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Posted in RACE AND POLITICS IN AMERICA on 15/01/2016 by odamoseseomoko


[Sam J commented to a previous post and Odamo Sese Omoko has taken the time to join us to give a black perspective on matters of race in America in 2016. We welcome him back to The Dis brimstone Daily Pitchfork. –G.R.M. Copy Ed.]

Sam I have been black all my life and that is quite likely longer than you have been alive. I have seen more history from close up than you can imagine. I have risen in my humanity in all of these years and I have come to see the pendulum of bigotry swing back and forth from open fullthroated hatred vocalized with no shame to the quiet bigotry of the later 20th Century.

Great Recession

Now once again in fear of losing their status at the top of the American social food chain and being compressed as middle class people white Americans are angry enough to shout out loud here on the Internet their animosities toward black Americans. It is almost a fashion for conservatives now to say things that would have drawn gasps just two decade and possibly less ago. Here where I live I am respected for my position and when I go out on the streets no one avoids me because of the color of my skin.

interracial marriage

This is not a utopia by any means but here where I live there is no false pride granted one race over another because of the unearned privilege of being born white. Like I tell all of the apprentice sous chefs and dishwahers and sauciers servers and bar staff here, “I don’t care what you are do something positive with today. Do the best you can and treat everyone you meet with respect and above all respect yourself.” The life you are living currently is not the game you expected it to be at your age. Much change has taken place in your life time socially and economically. Most of that has little to do with you. But, I would guess that the modern era has not been kind to you. I could say the same for the many generations of black Americans who are still in poverty, many because of their own failings, in America.


To those who would riot rather than change I have no use for them no matter their race because change is the only constant in Human Life. There is much work to do to bring the ignorant tenth of my race out of the cultural cesspool in which they dwell. Many of them would be angry at hearing those words but I don’t care about their feelings I care about their actions.


The problem I see is that if every black man in America walking around in a hoodie today with his pants down off his ass suddenly put on an Armani suit entered a community college and went seeking a job white conservative America would lose its collective mind. If black Americans started buying guns and joining the NRA in their millions white conservative America would turn blood red from screaming that a revolution against them was coming. This in fact would be blacks doing exactly what whites in their skins perceive themselves to be heart and soul; professional and armed in protection of what is theirs.

Middle class comfort

So, my point is that you Sam J want blacks to keep doing what twenty percent and more have been doing since the end of the First World War; seeking quick pleasures and avoiding work in the name of receiving handouts be they from the Church or the Government. This gives you something to point to that makes your life seem grand in comparison. I want all of my people and your people to succeed in the boats of liberty that are buoyed by the tides of prosperity. But before America can get to that day all of us, you, I and millions of others have to put aside our stupidity about race, our anger at past transgressions micro or macro and do the hard work of making self esteem and cultural understanding a quotidian reinforcment. We must give up the old and embrace the new Sam J because like it or not the world is very different now.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Odamo Sese Omoko, Garrote Noir, D.S.V.A.,
Chef Grandèe of the Imperial Household
Order of the Culinary Arterial Blue Garter
8 High Lux Negro 3 AS