As you sit there in 2015 in America you are witnessing history; living it in all its fullness. Hillary Rodham Clinton hasn’t done anything legally damaging by banking her emails on a private server while Secretary if State, but politically this revelation is devastating. I will go so far as to say it is a poison politically that Clinton cannot recover from in the modern Internet age.


While Clinton’s supporters wave this scandal away because she broke no laws, the stain of the paranoia that surrounds all things CLINTON will make those who make political kings, and queens, in America wince. Worse it may cause them not to dig deep into their pockets to help Hillary Clinton raise the $1.2 billion she will need, minimum, to win the White House in 2016. The question that will be ringing in the minds of the big donors isn’t, “Can we trust her?” but rather, “Is she stable enough to manage the Executive Office of The President amidst the hurricane force winds of conservative innuendo and actual allegations about the past, present and future that are sure to come.” That same question was asked of me by my husband, Chef Grandee Odamo Sese Omoko in a clearer more concise way, “Is she going to be the Democratic Party version of Nixon if she wins?”


After all the victories Progressives have won against a tsunami of efforts from the Right over the past 15 years to install a person with a character defect, real or perceived by America’s powerbrokers, would signal the decline of the Progressive movement by its association with the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is not the only candidate on the Left of the political center that can win the White House against the current field of expected GOP candidates. Despite her protestations that she doesn’t want the job Senator Elizabeth Warren would trounce anyone in the field at this time. Among the looming outside of the expected field on the Right is Sarah Palin and a Warren Palin series of debates would be must see television for anyone who lives and breathes in America. Joe Biden would not be my first choice if Hillary doesn’t run but he would be literally Trumanesque as President of the United States. Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is the intellectual superior of anyone in the GOP field as well as a politically savvy operator which in these polarizing times will be sine qua non to getting the country back on track –in Washington.


I don’t lose any sleep over Clinton’s emails. There is no lump in my throat about Clinton deciding, or having it decided for her, that she does not run in 2016. I have no nausea in the pit of my stomach when I think about servers. The Progressive bench is deep; there are numerous options, even beyond the ones that I’ve listed. Clinton wanting to stay home, being a grandmother and doing good work through the Clinton Foundation could be the best thing she could ever do for America. And give it time progressives there will be another Clinton in the Oval office in good time–her name is Chelsea.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
145 Melnar 3 AS

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