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Richard Spencer gets booted out of CPAC today. Dan Schneider call the alt-right “left wing.” And this explanation of the current state of the conservative mind from a commenter to the Spencer red card moment at the WaPo:

“Ideology doesn’t matter to conservatives anymore. The movement has devolved into tribalism. In this broken style of thinking, anything you don’t like can be branded “liberal” or “left-wing.”

Fascism? Nazism? Dylan Roof? ISIS? abortion clinic shooters? — all liberals. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Reagan are rolling over in their graves.”

Ahhh now the Trump voters who read this blog are getting it. Now you’re the frog in the pot and it seems like a nice warm bath. In a few weeks it will simmer and you’ll be uncomfortable but heck your man is still in the White House making America white, uh, I mean great again. Then the simmer will turn to a boil when Americans die because Trump is too busy vacationing at Mar-a-Lago ogling Ivanka wearing a microkini or some such bull shit and then we’ll just put the lid on so you can’t hop out.

In Hindsight

I can promise you that in the overall as Trump fails with no help from we here in Hell I will be delighted to finally see the “conservative” ideology put where it has belonged for at least 40 years. The good old days are gone. Trump will bring you some very, very bad new days before the end of this year. Trumpists take some advice from a Progressive in Hell don’t weigh down your Soul with punishments trying to blame Obama for the massive fuckups to come or rationalize the body counts with events that too place while Obama was President. It’s not gonna fly with this journalist.

Pax Terra!

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