, rarely monogamous, prone to disease; hep, hiv. not to mention after so long of practicing sodomy they must wear diapers. Most homosexuals were sexually abused, and most pedophiles are homosexuals. Facts they hide from the young and uninformed. Faith

Johnny Midnyte Laurie Richards • 9 hours ago
Ya, the reason homosexuality is not longer in the DSMR is because of an organized intimidation campaign by the homos back in the 70s. Gotta hand it to them, they were ahead of their time. All that means is there’s hope for every mentally ill person out there. Just put enough pressure on the “mental health experts” and they’ll declare you’re not really a sick bastard after all. Meanwhile, in the real world, normal folks consider a man sticking his penis in another man’s anus as evidence of a severe mental disorder.

Anyway, the show’s creator and his campy excitement over two boys kissing is further evidence that eliminating the age of consent is the ultimate goal of these sick deviants. These people are not just mentally ill; their mental illness makes them dangerous.

Ordinary American 2014 Michael Fouche • 6 hours ago
Because the age of consent already reaches down to age 16 or 15, we may conceivably see 40-year-old male predators molesting 15-year-old boys and then claiming they are being “discriminated against” because they are gay, ignoring the fact that no adults should be having sexual activity with children.

fuzzi Michael Fouche • 6 hours ago
They cannot breed, so they recruit. 😦

BC Laurie Richards • 7 hours ago
So I would assume that those who believe that a person can be “born gay” then they also believe that it is a natural occurrence in nature. So can someone please explain that 99.9% of gay couples take on traditional marriage roles (eg man = butch and wife = feminine/subservient)? This also applies to the stereotypical effeminate gay male. Why do they act like a female, maybe to attract a male? My point is this is choice, not nature.

mark Geeman • 20 hours ago
They’re pushing homosexuality because they want it to be seen as just another choice equal to all others. They do this because they fundamentally hate Christianity like this idiot Bum above. They also hate America and this is one heck of a way to destroy a once prosperous and moral nation.

Ugly and Angry mark • 18 hours ago
The real question is how can you justify giving “equal” status to 1.5% of the population? By letting the MSM tell you that people living ulterior lifestyles make up 50% of the population. Then groupthink goes into effect.

jonny Ugly and Angry • 17 hours ago
In my opinion, all people already have and have had for a while, status of protection under the law from the same things like breaking and entry that everyone else does, crimes against person, etc. It is the designation of “hate crime” that is actually superfluous and kind of unnecessary, being that no one commits crime against ANYONE out of love. The 1.5 ers already have their rights but it does not seem to be enough. I have a theory that they just can’t help not mentioning their sex thing, you know, being that everyone needs to know at random intervals.

Ugly and Angry jonny • 6 hours ago
They want their own special rights for special people. Illegals are getting the same thing also. That is what America is coming to. It will not be long before Muslims start demanding their special rights for Sharia adherence.

A brief conversational thread.

Cap_Curmudgeon Mobley22 • 15 hours ago
They can’t help who they are, any more than a bald guy can consciously will his hair to grow back.

But that bald guy longs for the days before he lost his hair. He doesn’t try to get the rest of us to share in his baldness..

Molon Labe! Cap_Curmudgeon • 15 hours ago
They aren’t born gay. Stop telling lies and die troll.

Cap_Curmudgeon Molon Labe! • 15 hours ago
My son would argue that point. (He would not change your closed mind, however.)

Molon Labe! Cap_Curmudgeon • 14 hours ago
Your son has a Nancy for a father. You failed at your job to teach your son right from wrong and set a proper example. You and he are both perverts.

Cap_Curmudgeon Molon Labe! • 14 hours ago
We’re done, here. Go choke.

fight4theconstitution Molon Labe! • 12 hours ago
People are born gay, stop being an idiot and die you pig goblin.

4my2cents fight4theconstitution • 9 hours ago
What’s the name of the scientist who discovered the genetic link to homosexuality?

Ordinary American 2014 4my2cents • 6 hours ago
Larry Sinclair.
But he got his information from Barack Obama.

