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In one month, Jackie Evancho has gone from being the darling of the Trump-right to a cast off thrown on the heap of delusional nationalist history. Prior to, and on the day after the inauguration of the 45th US President, Jackie was hailed at conservative sites, all of which reported that she has a transgender sister Juliet. Despite this Trump supporters flocked to her defense when several liberal bloggers harassed Jackie for her choice to sing at the inauguration:

There is such great literature, movies, and music to delve into, with the contemporary contributions amounting to a minuscule amount. So, if they so desire to create an unfavorable image of themselves that I’d rather not partake of their offerings, it’s their loss and not mine.
That they so attack a young performer just additionally shows them to be the shallow nit-wits they are.

Once again, many people are voting with Jackie Evancho the clear winner and the so-called celebs LOSERS!


Wife and I watch AGT since its inception. Very happy to see her staying above this fray…she was and is a phenom!


I have been watching this young ladies videos for years and have watched her grow up. I hope she stays strong. She has a long and wonderful career ahead of her.


Mary, thanks for the story. I had purchased her last album but hadn’t checked back since. Superb Christmas album (and a nice single release separately). Bought them both, which I likely would not have done without the Progs reminding me how awful she is.

That was then, however, today with Trump overturning federal protections for transgender American citizens and leaving their civil rights in the hands of GOP controlled states Jackie Evancho has requested a sit down with Mr. Trump. The responses on Breitbart to this are eye opening to say the least dahlings:

Her BROTHER has the same rights as every other American and doesn’t need special consideration for HIS choice in life. HE is a minority.

Exactly. “…federal protection for transgender students…”; more like federal persecution of non-transgender students.

Transgendered don’t want equal rights… they want you to have less rights and they get special rights… you must be forced by law to go along with their mental illness… THAT is what they want.

” her transgender sister” —- in other words, her mentally ill brother.

America believes in Equal Rights…not Special Rights.

Jackie you can sit down now.

And so, welcome to Trumpworld where at one minute you can be the blonde favorite of the alt-right and the next you be a berated outcast who is “blacklisted” for doing the right thing.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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I must apologize for my delay today in getting this posted. As many of you know Fred Schwartz and I are married and that randy bastard just would not let me out of bed until nearly 2 this afternoon. That’s what i get for being in New York for Fashion Week and he does miss me so when I’m gone. So here goes my predictions for the 87th Oscars™!

Best Picture- Boyhood

Best Actor- Michael Keaton Birdman

Best Actress- Julianne Moore Still Alice

Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Ethan Hawke Boyhood

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Laura Dern Wild

Animated feature Film- Big Hero 6 +3

Cinematography- Robert Yeoman Grand Budapest Hotel

Costume Design- Jacqueline Turner Mr Turner

Directing- Richard Linklater Boyhood

Documentary Feature- Citizen Four

Documentary Short Feature- Crisis Hotline Veterans Press 1 +4

Film Editing- American Sniper

Foreign Language Film- Ida +2

Makeup and Hairstyling- The Grand Budapest Hotel +1

Music Original Score- Interstellar

Music Oroginal Song- Glory from Selma

Production Design- The Grand Budapest Hotel +5

Short Film Animated- The Dam Keeper

Short Film Live Action- Boogaloo and Graham

Sound Editing- Interstellar

Sound Mixing- American Sniper

Visual Effects- Guardians of the Galaxy

Writing Adapted Screenplay- American Sniper

Writing Original Screenplay- Boyhood

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Valeri Dubov, D.S.V.A., O.Q.H [Fashion Design]
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Dahlings, unless you’ve been on another planet you certainly have either watched the video of Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. There has been a virtual firehose worth of acidic comments directed toward this young woman for reasons that most people aren’t too concerned with understanding. As much as I LOATHE politics there is a political angle to this manufactured scandal. First of all, dahlings, there is no scandal here at all. Cyrus is simply spreading her wings in an age on Terra, and especially in America, where socially things are changing at a pace faster than the former Master of Morality [read middle aged religious conservative white men] can seem to handle.


