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I have come to notice that the clearest indication of a political ideology dying is when its adherents are not young people. If the last presidential election should have taught America anything it’s that the country in the next 25 years will be defined not by the baby boomers but by the youth of America that replace them. In 25 years a child born today will have voted in the 2032 presidential election, think about that for a second and people like this kid will represent 20% of the electorate. Now think about this, it is estimated that 33% of the conservative base those over the age of 65 and living in suburban and rural communities will be dead. Now anything can happen in politics; a wave of conservative nostalgia could rise up and sweep the Progressive movement aside. The Left could elect a president that becomes embroiled in a scandal that takes the party down with them. There could be war, famine, riot, who knows. Those things could all still happen and the Nixon scenario could play out all over again. In 1975 the GOP was on its knees 3 years after believing they’d not be swept out of power for a generation. Reagan was waiting in the wings in ’76 if Nixon had not seen the need to steal the 1972 election by committing crimes and covering them up and the Democrats with McGovern were in tatters. Reagan brought the GOP back in 1980 a seasoned politician who was nearly impossible to pin down on any issue– truly a Teflon president. Now the GOP is in the same spot Democrats were in back in 1973. They have a choice to stay mired in culture wars struggle and pander to their literally dying base or move forward and reach out sincerely to minorities and women. Despite the RNC autopsy which says some very positive things about how much the GOP realizes that it needs to change I feel that issues like the one I’ll address below DOMA, makes it impossible for the Right to come to the center. The GOP will shrink for the next 15 to 20 years and then it will begin to grow again as a center right party that compliments and checks the far Left elements of the Democratic Party that will raise their heads after a decade or so of congressional control. The best solution for the GOP right now is win the races you should win, destroy any third party based on conservatism that seems like it can gain traction in the South and Midwest, and take your coming losses humbly from 2014 until 2028 while you wait for the traditionalist 55+ base to die off.

My response to Leo Pusateri is below:

Since I’m likely the only lesbian who is married here, I’d like to make a brief comment.

For centuries, the word marriage did mean between one man and one woman. In those many centuries the society that gave rise to what is now America saw relationships between people of the same as a criminal act. In the United States, this is no longer the case. Over the last 100 years society has progressed on many issues. In 1920, women got the vote. In 1948, blacks were given equal accommodation into the US military. In 1954, schools were integrated. In 1967, interracial marriage was recognized federally. In 1973, a woman’s right to choose when and if she gave birth was recognized. Not one of these rights existed 100 years ago. Conservatives are traditionalists by their very name and nature. Tradition does not hold up very well against the sandstorm of change, however. The very rules are changing before your eyes and for people who have lived full lives where the touchstones of traditions were always there safe from the tsunami of Progressive change this thing about marriage surely comes as a great shock.

Those who were against women voting feared it would limit America’s ability to prosecute wars. This didn’t happen. Those who were against integration of the US military said there would be riots and massacres in barracks and armed uprisings by black soldiers against their officers–that did not happen either. Those that argued against school integration said it would ruin the education system and cause confusion and chaos in America’s youth. The slow progress toward equal education had no such effects yet white flight and the decay of urban centers has. Interracial marriage opponents argued that you would create a mongrel caste that would cost taxpayers millions of dollars and create a perpetually shamed underclass of white women who would be ostracized from “respectable society” for her choices. This didn’t happen. Anti abortion advocates argued that abortion on demand and infanticide run riot would be the result of the Roe v Wade decision. That hasn’t happened and abortion is likely the most regulated medical procedure, government intruding into individual rights, in America.

Now Conservatives argue about marriage as if it is the last thing that they own and that they only can protect what it, traditionally, means. Incest and polygamy are going to become the norm Leo says. True, 100 years ago every state in the Union had an anti-sodomy and anti-incest law on its books. I’m no advocate for incest or for polygamy. I don’t think anyone is born with an urge to marry more than one person; I feel that is generally more cultural or religious in nature. Sure some siblings do fall in love but I just don’t see a groundswell for incest anywhere in the near future.

So in the end I find myself back to what conservatives hold dear, control, tradition, religion, the ability to protect the home and hearth, but also I see fear. A fear of change, a fear of the death of norms resulting in a guilt that this touchstone was stolen on their watch when they were beyond the strength of youth to adequately defend it. A great writer noted many years ago that human life is short and brutal. It must be far worse for people who are so resistant to change that they can delude themselves into believing any of what Leo wrote. The times are not changing they have changed and barring a true miracle that brings young Americans between the ages of 13 and 30 en masse back to conservative traditional values and away from the true individualism that being Progressive holds then I see harder times coming for those of you who will live another quarter century.

I have no agenda except to secure for people who love each other in America to be able to marry who they love. I don’t care about slippery slopes, incestuous trysts, the squeamish discomfort that those on the Right feel when they think about gay sex and I certainly pay no heed to the bigots who consider my wife and I abnormal in some way. I am in no rush as I have a bottomless amount of time. If gay marriage does not come this year to every state in the US, so be it. It will be the law of the land in due time even if that is state by state in 25 years after many of the loud conservative voices here no longer speak and the 13 year olds who see no problem with gay marriage now are 38 and making the real decisions for the future generations in a Progressive America striding confidently toward the 22nd century.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., CS, O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F.
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