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I have to thank the research staff for making what I suspected about the Values Voter Summit straw poll come to life. The winner of this poll of the fringe of the GOP base never wins the nomination in the next election cycle. The VVS poll is a flavor of the moment sort of poll that is rarely a good indicator of what the pulse of the GOP is. It is a good gauge of what the lunatics in the asylum want. This year their three most important issues were 1) religious liberty [read theocracy] 2) life [read anti-abortion] 3) ObamaCare [do I need to explain?]. This is very little changed since President Obama was successful in getting his signature piece of legislation passed.

There was a time when taxes were the big motivator for the religious right, but the group has never been able to have the guy that is their choice rise to become the nominee in the next election cycle. In 2007 Mitt Romney won the VVS straw poll but did not become the nominee until he beat the field in a war of attrition in the 2012 GOP primaries. That process should have been the bloodletting that purged the TEA Party from the GOP but the men in gray suits [Adelson, Koch Bros.] dug deeper into their pockets to support candidates who are even more out there than Ron Paul who was the VVS favorite in 2011.

In 2010 Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, won the VVS poll and many, both here in Hell and in the political prognostication business in America, see him as a favorite candidate for the GOP in 2016. Our current polling shows Pence getting 43% of the vote, against Hillary Clinton who would get 52% in a two way race and in a three way race with Ted Cruz as the third party candidate Pence would get 31% of the vote Cruz would get 17% and Clinton would get 49%. Pence has the advantage of doing good work in Indiana as governor, a evangelical religious history and little or no scandal that is swirling around him at this time. He has the disadvantage of being three years out from the election and outside evangelical circles he is a relative unknown due to his reluctance to run in 2008 and 2012.

The curiosity is that the second place finisher was Dr Ben Carson which like it or not Progressive readers needs to be taken seriously. Carson could become a serious VP pick by a third party if the GOP front runner going into 2015 is someone the fringe sees as a RINO [see Chris Christie, who by the way is the only potential candidate that comes close to defeating Hillary in any of the too soon to be polling polls I’ve seen.] As much as I don’t want to mention Sarah Palin I feel that it is important to let the readers know that since 2009 when she first appeared in the poll Palin has never fared well. She gained no votes this year signalling that at least to the fringe of the GOP base her political career is over.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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