Let us be done with the obvious in regard to the 2016 race for the White House. This election cycle has been different from any other since World War 2. The changes in both the Democratic and the Republican parties over the past twenty years are fully manifest in the fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the presumptive nominees of their respective parties. Finally, the insanity, unpredictability and mudslinging have just begun.

Those things said, I believe that it is important to understand just how the American political system, rooted in two polarized parties arrived at this place in 2016. The Donald Trump candidacy did not come about because of ObamaCare, or due to the Culture War victories won by Progressives. The true naissance of Trump’s resonance with the estimated 30 million who support him is the effective dismantling of the coalition of voters who called themselves four short years ago Conservatives.

Many of my colleagues here would disagree with me, most notably with H L Mencken leading the pack, but the GOP will survive the 2016 election cycle. Conservatism, as a bulwark against Progressive technology and civil rights driven change, will not survive as a component of the GOP what rises out of this election whether they are victorious or defeated. Donald J Trump, billionaire real estate developer cum GOP nominee is by no means a conservative. He has said in town halls and interviews many things to appease the last vestiges of the Moral Majority on the Culture War issues of abortion and Christianity. Most of these comments and tweets have been taken with a grain of salt.

What Trump has done is find a commonality that goes beyond the Culture Wars and moves more toward what many Conservatives really desired and that is a strongman who will give them, in their limited remaining years on Terra a levee against the rising waters of Progressive Socialism which are sure to come by the middle of the 21st Century. Supporters of Trump do not want to feel better about the playing field being tilted away from white middle aged Christian men; they simply wish for the swift roller coaster of American society to slow down as they prepare to get off. Mencken to his credit said to me last night, “Trump’s campaign slogan could easily have been, ‘White men want to feel like they have all the Power! Again!'”

I agree with that fully. At no political time in American history in the last 80 years have middle class white Christian Americans suffered economically than they have over the last ten years. Their sons and daughters have been used as pawns in wars for oil in the Middle East brought forth from a GOP administration. They have lost their houses, cars, jobs and status at a dizzying rate [despite the fact that every recession in American history has deeply affected blacks, Latinos and women as white males were protected in their jobs.–F.S.]. As a demon journalist I would remiss in my duty if I did not acknowledge how difficult this past Great Recession was on those of a mindset to support Trump.

This brings me the cause of the Great Recession; that many of those white Christian Conservative males bought into the grand scheme to buy houses with no down payment and no collateral. Knowing this there is still the meme purported by Conservative media, bloggers and pundits, that poor blacks, Latinos and single mothers via the Community Reinvestment Act were the cause of the housing collapse. Clearly, this is not the case when you consider how many more private sector loans were bundled into derivatives which profited banks until the music stopped on 15 September 2008. One does need to remember that for Trump supporters facts matter less than the feeling that one is “winning”.

While they say they want America to be great again Trump supporters forget two important facts. One, that America is still a great nation, despite the GOP’s ill treatment of President Obama whom I feel will be seen as one of the greatest presidents in American history and its intractability on civil rights issues as it relates to the LGBTQ community. Second, if these 30 million angry people, most of them white male and over the age of 50 by the polling data, who support Trump want to relive the greatest economic prosperity of their lifetimes they would vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and every Progressive they could in November. Alas, I know this not to be the case because they would rather have the near invincible feelings they had a teenagers in the post Vietnam era when being white Christian and male had a value that went beyond simply being a Human Being than to revisit the Clinton prosperity of the 1990s. And thus, you have the reality TV star businessman the de facto future leader of the GOP running against a Clinton in the last election that will have two parties in contention for the White House. Like it or not Reince Priebus, the third party which costs the GOP national power, and possibly a fourth party if the Clinton first term does not result in movement toward greater Progressive Socialism, is being birthed even as I write this article.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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  1. neocon01 Says:

    Trump has enough delegates to ne the presumptive candidate, Killery has not yet stolen enough yet to be.

  2. Trump’s played the GOP like chumps. Hell, he’s not even a conservative. Women and Hispanics wont vote for him and that’s more than half the potential electorate. This is gonna be a wipe-out and the GOP will also lose the Senate and by extension, SCOTUS. Plus their House majority will be reduced. The damage downticket at the state and local level is more difficult to predict.

