The presidential primary season this year is the craziest thing that I have ever seen. I’m sitting here watching journalistic colleague Ashleigh Banfield sighing and shaking her head at a montage of the litany of shoving, spitting and punching incidents that have occurred at Trump rallies over the last six months. Now I am sure conservative readers and trump supporters would laugh about this but I am not laughing. I am not laughing because this type of crowd hysteria is a symptom of a deeper fear and anger that is the cornerstone of the Trump primary campaign. Worse, Mr Trump has no idea how to turn this feeling that violence against dissenters is okay off.

Trump dumped at convention

This is Mr Trump’s problem because having said he would pay the legal fees if someone punched a protester in the face is tantamount to inciting violence. I’m not a lawyer, but given that the crowd is likely 99% in favor of Trump and overwhelmingly white the crowd feels like they can play by a different set of rules in this “safe space” than they would have to do if simply walking down the streets. All of this begs a question. When does this sentiment spill out of the rallies into the daily lives of Americans. What if someone who supports Trump hears someone standing in a queue at a movie theater saying disparaging things about the billionaire business mogul and decides to defend his candidate in the manner his candidate condones at rallies?

One has to look at the other side of the issue. What if, at a Barack Obama rally in the spring of 2008 a young white woman stood up and began shouting that the President was not an American citizen and was spat upon shoved or punched in the face by a black male Obama supporter? There were numerous incidents of rally crashers in both the 2008 and 2012 election cycles on both sides as this sort of behavior has sadly become a common theme in the American political discussion over the last two decades. On both sides in the last two primary seasons decorum was maintained now decorum along with reason have gone out the political window.

The latest example comes from the posh Trump event on 8 March 2016 when Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields was physically assaulted by Trump’s campaign manager Cory Lewandowski. There are now two questions here; one why did Lewandowski grab the reporter’s arm and two since he admitted that he did grab her arm why is he still employed by the Trump campaign? Many who support Trump are the same people who were absolutely incensed at members of the New Black panther Party standing outside a polling center in Pennsylvania back in 2008. Now when the tables are turned they are fine with violence at rallies in support of their candidate even if it means assaulting a member of the fifth estate.

hindsight 2396
In Hindsight

I want those both those who call themselves conservatives and those who are just angry and want a touchstone politically for their anger to think for a moment about where this is going. Violence no matter what side uses it solves nothing. The saddest part of all of this is that Breitbart which supports Trump has caved to the juggernaut that is the outsider candidate’s campaign posting a near apology for the victimization of Michelle Fields. President Obama would never have gotten himself elected if bands of angry black men shoved white protesters out of his rallies. Since Fields had asked a question about affirmative action of Trump after the rally when the candidate was walking among the press and Lewandowski had a spark of prescience that Trump might say something so polarizing that it could harm his candidate it is clear he had a rush of blood that prompted him to do the only thing he could; yank Michelle Fields’ arm and take her out of Trump’s line of sight. That having been said Donald Trump in this journalists opinion is no longer fit to hold any political office in the United States of America because of his decision that violence cam be a part of the modern political discussion.

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.]
Managing Editor—Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
62 High Lux Negro 3 AS


  1. neocon01 Says:

    the lying bitch and her lil butt boy “resigned” from BB. Seems the skank has a history of false accusations….and got caught BIG TIME LYING this time.

    • Mr Logan There happens to be video evidence that Mr Lewandowski did grab Ms Fields and nearly pull her down. The local authorities are investigating. You, however, will not believe it even if Lewandowski is tried and found guilty, well, just because.

  2. neocon01 Says:

    an absolute bullshit lie perpetrated by whack jobs, and continued by idiots like you.

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