At some future point in the history of the United States of America, citizens will look back on the 21st Century and wonder, deeply, how the nation survived. I am simply a humble demon journalist; I make no claim of being an oracle. Scholars in that far future time I suspect will be less blinded by partisan political ideology, race and gender and will run a true rule over what took place in the first fifteen years of the century in which you currently live.

Having said that, and not as mere preface, I can say with certainty that there is only the most superficial differences in the hate crimes perpetrated this summer in South Carolina and the most recent one in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dylan Roof was angry and mentally ill; Bryce Williams was also angry and mentally ill. Dylan Roof slaughtered people in a place where such violence was never expected; Bryce Williams did the same and used the technology of the day to document his slaughter.

There are times in history when events make it possible for the Truth to become something that is determined simply by perspective. A true metaphysician would understand that this is fallacy, but when people are bound, tribally, by how they feel they are perceived by those that are different from them, the “other” who has alien ways and whose appearance is markedly different, the possibilities of what is “true” become infinite. Nothing is more True than that above statement as it relates to the United States of America today.

To simply point out the obvious is not enough. As Editor-in-Chief of this newspaper in its digital form for one day short of ten years now I have striven to impress upon those who work here that simply reporting the news is not enough. Journalism, like life, should be more than the a quotidian rehashing of what happened and to whom. What is documented for history must lead to some hope, must show a forward looking vision of courage in the face of many obstacles– it must inspire people to do more than sit in their living rooms, go to their jobs and mate. The written words of my staff here in Hell were meant to inspire to anger, to joy– to do something to make the lives of those outside your family, your community your tribe, –better.

And so I come back to Dylan Roof and Bryce Williams and their murder. I was asked last night over dinner by a friend who I thought was the more evil of the two. Without hesitation and being a member of the Hellac Bar I said, “Williams,” without missing a beat. My friend, who is a Human Being, implored that this could not be the case. Roof, he explained killed nine while Williams killed only two. I replied, after sipping at my glass of warm spicy broth, “Williams committed suicide and did not allow himself to judged by man. Therefore his crime against his own Soul makes him more selfish than Roof.” I could see that my friend of many decades was growing angry so I calmed him in the only rational way I know how. “John,” I said, “I am speaking from my own prejudicial point of view here in the Afterlife as a demon. I cannot know what the life of human is like or what emotions pour through their nerves or pound in their hearts. About these things I can only observe and surmise. From what I have observed the damage done by Roof and Williams have touched many Souls and done great harm. Here in Hell they will be dealt with according to our laws. This is all I know.”

In closing, I feel I need to share a second conversation that I had after a planning meeting to celebrate our tenth anniversary of this blog which commences tomorrow. Our Majordomo, Pain and I met in my office in the early evening and talked about the events of the day, the waning season and the years all of us have been engaged at this attempt to shed some light on what the Afterlife offers for those who slip the bonds of your dimension to join ours. Midway through the conversation, as the topic turned to race relations in America, Pain intoned, “African-Americans who have not had the full benefit of consumer capitalism must make a choice between what they perceive as culture and Moral Success. By Moral Success, We, Ourselves, of The Collective, mean the ascension to a state where a person has by their actions, daily, must be respected. This is a person who excels at their work no matter what field that work is in. This is a person who is compassionate to those who needs help. This is a person who respects the law. This is a person who seeks this same level of success in the First Life for all those she or he knows. This is a person who respects people and their property. This is a person who craves knowledge above all and loves themselves. African-Americans can continue on the road they are on and the playing field in the American economy and society will never be leveled. Or, they can strive to become a Moral Success by ceasing to deal drugs, having a disdain for their Creator-given intellect and believing they are the victim descendants of horrors that were perpetrated against their enslaved ancestors. The chains of one physical type of slavery were broken in the 1860s, the social slavery of Jim Crown was broken by the 1970s; and now in the 2010s, African-Americans must break the last chain that binds them–that of a culture that makes incarceration more important than matriculation, felonies more important than fatherhood and ignorance of the wider world in the name of tribalism more important than the rabid pursuit of intellectual stimulation. They must do these things in the poorest neighborhoods where they live because– black lives do matter.”