    • Ser Orrin:

      We opine that by 2022 the house will be fully in the control of the Progressive wing of the Democratic party. This means that there will be growing pains within the party as it shifts to the Left. Once again it will be “the economy stupid.” If growth continues into the next decade at a rate approaching 4,5% then the fractures within the GOP now will have decimated that party into a super regional party by the end of President Clinton’s first term. By the end of her second term, state governments with an influx of the next generation of young Progressive politicians will dominate the political landscape for a generation. Conservative Baby Boomers will die by the 2040s not ever having gotten the second Reagan they have lusted for since the disastrous Bush years. Had the conservatives moderated in 1990 and drawn on the need to bring in middle class persons of color to their party vice doubling down on “keeping America white” the Progressives would have been kept at bay for at least twenty years and the social changes in American which have progressed with blinding speed this lustrum would have never taken place.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

    • neocon01 Says:

      Baaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ………. MAGA 2017

  3. neocon01 Says:

    dream on orrin

  4. neocon01 Says:

    meanwhile you Christophobes will LOVE this……

    Muslim Mob Attacks Elderly Christian, Marches Her Naked Through Streets Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’
    PJ Media ^ | 05-28-2016 | Michael van der Galien
    Posted on 5/28/2016, 11:51:41 AM by Michael van der Galien

    How can Christians ever be expected to live in peace with animals like these?

    An armed Muslim mob stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her naked on the streets in an attack last week in which seven Christian homes were also looted and torched in a province south of the Egyptian capital.

    According to the local Orthodox Coptic church and security officials, the assault in the Minya province village of Karma on Friday began after rumors spread that the elderly woman’s son had an affair with a Muslim woman — a taboo in conservative Egypt.

    Anba Makarios, Minya’s top Christian cleric, told a host on private TV network, Dream TV, that the old woman was literally dragged out of her house. When she was standing on the street, the Muslim mob insulted her, and then proceeded to strip her off her clothes. That must have been a absolute nightmare for the old Christian lady, but it got even worse. Once she was naked they forced her to walk through the neighborhood while they chanted “Allahu akhbar,” or “God is great.”

    Apparently, Allah is especially “great” at humiliating poor Christian women who can’t defend themselves.

    • The need for reform in Islam in this the twelfth century of the faith is ever apparent by the growing transgressions of the minority of apostates.

  5. neocon01 Says:

    In the Year 1876, only a few years following the Civil War, the Speaker for a celebration of the Declaration of Independence was a Black Ohio State Legislator and A.M.E. Bishop, Dr. Benjamin W. Arnett. The following is an excerpt from his lengthy Address celebrating that occasion. A full reading of that remarkable work is recommended for today:
    “Withdraw from Christendom the Bible, the Church with its sacraments and ministry, and Christian morality and hopes, and aspirations for time and eternity; repeal all the laws that are founded in the Christian Scriptures; remove the Christian humanities in the form of hospitals and asylums, and reformatories and institutions of mercy utterly unknown to unchristian countries; destroy the literature, the culture, the institutions of learning, the art, the refinement, the place of woman in her home and in society, which owe their origin and power to Christianity; blot out all faith in Divine Providence, love, and righteousness; turn back every believer in Christ to his former state; remove all thought or hope of the forgiveness of sins by a just but gracious God; erase the name of Christ from every register it sanctifies—in a word annihilate all the legitimate and logical effects of Christianity in Christendom—just accomplish in fact what multitudes of gifted and learned minds are wishing and trying to accomplish by their science, philosophy, and criticism, and what multitudes of the common people desire and seek, and not only would all progress toward and unto perfection cease, but not one of the shining lights of infidelity would shine much longer. Yes, the bitterest enemies of this holy and blessed religion, owe their ability to be enemies to its sacred revelations – to the inspiration and sublimity of that faith which reflects its glories on their hostile natures. They live in the strength of that which they would destroy. They are raised to their seats of opportunity and power by the grace of Him they would crucify afresh; and is it to be thought that they are stronger than that which gives them strength? Can it be supposed that a religion which civilizes and subdues, and elevates and blesses will succumb to the enmities it may arouse and quicken in its onward march? Are we to tremble for the ark of God when God is its upholder, and protector, and preserver?” – Dr. Benjaming W. Arnett, Ohio State Legislator and A.M.E. Bishop, St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Urbana, Ohio, Centennial (of the Declaration of Independence) Thanksgiving Sermon, November 1876. Arnett’s “Sermon” is available in the “Library of Congress – Historical Collections” – “African-American Pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Collection,” 1820-1920; American Memory, Washington, DC.

    • While We, Ourselves, note that Christianity has been a force in the American experiment from its inception, the true nature of freedom is the fundamental right to self determination. Free will devotion to the tenets of Christianity, a true religion of Peace should carry no more weight than a devotion to Judaism, or Hinduism, or Sikhism or Islam also all religions of moral and spiritual Peace. When all actors on your stage come to this vivid and clear realization, that religion has a powerful effect on the mind body and Soul and that this power should be used to Free and not control that all citizens of Terra will become Human Beings.

      Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  6. neocon01 Says:

    bull shiite

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