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Here’s a headline that if it was reported at the Drudge Report would result in tens of millions of eyes on the page and a hundred million clicks on links. This story would be the proof of the attempt of Progressives to destroy America as a Christian nation. The company in question, however, could stand on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 which was used in the Hobby Lobby decision citing their lack of religious belief is their belief and thereby they wish to surround themselves with like minded people who are qualified to do the job. The cries of outrage from Christian Conservatives would be so loud that American wouldn’t be able to hear the tweets about Kim Kardashian’s ass or Justin Bieber’s latest staged arrest created to keep him from becoming fully irrelevant in popular culture.

I make this point because the executive order signed by President Obama strengthens the job anti-discrimination laws on the books to include the deep dark secret of American hiring in regard to the LGBTQ community. Everyone cannot be as fortune as I to live in a place and work in a place where simply put nobody cares about your sexual orientation or gender identity; America is just beginning its journey in that direction with miles to go before being “orientation blind.” Conservative pundits took to their computers once again with their first world persecution stories shortly after the ceremony on 21 July 2014.

Of course, the right will reach back to the RFRA to cite their religious beliefs are being restricted by government. When you really examine this what this controversy really is bringing to light is the desire of conservatives to codify their bigotry. To the right straight is moral and gay is immoral; this is a religious belief not a known fact or established law. To be sure, there are those on the right who want their in public moralizing made the law of the land as a first step toward creating a Christian law government which in less than a decade would reduce America to a Taliban like third world country.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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