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I had dinner at Vulca with the Editor-in-Chief Cavalor Epthith last night and he was really upbeat about the election on Tuesday. The Boss was upbeat because this mess will be over and Americans can go back to doing what they love to do most second guessing the results. In the 2008 presidential election Barack Obama received 365 electoral votes in a historic victory for a Democratic Party candidate as his electoral tally was third only to Bill Clinton’s 379 in 1996 and 370 in 1992. The key to that victory was a strategy that utilized a massive ground game some of which I have seen in my past two weeks spent in Ohio and Virginia two states critical to victory in 2012.

This is an election unlike any I’ve ever seen in the United States. Back in 2000, during the debacle that was Bush v Gore, I expected Gore to win his home state and make Florida moot in the end. He didn’t and the resulting close race spiraled into the historical decision by the SCOTUS. Were there any shady events in that election? Sure. In this one I don’t get that feeling. that won’t stop the conspiracy theorists who see Obama losing in Colorado but winning in Ohio and Virginia will immediately crying foul.

This meme will continue until late into the next year on conservative blogs starting in the late fall after the election on top tier conservative blogs and finally fizzling out by the the bottom feeders have nothing left. I want to talk briefly about the head fake the Romney campaign has made in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is like an act of desperation to motivate voters in other important states, read Ohio and Virginia, that all isn’t lost. The best political election analysts in Pennsylvania have President Obama up in PA by more than 5%. Case closed.

In Hindsight

The election won’t be close but the outcome isn’t certain; nothing in politics is cast in stone because in the final analysis it’s up to the voters. It could be a tie. There could be faithless electors. There could be a late November surprise. Who knows? What I do know is that either way I’ll be here with my staff to take the whole thing apart late on Tuesday night. My prediction stands Obama 294 Romney 244.

Vote early and often!

Pax Terra!

Fredrick Schwartz, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H [Journ.]
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The news of Terra for this day 147 Ravenshade 2 AS follows the ellipses . . .

Doucments found during the raid on Osma bin Laden’s compound in <a href=””>Pakistan last year will be made public today.</a>

Chen Guangchen to seek asylum in the United States?

Former NFL player Junior Seau’s death confirmed as a suicide by Laal Hethri.

White supremacist JT Ready dies in Gilbert, Arizona mass murder suicide which left 5 dead. Among those killed by Ready were is girlfriend 47 year old Lisa Mederos, her daughter Amber Mederos, 22, Amber’s boyfriend Jim Hiott, 22, and Amber’s duahgter Lilly, 2. An unidentified 19 year old female was found in the midst of the carnage alive. Ready was well known for his anti-immigrantion stance as well as his support from former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce who endorsed JT Ready in his run for Mesa City Council in 2006. Conspiracy theorists on the Right have already concocted a story about drug dealers murdering Ready and the Mederos family. The Laal Hethri in a brief statement this morning have dismissed this as a fiction. Ready will appear at Entry Court in Serratoth Custom House this morning facing multiple crimes against his Soul.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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