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I’ve been holding that headline for a long time now and I finally get to use it.

After coming [pardon the pun] in sixth place last night the first darling of the TEA Party among conservatives in the 2012 run for the GOP nomination is done. Sources close to the campaign of Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann have told me that the campaign is “dead and waiting for the undertaker to arrive.” Today four of Bachmann’s top campaign aides will join trhe staffs of Ron Paul or Rick Santorum effectively ending the TEA Party’s short term grip on the GOP.

The clear winners in the Iowa Caucuses last night were Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who trailed Mitt Romney by only a handful of votes and of course President Barack Obama who can see a clearer rift in the GOP electorate by this result. Ron Paul finished third as was expected. Newt Gingrich who two weeks ago could be seen by many pundits winning Iowa and surging toward South Carolina was a distant fourth.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is also expected to end his run possibly beofre the New Hampshire primary next week. Perry finished fifth ahead of Bachmann. Both will skip New Hampshire and focus their final efforts on South Carolina where their anti-Obama rhetoric is better received than in Mitt Romney’s backyard of New England. The wear and tear on the Santorum campiagn will be felt in the Granite State as well as his staff fear losing momentum heading toward a difficult task of convincing Southern conservatives that a Pennsylvania Catholic is a better choice for the GOP than a Yankee Mormon. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich will be the beneficiaries of right wing religious bigotry in South Carolina which holds its primary on 21 January 2012. Santorum is currently polling in the single digits in the Palmetto State.

In Hindsight

Could anyone see Bachmann, the queen of TEA Party bigotry and ignorance, going beyond New Hampshire???

Pax Terra!

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