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Back from a good long rest after covering events here in Hell that most of the Living would find rather uninteresting, but I’m sure there will be some explanation of the changes that have taken place here later.–F.S.

Over the past terrestrial month or so, while I have been covering the coal miner’s strike in Sheol and the resignation of the conservative dominated government there events in the United States, politically, have remained a stagnant pool of shallow water. Marriage equality has captured a few more states that understand that the right to marry is both a constitutional right and a moral one. Conservatives have hit out at President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the non scandal that is Benghazi. The GOP establishment has done all it could to begin the cutting out of its TEA Party elements and the first cuts during the primaries have been bloody and painful for the Right.

Meahwhile in Isla Vista, California on the night of the Deltopia party this past April a mostly white crowd of college students rioted much as a mostly white crowd of students in Massachusetts rioted at a St Patrick’s day party and the conservative blogosphere made its usual excuses for them. Last night in the same region of America a man fired shots into a crowd at the University of California at Santa Barbara killing seven people.

hindsight 2295
In Hindsight
I’m convinced that the mentality of the average conservative has become so bitter that they actually believe that when a mostly white crowd of 15,000 is moved to violence and an attack on law enforcement then the cops must have provoked the violence, but when a smaller crowd of blacks or Latinos gather then it is incumbent on the cops to use whatever force they deem necessary to “restore law and order.” Something the think on over your holiday weekend.

The staff will back in full on Monday . . .

Pax Terra!

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