The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations has arrested three men in Chesterfield County, Virginia and charged them with conspiracy to commit murder and Hobbs Act crimes. Robert Doyle, Ronald Chaney and Charles Halderman, the FBI alleges consipred to bomb black churches and Jewish synagogues, kill and robe a jewelry store owner and to rob an armored truck in the hopes of stockpiling cash and weapons in preparation for a coming race war in America. The trio were all adherents to the Asatru a pagan derivative of Norse mythology. All three men have a long history of felony convictions with Halderman having been convictyed of 17 felonies in his lifetime. No word on bail for the three men who are now in federal custody.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Knight Slayer of Shai’ tan
الافتتاحية من الفتاحات
Majordomo of Hell and Terra’s Skies
Order of the Black Rose of the Empire
Ayatollah of Rham and its Shadow
Fair Judge Executioner of Souls
Quarterer’s Order of the Descending Aorta, 1st Class, with diamonds, rubies, platinum concertina, golden concertina, gilded pancreas, emerald gall bladder, platinum spleen, mesentery and lymph nodes
Lady Gaoler of Dis
Chief Engineer Hellac Power & Light
Womb of Empires
Order of the Superior Vena Cava
先生 立石 上様
Fifth Sea Lord of Hell
Comptroller of the Currency
Chair, Hellac Consumer Products Safety Commission
Oracle of Elections
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Mot. Pict. Arts & Sci.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Tort]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Fluid Dyn.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Nuc. Phys.]
Chair, Hellac Commission on Sentient Being Rights
Lady High Justice of the Court of Acts & Merits
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Gold
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Silver
Keeper of the Keys of all the Gates of Hell
Qadi of Hades
Chamberlain Imperial of the Necropontiff of the Universal Fatean Church
Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Journ.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Metaphys.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Philos.]
Countess-Palatine of Sheol
Marquise di Gehenna
Empress Consort
White Rod
President Pro tempore Bax Culdnu
Managing Editor—Breaking News
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
41 2 Leviathan 3 AS


  1. neocon01 Says:

    the race war has already been started by bathhouse barry, holder, wright, farracan, je$$e, al, NBBP, NAACP, NOI, BLM, and hundreds more black subversive groups and college radicals.

    These three nuts are just blow back.

  2. neocon01 Says:

    no to a REAL threat…….like black burning of whole communities, rampages, lootings, rapes, burning, murder and threats of more to come…yes blow back…and you aint seen nothing yet

    • And yet you see no cause from the past that has led to this effect?

      • neocon01 Says:

        the past is the past…….we all can piss and moan about the past, only TOTAL – LOSERS get stuck in it.

      • Then why does this not apply to the slaughters which you bring up often regarding Stalin and Mao? Is this not a matter of past history? What of the 58 million abortions? Is that also a series of past events that should be forgotten? Are you not in those cases simply pissing and moaning about matters with which you find offensive that you perceive as being perpetrated by the predecessors of the modern Progressive movement?

      • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

        And you see Bill this is your problem. You’re smart but you aren’t intelligent. You like to foam up and yell and scream a lot of right wing talking points and stats that are based on percentages to “prove’ that groups you don’t deserve not only to be hated by your tribe but they deserve the ire of the Creator. Now that’s just scratching the surface. You eventually overreach in your arguments. Don’t worry it’s a symptom of a larger disease called conservatism but there is a cure. The cure is simple and actually pleasurable. Turn off Fox news. Turn off Rush Limbaugh. Stop reading Breitbart for a week. But remember something important the sort of rapid fire meme driven hatred that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat night after night listening to Bill O or masturbating to the American Thinker’s latest fear and stupidity driven rasher of hack articles are clues to listen for as you talk to actual American people about one simple question–“How do we make America better?”

        That is the only question you have to ask and I ask it everyday Bill. Now this is serious and I can understand if you are a little scared to try this because at your age new things can be scary. But what could it hurt having your mind opened for seven days? It’s not like I’m asking you to change your sexual orientation to satisfy religious bigots who don’t even know you. It’s not like I’m asking you to be satisfied as a second class citizen. I’m not even calling you a savage for being a conservative. I just want you to get the bullshit out of your ears and eyes for one wee and report back to this space and tell me what people are telling you. Stop being a sheep for a week. Well, no strike that because that’s an insult to sheep. You’re more like a chicken nugget than a sheep. A chicken nugget sitting under a heat lamp wishing that it had free will but afraid of what all the other chicken nuggets will think of you.

        And a final note before you say something like the past is the past consider how hypocritical that is coming from a small businessman in Florida who agrees that all black people are inferior to white people. Go talk to people Bill instead of wasting your remaining nine years on Terra angry about the natural order of things.

        Pax Terra!

      • neocon01 Says:

        freddy, this coming from a man playing dragons and dungeons, proclaiming to be a DEAD “demon journalist” posting from hell…

        RIIIIIIGHT Pee Wee…… credibility is not one of your stronger points.

  3. neocon01 Says:

    progressive = communist = leftist = what ever, has murdered over 300,000,000 in a century……

  4. neocon01 Says:

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