Donald J. Trump’s first week in office as the 45th President of the United States began as many progressive observers expected– with a thud. Nearly from the very first moment there was controversy, with Trump going full blown Nixonian and forcing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer out before the assembled press to lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. That gaffe was followed by Kellyanne Conway speaking with Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd and explaining that Spicer used “alternative facts.” Welcome to TrumpWorld ladies and gentlemen.

Trump did sign six executive orders this week, one more than President Obama signed in 2009 during his first week in office. By signing those orders , Trump kept several major campaign promises to the bigots that voted for him. Chief among these were the order to build a southern border wall and the banning of refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States for 120 days. Challenges have already been made to the detaining of Muslim travelers at U.S. airports and many prominent observers have said that even if the border wall is built Trump will fail in his promise to have Mexico pay for it.

In 2009, President Obama was dealing with an economy that was near failing and unemployment racing toward 10%. In his first week in office he dealt with the issue of Guantanamo Bay’s detainees and the ban on gifts to lobbyists among his five executive orders. While President Obama began the heavy lifting of fixing the American economy facing its worst threat since the Great Depression, Trump, in contrast, has tripled down on what he promised during his campaign to the white nationalist elements in his base.

That’s one week down and 207 more to go.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
Amici Bax Demvolu Comnu
Politics & Culture Wars Managing Editor
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
156 3 Leviathan 3 AS


  1. neocon01 Says:

    border wall = bigots………..so mexico = a country of bigots…… maybe that is why we need a wall to keep out mehikan bigots out.

  2. neocon01 Says:

    seems you loons conveniently forgot jimma cartah and bathhouse barry BOTH stopped immigration from countries yet no wailing and gnashing of teeth……communism/alinsky/soros 101

  3. How difficult it must be for you to sleep at night knowing that every day a colossal failure is one tweet away?

    • neocon01 Says:

      LOL the colossal failure was bathhouse barry and killery….

      • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

        Now Bill we’ve been debating for nearly a decade and I know you aren’t really this stupid. I don;t care who won the election. Sure I would have been delighted to have Hillary Clinton as the 45th President but you’ve got to understand that her victory would have meant having to put up with your petty bullshit that we’ve witnessed from 2008 until 12 days ago. Obama is a private citizen now. Hillary is a private citizen now. The very lives and livelihoods of the American people depend on decisions made within the White House and your boy has gotten off to a shitty start.

        And hey now that the election is over how come there are no more calls for Benghazi hearings??? WTF???

        You see as a loyal Brooklynite I get the wanting to spike the football before crossing the goal line but seriously you need to stop. What’s it going to take for you to realize Trump is ill prepared to deal with this massive undertaking? Another 9/11? An Impeachment for abuse of power? A White House sex scandal?? All three??? Or is he literally a deity you now worship because it made you feel special as a white male American in a way that no woman not even your wife could? I can’t read your mind Bill because it’s too small. Please feel free to clarify for me.

        But I can predict what you’ll say something inane about Progressives. Keep it up buddy! Keep that powder dry! Keep them knives sharp! What the fuck ever! If the future of a planet with nearly 8 billion souls on it wasn’t at stake I’d wish nothing but brimstone raining down on your head every day, however, I am a better person than that Bill. But I will laugh at every misstep and take your guy to task on every dumb and unConstitutional thing that he does. This I promise you on my most immortal Soul. Oh and if you need any naked pictures of Melania I have plenty–cheap!

        Pax Terra!

  4. That wall ain’t gonna be built since the business/agricultural wing of the GOP wants cheap labor and a tariff will reduce shareholder returns as tRump’s Wall St cabinet will tell him.

    • neocon01 Says:

      just like he will NEVER be elected…..right Orrin?

      • And 3 million more votes say the wall won’t be built.

      • neocon01 Says:

        more FAKE news, dead, illegals, felons, and double dips are NOT votes….but you have to be higher on the bell curve than a racist janitor to recognize that.

    • Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H. [Journ.] Says:

      o3 good to see you here again old friend. Ain’t Bill just swell? I wonder just what it will take for him to finally decide Trump is a turd wrapped in diamond dust with a bow on top? Well you know how his demographic thinks they were the same ones that thought marching off to Vietnam was the “honorable” thing to do. But alas you don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing . . . .

      • neocon01 Says:

        Trump = billionaire, builder, real estate, businessman, author, tv show owner, = winner.

        bathhouse barry?
        foreign, never employed, community agitator, racist hate filled cult member, ONE term senator who was cheated in = WORST LOSER pResident ever and Trump is the loser? and not qualified?……..
        the rubber room and meds for your delusions freddy..

      • When the horror comes and the crisis is being mishandled by those you have placed in power, remember there will be no one to blame but you and those like you for the fire, blood and death.

        Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  5. neocon01 Says:

    you commie anarchists are pushing for that day and we are prepared for it.
    we wont be little pussies in black clothing and ski masks breaking windows and beating women and old men….we will rain destruction on you and your evil cause.

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