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Robert Morrow is a name that has likely been forgotten by the bulk of American politics watchers in the 21st Century. Morrow is a blogger from Austin, Texas who may be the most anti-Clinton on the Right and that takes quite a bit of doing in the modern era which finds the GOP and its bastard child the TEA Party in full rictus at the thought of having to field a candidate to oppose her in 2016. This bloggers posts run the gamut from incendiary fantasies about the sex lives of the Clintons to debates about the feud between the Clintons and the Obamas.

This is certainly good reading for the 15 million or so die hard far Right conservatives in the United States but articles about Chelsea Clinton’s parentage with no fact to back up his assertions will do nothing to grow the GOP base beyond 37.5 million voters. This sort of political writing when read by moderates will do little more than drive them to any other alternative. While attacking a political adversary is by its nature a part of the political game, wild and fabulous articles about your opponent only make you look desperate.

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In Hindsight

The Robert Morrow’s of the blogosphere will be the Todd Akins of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. No matter who the GOP candidate is I hope the Progressives reign in their own bloggers and have them stick to hard opposition research based in fact rather than conjecture or outright falsehoods. As sad as this might be for me to say the 2016 race will not be about issues it will be about perceptions. If Hillary Clinton is challenged by a GOP candidate who is unacceptably moderate for the deeply conservative, the TEA Party may move to place a candidate on all the state ballots. At this point the GOP will seek to win on the issues and they will jettison the Anti-Obama and anti-Clinton rhetoric and focus on social and fiscal issues in a hope they can appeal to their base. The TEA Party will double down on the negatives and if they have a Palin/West ticket they may get between 15 and 20 million votes. This would leave the GOP moderate with roughly 35 to 40 million votes while Clinton would get about 70 million and win in a de facto landslide. The GOP with the headwind of aggressive negatives coming from one side and expertise on issues coming from another will not be able to run a 50 state campaign. At best the GOP in a three way race would have to focus on saving Texas for the last time, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania while Clinton can take comfort in a groundswell of votes from young women in all 50 states and turn some traditionally red states blue.

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