“Do you know how much discrimination really costs?” is the question asked on the home page of the Terran United Nations Free & Equal homepage. The campaign which has as its goal is “Lesbian, gay , bisexual and transgender equality,” has issued a set of postage stamps promoting LGBT equality worldwide. From the United Nations rollout page for the campaign, “The series is co-sponsored by the permanent missions of Argentina, Australia, Chile, El Salvador, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay, the delegation of the European Union, in addition to OHCHR and UNPA.”


Several progressive members of the Bax Demvolu Comnu, Hell’s lower house of parliament followed Speaker Reefic Coljik to the hex to express their support. Coljik said in his brief comments, “It is time that one thing be understood on Terra and in all of the Living Universe as it is in the Afterlife and that is that diversity in all things especially in who we are and who we love are the greatest strength that Sentient beings have.” In the upper chamber, the Bax Culdnu the Alliance Party was represented by Lord Vellocque Basilisk Cantharidin who sent a stern message to those who oppose the civil rights of LGBT Human beings, “It is one of the gravest sins, for which I can possibly bring forth in my mind, that a people, based upon their religious beliefs, would seek to do harm, to vilify and to turn others against a group of people who are simply seeking to live their lives in freedom, and love the person who loves them. This is a basic right of all Sentient Beings; to deny this basic Human Right, basic Sentient Right is to deny Reason itself.”


Later today the Crown Fiery is expected to join with the heads of all Hellac judicial agencies to issue a joint statement.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Knight Slayer of Shai’ tan
الافتتاحية من الفتاحات
Majordomo of Hell and Terra’s Skies
Order of the Black Rose of the Empire
Ayatollah of Rham and its Shadow
Fair Judge Executioner of Souls
Quarterer’s Order of the Descending Aorta, 1st Class, with diamonds, rubies, platinum concertina, golden concertina, gilded pancreas, emerald gall bladder, platinum spleen, mesentery and lymph nodes
Lady Gaoler of Dis
Chief Engineer Hellac Power & Light
Womb of Empires
Order of the Superior Vena Cava
先生 立石 上様
Fifth Sea Lord of Hell
Comptroller of the Currency
Chair, Hellac Consumer Products Safety Commission
Oracle of Elections
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Mot. Pict. Arts & Sci.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Tort]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Fluid Dyn.]
Order of the Obsidian Heart [Nuc. Phys.]
Chair, Hellac Commission on Sentient Being Rights
Lady High Justice of the Court of Acts & Merits
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Gold
Knight Commandrix of the Hellac Gordian Knot of Silver
Keeper of the Keys of all the Gates of Hell
Qadi of Hades
Chamberlain Imperial of the Necropontiff of the Universal Fatean Church
Order of the Quartz Heart [Eng.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Journ.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Metaphys.]
Order of the Quartz Heart [Philos.]
Countess-Palatine of Sheol
Marquise di Gehenna
Empress Consort
White Rod
President Pro tempore Bax Culdnu
Managing Editor—Breaking News
The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork
27 High Lux Negro 3 AS


  1. neocon01 Says:

    off your meds again? this is loony shiite even for you forkers in dungeon and dragon’s la la land.

    • Is it possible for there to be a Heaven and not a Hell? You believe in a place where people of your faith will go to be rewarded in the Afterlife and you vilify anyone who does not believe as you do. You always ask proof of Our existence yet when someone questions your vision of the next plane you howl persecution.

      • neocon01 Says:

        no we dont howl of persecution that is a total lie. It is by our faith we believe, there is no true proof until we actually die. If we are wrong we have lived a good righteous life, harmed no one, and helped many, If we are right then the same for our life and an eternal reward in the next plane.

        so are you saying that you forkers really live among us, but believe you are actually dead zombies living in hell?

        LOL you really do need help there gumdrop computer..

      • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

        No we are actually all in the next plane. It’s complicated but really simple. All of what you’ve been told isn’t really true but in due time you’ll see for yourself.

      • neocon01 Says:

        freddy and the dreamers….= insane

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