The Oregon State Police have identified the shooter in the rampage at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon as Chris Harper Mercer, 26. Where Mercer is from has not been made public. Thirteen have died in this tragedy including the shooter. Sources tell Us the majority of the victims were female.

More to follow.

Knight Slayer of Shai’ tan
الافتتاحية من الفتاحات
Majordomo of Hell and Terra’s Skies
Order of the Black Rose of the Empire
Ayatollah of Rham and its Shadow
Fair Judge Executioner of Souls
Quarterer’s Order of the Descending Aorta, 1st Class, with diamonds, rubies, platinum concertina, golden concertina, gilded pancreas, emerald gall bladder, platinum spleen, mesentery and lymph nodes
Lady Gaoler of Dis
Chief Engineer Hellac Power & Light
Womb of Empires
Order of the Superior Vena Cava
先生 立石 上様
Fifth Sea Lord of Hell
Comptroller of the Currency
Chair, Hellac Consumer Products Safety Commission
Oracle of Elections
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Mot. Pict. Arts & Sci.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Tort]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Fluid Dyn.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Nuc. Phys.]
Chair, Hellac Commission on Sentient Being Rights
Lady High Justice of the Court of Acts & Merits
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Gold
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Silver
Keeper of the Keys of all the Gates of Hell
Qadi of Hades
Chamberlain Imperial of the Necropontiff of the Universal Fatean Church
Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Journ.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Metaphys.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Philos.]
Countess-Palatine of Sheol
Marquise di Gehenna
Empress Consort
White Rod
President Pro tempore Bax Culdnu
Managing Editor—Breaking News
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
4 2 Leviathan 3 AS


  1. Sources that are probably a bit better than your 4chan stuff say he is a atheist blm activist.

    No wonder it took so long. Can not pin this on us evil Christo Fascist Conservatives.

  2. The blm stuff may or not be true but his common name for other stuff was “ironcross45”

    Give us another lesson on how a nazi is a Right Winger again please.


    Guy claims to be a Conservative. Wait for your smoking gun though. I, for some reason, do not think that claim will pan out.

    Hint. He kind of gives it away in what groups he is in.

    • One does not have to be Christian to be a conservative do they? We are surprised that the conservative blogosphere has not latched on to the fact that he is biracial and by that making this not a concern for conservatives because no true conservative could possibly be spiritual over Christian and biracial over white.

  4. Somehow, I do not think the shooter was a money con nor a Social Conservative. Call me jaded if you want.

    You are the one making hay over his racial makeup, not me.

    If it is accurate, and at this point I will say it is, being a nazi shows a total lack of respect for Life. Not only others but his own.

    There is no solution to any kind of violence where progtardia is concerned. If progtardia actually solved any problems there would be no need for progtards. You see how that works?

    When it comes to privately owned Firearms. Your program was and always will be total confiscation.

    I can not in good conscious wish any luck with that. I am on other side.

    • We do not have a program concerning privately owned firearms. We, Ourselves, do have an agenda on how to stem the tide of these incidents. There are only two possible solutions; full armament of all persons over the age of 21 at all times in all places making America an armed camp or total disarmament. Each has its drawbacks and in this We disagree with our colleague Fred Schwartz who prefers the latter while We see the former as more of a possibility.


    Click on the elsahni link.

    Your sources still suck.

  6. Use your favorite search Engine.

    Chris Figgalapola

    More disinformation?

  7. Even the commie news network is picking it up.

    Yes he targeted Christians specifically. I guess the pagan/wiccan stuff is turning out to be true.

  8. neocon01 Says:

    an athiest, Christian hating leftist, targeting disarmed people , many more saved by US Military HERO….

    • Our sources tell Us that the shooter was very much interested in the Irish Republican Army and saw the occupation of the six Northern Counties as an expression of “Protestant tyranny.” The last time We checked the IRA was not an atheist organization.

      • neocon01 Says:

        he was a BLACK MUSLOON targeting Christians…kind of like the mulatto in the white mosque.

  9. neocon01 Says:

    meanwhile FIFTY SHOT in chiCongo last week end,
    MASSIVE black on black crime = chirp chirp, tweet tweet…..

    more gun laws…. LOL what a fucking joke…..

    • The violence in Chicago has been reported by terrestrial media from the United States to Zambia. It is widely known that poverty and ignorance contribute to violence in all its forms no matter who commits the violence or where it takes place. These are problems that Humanity must confront and We feel We have some solutions.

  10. neocon01 Says:

    a BLACK MUSLIM targeting Christians…..imagine that!!!
    meanwhile the head negro muslim, blames the weapons..

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