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I know the title makes one wonder but it will be clear before the end of this brief yet informative post. The challenge to address the Catholic Church deciding for economic purposes that a fetus isn’t a person didn’t sit very well with the B4V crowd. They came at me with every tired canard the conservatives have in their arsenal but I could not be moved. I even had Cluster, a gent who would appear to be a perfect alter ego for Mark Noonan challenge me with, “Wouldn’t microscopic organisms on Mars be considered life? If that’s the case so is a fetus.” Of course this is bullshit of the highest pseudo-intellectual order for glaringly obvious reasons.

To be honest I was surprised to see my posts at B4V remain as long as they did. I haven’t checked to see if they are still there. It doesn’t matter really because the truth shall set you free. Selah. And there’s that Hebrew word again. It means transliterally, “Pause and think about that for a bit.” Hunter S Thompson, my dear old friend both in the First Life as in the AfterLife used it like a rapier. I’ve taken it up after talking to him last night over drinks at Vulca. “Fred, you’ve gotta let these conservopukes think about the cock you’re shoving down their throat. Give them a selah or two as you run them down with a road grader and you might convert at least one or two of the females that are sick of small dicks and trips to the Creation Museum. Just promise me like acid you’ll only use it sparingly. Nobody likes a Xeroxic wordsmith.” As always my Gonzo friend–good advice.

Timothy Egan fits into this from his recent op-ed in the New York Times, “The Tomorrow Majority”:

If the era of liberalism is back, as McConnell said in deriding Obama’s speech, it has metastasized and taken on a new form. It’s nonwhite, young and urban. It’s college-educated women. It’s West Coast and East Coast, the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and, soon, Arizona. It’s the upper Midwest, and the Philadelphia exurbs. In the South, it’s Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and maybe Georgia to follow within a decade.

Of course, the Democrats can always overreach. Arrogance breeds hubris. What do not have majority support are huge new government spending programs. And Obama, in his speech, did not call for such things. (His health care law is the product of Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation, and relies on free enterprise “exchanges” rather than a government takeover, despite what critics say.)

But Obama did defend the two great government programs that work and must be shored up: Social Security and Medicare. “These things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us,” Obama said. “They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great.” If those words are the distillation of liberalism, bring on the chisels and scratch them into marble.

So, who is out of step? Who is to the far side of the center? In 1958, just four percent of those polled by Gallup were in favor of allowing blacks and whites to marry each other. That figure now is 86 percent. The Republicans of 2013 can stand still, like those Eisenhower-era opponents of interracial marriage. But they cannot call their opposition to gay marriage, climate change measures, immigration reform and raising taxes on the wealthy mainstream positions.

hindsight 2123
In Hindsight
I’ll leave the punchline of this op-ed for you to enjoy, do read the whole article as it is a brutal and timely riposte to every Conservative “deeply held belief that we are still in the majority” line you’ve ever heard. To go Forward with the Progressive Agenda knowing how to respond in THIS manner is essential.

Pax Terra!

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