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Pain this morning made the point that a certain demographic of Americans are stuck in a feedback loop about the “fight against communism.” Amazona commenting at Blogs4Victory says the following:

The selectivity of who has and who has not been targeted for retribution and/or examples of what happens when you tick off Mad Daddy ought to be the clearest possible message that even the LoFos can understand. Did Michelle lose any of her staff? Is the $120,000-a-year dog trainer furloughed? Camp David closed? Barry’s golf courses shut down? The White House chefs sent home to wait for paychecks?

Any of us who have studied the Left can see the clear and obvious parallels between this and the reality in the USSR of people lining up around the block to buy whatever it was that was being sold at the head of the line, knowing that no matter what it was it would be something they needed, while the limos of the Ruling Elites passed them on their way to their luxurious dachas in the countryside for weekends with imported food and liquor, private chefs, and lives of wealth and opulence, all paid for by those watching the limos drive by.

I have to point out to Amazona that what Americans are lining up for these days like babushkas used to in Moscow isn’t bread it’s jobs. Jobs come primarily in America from the private sector which is sitting on nearly 4 trillion dollars that would go a long way to causing an explosion of prosperity unprecedented in economic history, globally, if they would get off a third of that. There is no nation state of divergent political ideology that American conservatives can rail against as they did in the 1950s and 60s. Now they have to find those evil doers within the American government in their declining years.

Progressives aren’t the problem Amazona– you and the aging far right idiots are. Progressives don’t want to close churches, storm into homes and seize guns from law abiding citizens or give away the federal treasury to people who never will want to work. Progressives want diversity, civil rights for all, including conservative middle aged and elderly people who regularly attend church and believe G-d is blond and blue eyed. We also want Muslims to be safe in their communities. Women to have sovereignty over their own bodies and for everyone to be able to exercise their voting rights. More than that we want people to have jobs and migrate from poverty to the middle class and from the middle class to the comfort of earned wealth.

The Andrews Air Force Base Golf course where the President plays most of his rounds remains open during the shutdown because it operates from user fees not federal funds. That nugget from a 7 October 2013 article at As far as the White House staff including the First Lady’s staff the numbers have been reduced from 450+ to 90 since 1 October 2013.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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