Listening to Jeffrey Lord try to spin away Donald Trump’s horrible mocking of Washington Post reporter Serge Kovaleski is the most nauseating thing We, Ourselves have seen politically in decades. Not only does it disqualify him as a a presidential candidate it diminishes Jeffrey Lord as a person. Clearly, in Lord’s eyes there is nothing Trump can say that he will not defend and that dishonors the political system in America.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Knight Slayer of Shai’ tan
الافتتاحية من الفتاحات
Majordomo of Hell and Terra’s Skies
Order of the Black Rose of the Empire
Ayatollah of Rham and its Shadow
Fair Judge Executioner of Souls
Quarterer’s Order of the Descending Aorta, 1st Class, with diamonds, rubies, platinum concertina, golden concertina, gilded pancreas, emerald gall bladder, platinum spleen, mesentery and lymph nodes
Lady Gaoler of Dis
Chief Engineer Hellac Power & Light
Womb of Empires
Order of the Superior Vena Cava
先生 立石 上様
Fifth Sea Lord of Hell
Comptroller of the Currency
Chair, Hellac Consumer Products Safety Commission
Oracle of Elections
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Mot. Pict. Arts & Sci.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Tort]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Fluid Dyn.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Nuc. Phys.]
Chair, Hellac Commission on Sentient Being Rights
Lady High Justice of the Court of Acts & Merits
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Gold
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Silver
Keeper of the Keys of all the Gates of Hell
Qadi of Hades
Chamberlain Imperial of the Necropontiff of the Universal Fatean Church
Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Journ.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Metaphys.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Philos.]
Countess-Palatine of Sheol
Marquise di Gehenna
Empress Consort
White Rod
President Pro tempore Bax Culdnu
Managing Editor—Breaking News
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
61 2 Leviathan 3 AS


  1. LoLzer!! Jokes about the disabled disqualify you from being POTUS.


    • And the President took quite a bit of heat about this misstep and unlike Donald Trump he publicly apologized for his remark.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      Tim this just simply makes you stupid. Honorable men when they speak in error apologize. Arrogant bullies double down and they send their hack cunts out to defend them. You and Jeffrey Lord fall now into the latter category. Right wing talking points are now irrelevant to everyone except conservative fools who still make their own history from lies and fear.

  2. The President’s apology to Special Olympic head Tim Shriver can be found at the link.

    At this point We have seen no apology from candidate Trump. Thus, this is a lie compounded by a slur.

    • Tim is a fly, with no free will, genetically programed to be attracted to and to luxuriate in: shit. The filthier, the more vile, the more wretch producing the better. When Tim and his partner Bill die, no one will notice, no one will care and the world will go on. Better off for them leaving. And embarrassed for having produced them.

      • And may their bigotry not stain the Souls of their progeny . . .

      • neocon01 Says:


        The probability is, you will explode your pancreas or liver with alcohol long before Tim or I go to meet Jesus.
        so carry on bomber boy…because NOBODY will even know you are gone including your ex wife.

        your death will be as a mouse fart in a category 5 hurricane….

      • neocon01 Says:

        Majordomo Pain Says:
        30/11/2015 at 21:39

        And may their bigotry not stain the Souls of their progeny . . .

        nor yours

  3. neocon01 Says:

    ahhhhhh the TRUTH is spoken about bathhouse barry and all the flying monkeys flap in to disparage the messenger….soo alinsky of the house of loons.

    If the hack journalist cant take the geat get the fuck out of the kitchen…

    Ps freddy, un like you, I happen to like “cunts”

    Cruz – Trump…

  4. neocon01 Says:

    great = heat

  5. neocon01 Says:

    seems the Donald…. “got in his face” and “brought a gun to a knife fight”, and “punished his enemies”, just as the POS kenyan-indonesian ordered his minions to do…..

    but NOW, it is against them….and the hair on fire response is as funny as it is predictable…

  6. neocon01 Says:


    • We understand you are afraid of change Neocon01. You have elevated yourself to a level where facts are stupid things and the only reality that matters is the one which all people of your tribal and ideological bent are free of the stain of error. You flail at demons of the past and image new bugimen to keep your tribe members in terror of social changes that have already cemented themselves in the American consciousness. Resorting to violence is the bailiwick of the irrational no matter what tribe or ideology. Here is Wisdom.

      • neocon01 Says:

        not afraid of anything, just opposed to the insanity of the left…OPPOSITION is NOT “fear” that you can take to the bank.

        tribal = the innercity dwellers, living in the past = blacks, fear = 20yo pussies who need “safe zones” on college campus….. social change is not by rampaging blacks looting and burning citys, that has gone on for 70 + years and trillions of dollars pumped into the cesspools of their own making.

        the social change will come when the white population paying for the savages ends either by the vote, or by strength of arms…

      • By strength of arms? Curious you sound much like the impotent leaders of Da’ish. If there are not enough people who feel as you do then your opposition is meaningless. America as it is today is a product of its history–all of its history. Where you are currently could have been avoided by the settlers to the North American continent building their own nation with their own hands vice the shackled hands of slaves. You will, no doubt blame the African slave traders for selling them. But what of the buyers and their ships? What of the slave merchants in Virginia? What of the plantation owners? The Overseers? The Masters and Mistresses who enriched themselves and thereby many corporations which profited? It is Our considered opinion that no amount of money, federal or even tax dollars taken from your own cold hands would ever be enough to slake the thirst of the millions who died en route to America in chains. An entire group of people made what would be trillions today and no amount of your anger of false sense of superiority will ever be able to dishonor the suffering of a people who were deprived of their freedom and then debased as free citizens with rules that cast them into a second class in a nation that professes to be the freest in the world.

      • neocon01 Says:

        false sense of security?? My security comes from my living in an upper middle class neighborhood, WORKING, BUSINESS OWNING, Nice, educated people, good neighbors, good police, and of course we are legally ARMED, polite, Christians…..too bad yours comes from enslavement to big bro and obamas minions.

  7. neocon01 Says:

    my my my……..african gargoyles….YUP!!

    speaking of “CUNTS”……..

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