Over the last few days, tragically, two members of law enforcement in two very different regions of the United States of America have been killed in the line of duty. New York Police Department Officer Brian Moore was shot on Saturday after stopping a man who was acting suspiciously in the New York borough of Queens. The man later identified as Demetrius Blackwell, 35, a career criminal fired three rounds at the two officers in the unmarked patrol car. One of those bullets fired from a gun stolen from a bait and tackle shop in Georgia four years ago, struck Officer Moore in the forehead. Moore died from his injuries on this past Sunday.

More than 2,500 miles to the west another police officer is slain by a career criminal. This time it was Coeur d’Alene Police Sergeant Greg Moore who was killed during a routine traffic stop early on 5 May 2015. The shooter was Jonathan Renfro, 27 had recently served five years in prison for assault and grand theft. Renfro stole Moore’s patrol car and was eventually captured near a WalMart with the aid of a K9 officer.

Conservatives like to write about crime in their own terms and these two cases show the glaring inconsistencies that pepper their comments about events like these. At the Free Republic a conservative forum that deals with a litany of American social issues, the commenters have clearly different reactions to what happened in Coeur d’Alene and what happened in Queens. First, Coeur d’Alene:

To: blueyon

Doesn’t mean he did it, but this is who was run

6 posted on 5/5/2015, 10:24:21 PM by gaijin

To: blueyon
It could be another gang related cop killing.

Not the type of thing they are accustomed to in Coeur d’Alene

11 posted on 5/5/2015, 10:52:39 PM by Oliviaforever

To: Oliviaforever
Not the type of thing they are accustomed to in Coeur d’Alene
It may become so, now that Obama is relocating thousands of jihadi barbarians to Idaho.

15 posted on 5/5/2015, 11:14:06 PM by hinckley buzzard

And, finally, Queens:

To: detective
The family of Brian Moore removed him from life support this morning, he passed away..meanwhile our justice system allowed this POS who shot him out of jail to murder a hero cop..bet the left is somewhere smiling

6 posted on 5/4/2015, 3:27:38 PM by Sarah Barracuda

To: detective
There’s an adage in the Bible that suggests that if you have contemplated acting out a sin, you’re already guilty of that sin.

Lusting for a woman other than your wife in your heart is an example. (Hear that Carter?)

So when a guy attempts murder, it seems to me you should penalize the guy for murder.

If he attempted it, and by some stroke of fate it didn’t occur that way, he still went though the whole process and made a conscious decision to commit murder.

If you murder someone, you should remain in prison for life. A person who is found guilty of attempted murder, should remain in murder for life.

This officer should still be alive. We in effect give attempted murderers a second try. We should stop doing that.

8 posted on 5/4/2015, 3:29:47 PM by DoughtyOne (Conservatism: Now home to liars too. And we’ll support them. Yea… GOPe)

To: detective
It’s cop-hunting season.
Our president said it was ok.

Because Baltimore.

And Ferguson.

And white Hispanics.

9 posted on 5/4/2015, 3:30:33 PM by mojito (Zero, our Nero.)

To: HiTech RedNeck
Fury? LMAO

Since when is reasoned logic dependent on fury? Are you judging me by your personal standards?

This guy spent eight years in prison for attempted murder. The courts let the guy out, and he killed a police officer.

He had already proven himself willing to commit murder. What part of that did the court miss? He already tried to commit murder.

1. He got angry
2. He devised a plan
3. He followed through with that plan
4. He wasn’t successful in killing the person even though he tried

So what is the difference between this and a plan that succeeded as far as guilt goes?

He should serve the penalty on the intent, and I’m sorry you can’t grasp the Bible’s clear message on this.

15 posted on 5/4/2015, 3:37:10 PM by DoughtyOne (Conservatism: Now home to liars too. And we’ll support them. Yea… GOPe)

To: detective
A media culture that wrings its hands and obsesses over seat belts in police vans a lot more than it concerns itself with thugs killing cops is fatally sick.

16 posted on 5/4/2015, 3:38:32 PM by FreeReign

To: detective
This POS will get a fair trial and have free legal representation. The 6 cops in Baltimore are being denied that.

26 posted on 5/4/2015, 5:04:20 PM by I want the USA back (Media: completely irresponsible. Complicit in the destruction of this country.)

And that’s the clear difference here in black and white, literally. The Freepers are soft and conciliatory making excuses for Jonathan Renfro who is white; while deriding Demetrius Blackwell who is black. Both men committed the same crime and should have the same fate– incarceration in jail for the rest of their lives. However, white American conservatives must make everything about how white Americans are no longer safe in a country they do not recognize. I find this curious and see no solution to this save for the swift passing of time.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Ciu Cava daelth Nixhot, J.F.. D.S.V.J.
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
5 Hov’ish 3 AS

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