I have spent this evening in my office here at The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork watching television and doing a bit of research for my editorial for this weekend. That research led me to a day that is shrouded in terrible events in the United States and a few curious coincidences. That date is 19 April

Suge Knight and Ashley Judd share that date as a birthday. Moving down the list I saw that Freddie Gray was listed as dying on that day and was described in the Wikipedia article as “American criminal.” All I know is that on the day of Freddie Gray’s arrest he was a free man. I do not have any evidence in fact at this time that he was engaged in any criminal activity prior to his arrest. Because of the description of Gray last night I became a Wikipedia editor and made the one word edit turning “criminal” to citizen which is exactly what he was at the time of his arrest.

Mourners pay their respects at the open casket of 25-year old Freddie Gray prior to his funeral services at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland April 27, 2015.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Mourners pay their respects at the open casket of 25-year old Freddie Gray prior to his funeral services at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland April 27, 2015. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Conservative bloggers are so desperate to make Mr Gray the bad actor in this sad affair that is still playing out in Baltimore that they are willing to fabricate information. This is serious charge to make against anyone in the business of journalism an industry in which I am engaged. For all the stick that I take because of my species, my political views both here in Hell and on Terra and for not being willing to back away from those things I cannot make this thing sweet when it is bitter. The Fourth Estate is a conservative blog that has a serious vein of anti-black and anti-LGBT bigotry running through it. On 28 April 2015, The Fourth Estate, along with the blog The Conservative Treehouse, posted articles giving the impression that Freddie Gray was less than two weeks removed from spinal surgery when he was arrested. The articles, both terribly similar, paint a picture that his death was somehow due to his own negligence after this alleged surgery.

It has been proven that The Fourth Estate simply searched records from Baltimore County to increase traffic to their blog and likely to generate advertising revenue. This is the opposite of journalism; but the dead cannot be libeled. I as an editor am sure that the writer of the article at The Fourth Estate knows this. The Fourth Estate supports a pro-gun white supremacist organization called “The Three Percenters” and their doctrinal statement below explains all you may need to know about them. It sounds terribly similar to an American who did great harm on that date I mentioned above 19 April 1995 and his name was Timothy McVeigh:

During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King’s tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.

Three Percenters today do not claim that we represent 3% of the American people, although we might. That theory has not yet been tested. We DO claim that we represent at least 3% of American gun owners, which is still a healthy number somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million people. History, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority. So too are the current enemies of the Founders’ Republic. What remains, then, is the test of will and skill to determine who shall shape the future of our nation.

The Three Percent today are gun owners who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act. Three Percenters say quite explicitly that we will not obey any further circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked. We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, we are committed to the restoration of the Founders’ Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic.

We are the people that the collectivists who now control the government should leave alone if they wish to continue unfettered oxygen consumption. We are the Three Percent. Attempt to further oppress us at your peril.

To put it bluntly, leave us the hell alone.

Or, if you feel froggy, go ahead AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

As a civilized sentient who values reason over fame I also know that people who engage in such activities are those who would do anything to promote their ideology. Truly, America is in a sad state in the early 21st Century but mercifully the problem will correct itself in a few generations. Time, as Fred Schwartz reminds me almost every day, wounds all heels.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
8 Hov’ish 3 AS


  1. They are in for a very rude awakening when/if they ever take on the military.

    • sarahbloch Says:

      A most rude awakening Ser Daryl because the business of America is business.

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