There are always going to be prudes, whether they are prudish against artistic expression or simply befuddled and angered by any public display of sexuality, human society will always have some. The times have changed regarding what is acceptable as entertainment in one’s own home, drastically, over the course of the television age. Like Miley Cyrus, or not, favor twerking or not, enjoy erotic and funny performances or not, their is a great shift toward female expressions of sexuality in all forms of art in America and the world in which you live and that is never going to change.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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As if, dahlings, I needed another reason to adore Mila Kunis, this from BBC 1 Radio and their luscious interviewer Chris Stark:

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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Enjoy dahlings!

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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Dahlings, if you don’t have access to DirecTV then this post may mean nothing to you. The network television shows [ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox] have little if anything that makes you want to rush home and be infront of the set to watch. I haven’t felt that way about a show on the three major networks since “The West Wing.” But have faith things are bright and exciting on the cable netowrks. Here is my top ten list for the year so far.

10. Push Girls -Sundance Channel:
I came across this show completely by accident and now my DVR is bursting at the seams with episodes. I love how tough these gals are. It’s not just a feel good show because halfway through the second episode I’d forgotten they were in wheel chairs and was fascinated by how they attack life.

9. Breaking Bad -AMC:
A good man goes bad? Or was he a bad man all the time? I’ve been watching for four seasons now and I guess by the end of the fifth and last that question will be answered.

8. True Blood -HBO:
I know dahlings many of you will give me grief about this show being rated so low but the plot twists have left me with a giant question mark over my head. I’m sure they’ll right the ship and give me my good characters being good again soon. Kristen Bauer van Stratten and Rutina Wesley are this season’s standout performers.

7. Californication -Showtime:
The cast in this drama is what makes it out of the bottom three; the lusty and raucous plots and scenes bring out the best in the cast. McElhone is a dream and Duchovny is plain stellar.

6. Boardwalk Empire -HBO:
Anyone who didn’t think Steve Buscemi was a star after “Fargo” was an idiot dahlings. Anyone who doesn’t think so now after Boardwalk Empire just isn’t paying attention. Characters have come and gone but the triangle of Gretchen Mol, Kelly MacDonald and Paz de la Huerta make the Boardwalk really sizzle.

5. Mad Men -AMC:
What else could you possibly want from a period piece? Luscious just plain luscious from the sets, to the actors to the scripts.

4. Boss -STARZ:
It’s only been on for one season and if this season is as good as the last this will likely be in the top three this time next year. Kelsey Grammer has done a star turn in this role as have Kathleen Robertson and Connie Nielsen. Who’ll wind up dead in the Windy City this season?

3. Game of Thrones -HBO:
I have never been a fantasy, sword and sorcery fan and I’m still not because Game of Thrones is just a power drama plain and simple. There are people I know here in Dis that wouldn’t go near anything of this genre a year ago and now? They’re hooked! Don’t be confused dahlings Peter Dinklage is the star of this epic series.

2. The Newsroom -HBO:
This show from the brillaint mind of Aaron Sorkin is reason enough to stay up to 2300 on Sunday nights. Jeff Daniels is Broadway quality brillaint in giving a body and a pulse to Sorkin’s words. Emily Mortimer is so very animated, in a most positive way befitting her personality, that I’m worn out with joy after every episode. Alison Pill [whom I love on “In Treatment”] is equally frenetic, sarcastic and whip smart. And as if this weren’t enough dahlings you get Jane Fonda, Olivia Munn AND Sam Waterston to watch every week.

1. Downton Abbey -PBS:
Okay this is a bit of a trick, but January 2013 can’t get to Terra fast enough for me. I don’t have enough column space to say all the wonderful things that need to be said about Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Sophie Mc Shera, Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens and Dame Maggie Smith. All I can say is bravo!

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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Dahlings I almost passed out when I read this! I thought what could this beautiful man have possibly done to warrant a warrant? I felt like Shocantelle Brown for a moment. OKRRR?

It appears that Mr Gooding shoved a female bartender in the Big Easy and the barwench is shoving back dahlings by filing an assault charge. TMZ has the details. First Kristen Stewart and now this? I nothing sacred in Tinseltown?

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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