Patriot001 fight4theconstitution • 8 hours ago
Some people are born with violent tendencies; however, most resist murder. Some people are born with strong libidos; most resist rape. Some people are born with a fascination with fire; most do not commit arson. Some people are born with an attraction to the same sex; why don’t they resist what is morally wrong and clearly against what nature intended (the homosexual act is fraught with all sorts of medical time bombs)?

gessiewtf Patriot001 • 5 hours ago
I cannot imagine the parents of these actors thinking this is in any way, shape or form good for those boys. Every t.v. show has to have some gay crap in it, even Gotham, because it is the new Hollywood version of being cool. Just like Ryan Murphy’s Gay is the New Normal. No, Ryan gay is not the new normal. Being jealous of a woman because she can breastfeed is not normal, It just isn’t. But, in Hollywood it is.

Ordinary American 2014 fight4theconstitution • 7 hours ago
Your hateful attitude disqualifies anything else you write.

.40S&W fight4theconstitution • 5 hours ago
Are pathological liars and kleptomaniacs born that way also? These are all deviant behaviors. Every thing you do in life is a choice. I can choose to run around, lie, cheat, steal, have sex with children, same sex, etc, but I don’t because I was taught right from wrong at a young age. I was a klepto when I was very young and would steal anything in sight.

Maggie Thomas Ugly and Angry • 15 hours ago
thank you. The way the media and Hollywood talk you’d think their were as many homosexuals as any race minority. Not true. very small numbers of people make a big noise when supported by folks with a big presence. LOL Kids know better. The schools better wise up and rethink the one homosexual kid is special and constantly defending and persecuting the others is getting expensive. america is about fed up with being force fed the tolerant scam. It only works if you are a progessive wacko with a cause.

Ordinary American 2014 Ugly and Angry • 7 hours ago
It does not have anything to do with “equality”.
What LGBT-NAMBLA is doing would be similar to eating and drinking out of all the toilets in the public bathroom, immediately French kissing everyone in the store, and then claiming it is a “right” to spread all that disease all over the place.

Then they would think it’s a “right” to teach little children to also eat and drink out of the toilet and then immediately French kiss everyone on the playground.

This is a mental health issue and a physical health issue.

It is a community health issue.

Homosexuals may believe it is their right to spread AIDS and other STD’s to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, but I just don’t agree with them.

Ordinary American 2014 mark • 7 hours ago
Based on the comments of the trolls and the legal fights going on, I believe that homosexuality and gay marriage are being pushed more by atheists than homosexuals, specifically in order attack Christians and Christianity.

And another conversation . . .
Spadeshoveler Mason Burdette • 15 hours ago
Men-women, and boy-girl are natural, normal human behavior.
phags and les bos are deviant abhorrrent behavior that should be shunned by normal society, and punished by death.

Cap_Curmudgeon Spadeshoveler • 15 hours ago
Too strong. You come across as insane with that kind of talk. You should try to be more reasonable.

Spadeshoveler Cap_Curmudgeon • 15 hours ago
I am tired of the soft language and pandering. Look where it has taken us. It’s time for people to stand up and speak the truth. These deviant behaviors, throughout history, have led to the downfall of every other thriving civilization. I’d rather be labeled insane than extinct.

Cap_Curmudgeon Spadeshoveler • 15 hours ago
You got your wish.

Spadeshoveler Cap_Curmudgeon • 15 hours ago
Keep bending over for the mainstream.

Cap_Curmudgeon Spadeshoveler • 15 hours ago
Strange that you should be using a reference to anal sex. Why-ever would something like THAT occur to someone like YOU?!? Hm-m-m … ?

jonny Greg B. • 15 hours ago
Actually, there was a day when none of this was on TV, people did not do “sex talk” all of the time, or around the dinner table, and everyone still “figured things out” probably in a more cohesive manner. Women were more amenible because they were more comfortable because TV did not encourage them to be idiots, they were fine with men’s provisions, men were fine giving them provisions and if you did not want family you could pursue academic studies which was imbued, in its own rite, with a respectable air of being perfectly acceptible. Actually, barring a few mistakes in the medical department regarding mental health and other remedies the 1800s is a good model for society. But liberals complained. And lookie here, were all stressed, and despondent. People are so intelligent.

Ordinary American 2014 Jim • 16 hours ago
There are some people who are still alive, even though they are witnesses to Obama’s homosexual exploits.

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up | Fellowship of the …



Jul 25, 2010 – Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who … of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed …

Report: Mother Of Obama’s Murdered Gay Lover Speaks Up – With …

Nov 12, 2011 – Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair,
who … are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, …

Cocaine,Sex,Drugs,Murder: Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Exposes …


Oct 3, 2013 – A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims
Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so …

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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