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Now I’d be remiss, to use a word our Boss Cavalor loves to use, if I didn’t admit that The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork editorial staff hadn’t blown a few stories over the past seven years. But blowing a story or not wanting to argue with an angry husband over the semantics of what constitutes knowledge of the actions of their employer and taking the article down are universes apart from not simply checking facts. This newspaper isn’t in the business of slander nor are we in the agenda business. Laugh if you want but when we throw a story against the wall it sticks because it has been checked and rechecked until it squeaks.


Now the folks at the still dead Andrew Breitbart’s website ran with a story [since removed] from that originated from the satire site The Daily Currant which said that Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman was filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Krugman read the satirical post at the Currant as well and like the sly fox he really is [you should really see this guy playing Pictionary at a dinner party sometime.] he just leaned back in his computer chair chuckled and waited for some right wing idiots to take the bait. It didn’t take long for Breitbart’s minions, wet eyed and drooling at the thought of ridiculing someone they feel is close to President Obama, ran to their digital presses and ran the story without checking the original source.

In Hindsight

I know what you’re thinking that politics ain’t beanbag. Yeah I guess you’re right but the bottom line is if Breitbart’s people want to impress a Progressive researcher for a large newspaper in Hell, they need to not get duped and end up sucking on something that’s a bit more embarrassing than a lemon. In his response to all of this Paul Krugman tries to convince his readers that his actions are evil. No, no Mr Krugman your actions aren’t evil at all. It’s the anti-Progressive right that can’t see anything but their long dead “great white past” that’s evil. Well played sir, well played indeed.

Pax Terra!

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