Over the next few days, this newspaper will be publishing articles celebrating the diversity of our staff, highlights of the major stories we have covered in the last ten Terran standard years and, hopefully, making you think.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Cavalor Epþiþ, Esquire, O.B.R.E., CS, O.D.A.J.[1er], O.Q.H.[Journ.], D.S.V.J., J.F.
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
114 Hov’ish 3 AS


  1. i am so moved by this piece. thank you for your honesty, your conscious perspective, and the way that you synthesize information.

  2. neocon01 Says:

    moved? by a fucking LOON who thinks he is dead, a demon, has hooves, and is blogging from hell??

    it is all nonsense, proclaimed to be theater, comedy, posing as journalism…..I call it pure fucking bullshit!! with a marxist, homosexual, athiest twist.

    • There are times that I think Neocon01 that you have missed your medications. Other, times I just feel you are arguing for the sake of argument. And then there the times that I realize that you are simply done as a force and there are millions of people just like you like a drowning man in the Callugo Sea who would cling to any horror floating there just to keep his head above the blood stained waters. I wrote my opinion and included the opinion of our Majordomo; with which I agree wholeheartedly. If future generations of black people will no longer have to deal with loudmouthed bigots like you because the greater mass of them are middle class or greater the poor whites who have missed the barque will be the only ones shouting, as you do now, with bigotry as their only weapon. Currently, you have a weapon and that is the facts of the violence that blacks do to their own people and to others. Take that away and you are left only looking at the mirror. This is the future, believe us or not, that we are all dedicated to in this next ten Terran standard years.

      [q c p n!]

      • neocon01 Says:

        and at ALL times I think you are a smug, demented, fucking LOON who belongs in a mental institution…..now go shine your “hooves” in hel…er, your mamas basement = hell to you.

      • And, as is expected, as a bigot you cannot deal with the merits of the solution as put forth by our Majordomo. Instead, you are quick to insult because you have no reply. If, over time, African-Americans follow the suggestion made by Pain and achieve Moral Success you no longer will have the freedom to wield your truncheon of bigotry. Then you would have to look at the failures of individuals within your own tribe and seek solutions there. I can only feel sorry for a man like you who is driven so much by disdain and racial thinking that he hopes every day for some new horror to be committed so he can shout himself hoarse.

      • neocon01 Says:

        as expected your only response is by calling names and pinning labels, …like here


        paint with a broad brush much cav eh??
        which proves you to be the BIGOT, RACIST, Christophobe in EVERY thread you post….

        I enjoy your BLIND projection though, soros must be proud.

      • Those are simply descriptive tags and categories which fit the information described in the posts. If there were no instances of these things such tags and categories would have no need to exist.

  3. neocon01 Says:

    that’s bull Shiite, I could use the same crap and use leftist in the place of conservative and it would still smell of bigotry, racism and hate……..
    you CANT purport to be a “newspaper” with “journalists” by starting every article with a hate filled rant against any one group….good grief a third grader would recognize that….BUT you are the one who claims to have hooves…so………..

    • My point is simple Neocon01, you have, since we first encountered you at BlogsforBush many years ago have been adamant about black crime, black violence and black poverty all the while offering no solutions. What I seek as an editor is solutions and stories that show where positive outcomes are being achieved. This is a newspaper with a Progressive stance. I know that in the United States newspapers are supposed to be balanced but that is not a requirement here in Dis. What you call “bigotry” my staff calls being true to the calling of a Progressive journalist. The same rings true for the conservative Sheol Deciever.

      • neocon01 Says:

        black savagery is not mine to solve, I am armed if necessary per the constitution of the USA which I am a citizen of…too bad you are not, so STFU about a subject you know nothing about.

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