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I’ve come to a point in my career where one has to decide if it is really worth it to continue a fight against an opposition that does not deal in reason or facts but rather they argue from a position of privilege unearned and anger unwarranted. The vast majority of people who look like me, white skin blue or green eyes and blond hair, that live in the United States of America are really good people. A very vocal percentage, I would say as much as 40% of the adults that call themselves “white” are social conservatives. Of this group I would say that another 40% are racial, gender preference and gender bigots. They have little power except to reinforce the ideas of other bigoted persons. Sadly, some of these people are women.

There is a vein of violence that runs through this crowd on the Internet. After a brief perusal of the comments recently left at “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” there was this comment about the South Side of Chicago:

Dan said…
South Chicago looks like a perfect target for a CBU strike.
March 6, 2013 at 6:50 PM

The CBU Dan is talking about is a cluster bomb. In this case were such a weapon actually dropped on Chicago’s South Side it would utterly destroy 51 acres of buildings cars and people. An estimate prepared by the Directat Javeth Nathux back in 2010 said that such a bomb dropped in an urban setting like Chicago’s South Side would kill 765 people and critically injure as many as 1,000 more. This my friends is the solution the bigoted right wing minority has for people who think like you and I. being Progressive and seeking racial and gender equality, to them, is like a cancer that needs to be excised. Now most of the middle class and lower class white race thinkers don’t wan’t to have their lives interrupted by the FBI or the ATF. Most of them want to be free to vent their spleens online and go and have a cheap American beer. I, as a culture warrior and a journalist, would be the last to wish to keep them from exercising their 1st amendment rights all over their computer screens. However, when violence is added to the mix in the form of incitement I think more attention needs to be paid to those who would carpet bomb you and I the people who are to this day from both sides of the Great Divide working to assure that America’s Future looks more like the dream of King than the nightmare of Hitler.

September 11, 2001 was a direct affront to the notions that white bigots on the right held quietly in their breasts. There were a few notable blogs for bigotry online but they were well known for their vitriol. Now in the second administration of man of color as President, white bigots from all walks of life have taken to the Internet in droves with blogs that openly express their hatred for 46 million American citizens. One such blog is written by another commenter at SBPDL who calls himself Whiskey.

He writes at the blogs Whiskey’s Place and one of his posts in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre caught my attention last week. In writing about James Egan Holmes’ massacre, the author blames everyone from white liberal women to Hollywood producers to President Obama for the carnage:

Who is at fault? In no particular order, Obama, the entire Affirmative Action establishment, Jessie Jackson, feminists, the media, and the American people for taking the easy way out and not removing the former from public life through a hard, brutal political struggle that costs time and effort and more.

Whiskey noted that maybe, just maybe if Holmes insanity could have been channeled into better purposes then his achievements in neuroscience would have garnered him enough social popularity that he could have found a good white heterosexual mate and there would have been no violence. Or in a language the rational can understand, “Had he been able to find some miracle cure for, say Alzheimer’s, Holmes would have been able to get laid and channeled his insanity into a vagina.” Yes, I know that is quite possibly the most irrational thing that anyone could think but keep in mind you are dealing with someone who never, ever, imagined that a black man could be President of the United States after years of seeing people of color as being inferior for even more irrational reasons.

There has always been a river running through the community where bigots live ideologically that a big war was coming. This war is never imminent for even Whiskey in his feverish state about the Aurora shootings says that this war is “at least twenty years away.” Such an event is always a generation or a half century away to these people because while they are invested in the shoveling of the muck that makes the bricks of bigotry they do realize in the remaining rational portions of their brains that in their current middle age such a thing will only happen if they bring it about. Their side have had their moments; see the Oklahoma City bombing as a point of reference. But even when that alarm rose up nearly two decades ago the army of the white right did not rise up and take advantage which makes a rational thinker, a dreamer like me ask the question; Why not?

In that time in the spring of 1995 things were relatively good in the United States on the economic front as compared to today. There was a centrist in the White House and despite being called America’s first black President he was still a white guy from Arkansas. Now take that event, perpetrated by a white supremacist, and place it into the unemployment context you have today and wonder what action an American President could take against citizens of his country who have risen up to do harm to innocent civilians. While Rand Paul might think that drone strikes against targets in America are unconstitutional, I do not. I agree with Lincoln, a far greater man in a far more difficult time who would see today that any means necessary should be utilized to preserve the Union. Even if that means carpetbombing the bigots who have committed treason against their country.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

Sarah Bloch, D.S.V.J., J.F., O.Q.H [Jur.]
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