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Two stories, both tragic, both simply local news, but one has drawn the gleeful ire of conservative bloggers and the other has not. I’m not the crime guy here at The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork, I’m the stats and research guy. When i get up in the morning I’m looking for trends and in this case I’ve got a series of deep trends.

An ongoing sting operation in Muncie, Indiana ensnared a MITS worker who was selling cocaine. That worker is Timothy Wade Miles the current president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Conservative bloggers are having an ideological orgasm over this because, in their fetid minds, this means the national NAACP is a corrupt organization that is in the illegal drug trade. By all accounts, the real criminals in this case are the corporations and the 1% that keep ripping away the tatters of the Middle Class American Dream. That dream is gone for virtually every average citizen in America who used to be able to save for the future of their children. Now, you are lucky to be one of the millions living paycheck to paycheck and one catastrophic necessity breakdown from poverty.

Conservative sites are angry that this isn’t the lead story on CNN, MSNBC and the three major networks for the next five news cycles. They are crying and ripping their shirts that there has been a “media blackout” about Wade selling cocaine to undercover cops and offering to give cocaine to a female informant for sex. In reality as the link above notes there is no media blackout because it is a local story, not a national one. The losers in this story are Wade and his family because he’s busted and at best he’ll get a plea deal and decades in prison. There are no winners in this case because the bones of the middle class dream are still being sucked on by the 1%. Wade did what he did for self gratification: for money and sex that he couldn’t get from the husk of the current Middle Class condition in America.

This takes me to the case of Fred Zeh in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. This is another local story not too far from the story in Muncie, Indiana. Zeh shot his wife in the head while she was leaving a business. He left the crime scene according to police reports went to a bar and had a few drinks and then went home and shot and killed himself. Zeh wasn’t a Progressive, he isn’t black and he has no ties to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama by race, ideology or occupation so this story to the Right Wing Blogosphere simply doesn’t exist. But it does offer a cautionary tale to old white conservative men in America. The women you married back in the golden age of White Privilege are sick of you and the bullshit in your heads, the vitriol that spews from you mouths and how glaringly ignorant you are in this new age of technology. They want what they gave up to be with you 30 or 40 or even 50 years ago. They want their sexual freedom, economic freedom and their spiritual freedom from the jail of sharing a bed with an angry old white man. So every time you read a conservative blogger writing that it’s the end of the world for white conservatives because black people are rioting in Baltimore think about how many victims like Lucy Zeh there are out there who are killed by their white husbands simply because they want to be free. Now that’s a story folks.

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