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[UPDATE 17h 23m hst:::: Trey Scott Atwater was detained in Fayetteville airport with a smoke grenade on 24 December 2010 and had the article confiscated by the TSA but allowed to board his flight to Midland, Texas. It is unknown if the C4 was in his possession at the time, but sources say it is likely he flew to Midland with the explosive in his bag and it went undetected. Atwater states that he did not know the C4 was in his bag on 31 December when he tried to board an American Eagle flight for Dallas on his return. Atwater did not inform TSA officials about the 24 December incident when he was detained in Midland.

[UPDATE 6h 55m 29 rav 2 as:::: Below is a mug shot of S1C Trey Scott Atwater. He was arrested in 2000 for a series of alcohol related charges and his home in Hope Mills, NC is on the market.–D.V.]

[UPDATE 12h 15m hst:::: The Midland Sheriff’s Department has the following arrest record for Trey Scott Atwater showing he is being held pending release to the US Marshals Service:

Address: 3806 PERMIAN CT, MIDLAND, TX 79703

Offense Class Court County Warrant Number Arrest Date Bond Fines Disposition Years Months Days Hours

[UPDATE 11h 23m hst:::: Claire Hull send this in to the Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork An internet search reveals a Trey Atwater, a Green Beret originally from Midland, TX married with two children who served 3 tours in Afghanistan. confirms that the suspect is active military, without naming him. The source of these reports appears to be a site called Flight

From the Odessa American dates 17 March 2010:

The Permian Basin Welcome Home Committee is rounding up people to greet Staff Sgt. Trey Atwater of the U.S. Army.

Atwater is scheduled to return to Midland at 4:24 p.m. Friday at the Midland International Airport.

He is the son of Bonnie Awater of Midland and is a 1999 graduate of Midland Lee High School. His wife, Tamra, and his two sons, Trent and Ty, will accompany Atwater.

Atwater is a Green Beret and is scheduled for a third tour of duty in Afghanistan in July.

[UPDATE 11h 07m hst:::: A note from Ser Daryl Cobranchi at HERP&ES. There is NOTHING about this story at the Fayetteville Observer. CNN only has this same post from 12 hours ago. If any readers out there have any verifiable information on Mr Atwater’s service status We will post it here in future updates.]

[UPDATE 9h 50m hst:::: Trey Scott Atwater cannot be confirmed as a member of any branch of the US Armed Forces at this time but he was visiting his mother Bonnie Jean Atwater in Midland, Texas. This connection was found on a site titled “Deep Southern Roots” a geneology website.]

The man arrested in the Midland [Texas] International Airport for attempting to take explosives aboard an American Eagle flight has been identified as Trey Scott Atwater of Hope Mills, North Carolina. Little has been disclosed about the man who is accused of trying to take a package of Composition 4 explosive on board American Eagle flight 3283 yesterday morning. Some media outlets are saying that it was a “bomb” while others have not confirmed this. Initial reports stated the man said he was active duty military and this too has not been confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hope Mills, North carolina is 15.5 miles from Fort Bragg Army Base.

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By giving New Black Panther Party President Malik Shabazz a forum and asking him about Glenn Beck’s 28 August 2010 rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Fox News is not only inciting a riot at the event, they are preparing to cover it in all its gory or boring detail. There will be video of the “meeting of the minds” between a handful of black bigots and a handful of white bigots. There might be pushing and shoving and their may be punches thrown. Since it will be held in DC the white bigots won’t have the legal right to carry a firearm. Besides some 62 year old white guy from Thurmont, Maryland shooting a black kid from SE DC isn’t the image that Fox wants the Beckist/Tea Partiers to set. Fox needs the NBPP to whip some white ass and be able to show images of bleeding elderly whites clutching Gadsden flags as they are stomped by black men screaming “Die Cracker!” they need to show white people running in horror from black clad New Black Panthers so they can make campaign fodder for the 2010 midterms. Such a prospective clash is money [and votes] in the bank for the candidates of the TEA Party’s choice.

I doubt if there will be clashes. The DC police are capable of handling the possibly 10 000 people that will show up to see Beck and the dozen or so New Black Panthers that will counter protest. it’s a shame that the only way to get on Fox News is to be in lockstep with the far right, be a left wing lunatic or be of the blond and female body type that gets Ruppert Murdoch’s cock hard. And people wonder why I have such disdain for the MSM?

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