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With all of the violence, hate and stupidity going on among the Living these days [and that’s just among the field of presidential candidates from the GOP!–F.S.] I thought it would be a good idea to look at something that we can all agree is cool and beautiful. And in this case I have to add mouthwateringly tasty. For many, many months now my deep dark secret crush on the terrestrial Internet has been Christine McConnell, a woman that has quite inappropriately described by me in mixed company as what would happen if Cindy Crawford, Paula Deen and Elvira the Mistress of the Dark had a love child.

But McConnell, a true Southern belle, is more than simply a baker, she is a renaissance woman who turns food into horrifying art and clothing into couture. She is the embodiment of modern 21st century cool without drifting into the abyss of hipsterism. Christine McConnell is so cool she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

To paraphrase one of the more interesting lines of the 1998 film “meet Joe Black”, McConnell is “diffident in the most seductive way.” And she does and has seduced me mostly with the mixture of all things horrific and creepy with baked treats. She has authored a new book entitled, “Deceptive Desserts” which will be available soon. There’s a pie shaped like the Alien movie face hugger, Mogwai cakes and a creepy farmhouse cake!

McConnell and Trigger

Above is my favorite photo from McConnell’s Flickr stream. it is the last of a series of photographs [yes she’s a very accomplished photographer] done as homage to the maternal line of her family. it ends with a peek beyond the nearly preternatural artistic talent into the realm of Christine simply being silly and yet capturing the essence of another sentient being not even of her species. So take some time to get away from ISIS and campus rallies and the pressure of Holiday Shopping Season gift buying to enjoy something truly amazing about a woman whose talent is inspirational. And oh year buy her book or she’ll haunt your dreams! Seriously, she will.

Pax Terra!

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