Of course this will not come as a shock to anyone who has been watching politics in America in the last one hundred years, but it is noteworthy in the modern digital age. The Cruz campaign made a rather tame ad called Conservatives Anonymous which was running on Youtube and nationally on TV with one actress with a speaking part Amy Lindsay sitting in a group of disillusioned voters who are in a therapy session talking about how disappointed they are in the GOP field. Lindsay intones, “Maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face.” At the end of the ad Ted Cruz comes on and says he approves the message. It’s all really tame but it does make a point.

The problem is that after auditioning for the ad and shooting the ad it was discovered that Amy Lindsay had been a softcore erotica star of some note along with roles in Pacific Blue and Star Trek: Voyager. The Cruz campaign has now taken the ad down because well, conservatives and SIMULATED SEX! To her credit Amy Lindsay is standing by her Christian Conservative values and views acting as a job not as a definition of a person’s values or worse a full meaning of who the person is. Conservatives are already falling all over themselves trying to figure out how the actress got the job and why she wasn’t vetted fully which means like most conservatives they were looking for a round peg to put in a round hole and they didn’t care where the peg had been until some of that peg’s travels could be embarrassing. And this is the part that’s scary about GOP politics. If the Cruz campaign can’t do a simple IMDB search to assure their Bible thumpin base doesn’t get red faced about the CV of an actress what will a Cruz staff do when faced with something that requires real in depth research?

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F.
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  1. neocon01 Says:

    actions have consequences. Everybody discriminates daily in their lives on many levels.
    Freedom allows us to include or not include, would you hang out with or be associated with nazis?
    should Boinie be forced to have muslims in his campaign?

  2. neocon01 Says:

    WOW talk about discrimination;

    Casting Nancy Drew: No Whiteys, Please!
    By Kimberly Bloom Jackson
    CBS Entertainment has announced plans to remake the classic television series Nancy Drew. What young actress wouldn’t want to audition for the opportunity to reprise the role of this iconic detective? Unfortunately, there’s just one problem: White women need not apply.

    “I’d be open to any ethnicity,” but “[She will] not [be] Caucasian,” said CBS President Glenn Geller.

    Imagine if Geller had said he was open to casting Nancy Drew as any ethnicity, but that she would not be black or Hispanic. He would be inundated with hate mail for being a racist. In fact, had any other business suggested that black or Hispanic women need not apply, there would be all kinds of discrimination lawsuits, Al Sharpton would swoop in to stoke the flames of bigotry, and today’s new totalitarian activist groups like the NAACP would make it their mission to have the business shut down.

    Read more:

    • Not discrimination Bill this is an attempt to be more inclusive in the production of a TV series geared toward young adults. Now too many years ago no consideration would have been given to having a person of color play the character as was the case for the first 50 plus years of the TV and movie industry.

  3. neocon01 Says:

    amazing the blindness

    • What do you want Bill? Do you want the world the way it was when you were a kid and you felt safe? Well that was a lie told to you to keep you from having nightmares. You’ve been in combat you know better. The world is an evil dangerous place filled with evil dangerous people. But despite all of that civilization grinds ever forward.

      • neocon01 Says:

        Those are your projections not my expectations.

        My biggest bitch is the indoctrination in public schools to believe the rot that is being served to them.

        then every lead in to most articles posted here is a long line of negatives about conservatives, Christians, White men. How do you start every conversation with that and expect dialogue?

        I live in the real world, play in the real world, work in the real world, I dont see the anger, fear, hatred you and the pinheads on college campuses see.

        Ooooooooh he called me a poo poo head Oooooh the horrors….I mean really.
        You your self have to admit that is a bit over the top, if it werent I would have had you rolled up in a fetal position in a corner by now LOL

        The blame whitey is another way to split and divide this country, all this shit about white privilege, constant cries of racism, slavery wah wah wah NOBODY and I mean NOBODY wants to hear any more of it, lets put it behind, stop using it as a political wedge for votes and work together.

      • Bill I hear you and in principle I agree. You may have heard many times many of us here talk about pendulum swings. In your youth there was much overt racism and bigotry and misogyny as well and it was commonplace. Now the rights of even the tiniest minority that feels oppressed or voiceless is being heard–often with too much sensitive attention being paid. That said I still have to do my due diligence against the bigotry that I still see. College campuses I agree are not the real world they are populations in microcosm where a diverse array of people are fighting for status and privilege in this new modern era. In time the pendulum will swing back to the sanity of the centre hopefully soon rather than later.

  4. neocon01 Says:

    Diane , my point was you cant scream discrimination for one, then discriminate against another no matter what good intentions you have.
    The old line we are making up for the past 60 years is meaningless to those who were not around at that time. That approach will never cause anything but anger and division.

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