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I’ve had some difficult articles to write over the years but this one might take the cake. Today I was reading the lone comment at the time at Blogs4Victory came from a guy who I had never seen commenting there. The guy is named Harley.

It turns out that Harley has his own blog called The Harley Factor. That’s right boys and girls this guy is a HUGE O’Reilly Factor fan and one day he woke up put on his big boy britches and decided he was going to have a blog about things conservatives need to know just like Bill-O has a show that brings ‘Murrika the REAL NEWS. But I digress.

His comment seems to have been well received at B4V and I find that curious considering Harley, if you’ll pardon my French is a fucking idiot. I have no idea why this guy hasn’t died and fallen here to Hell simply because he forgot to breathe. Oh, you think being harsh? Au contraire! Allow me to enlighten you on just what goes though the mind of Harley and some of the other bloggers he links to who are of like stupidity.

1. Cancer is a fungus. That’s right, the disease that has killed billions of people globally in the last one hundred years alone is caused by a fungus according to The Harley Factor. I’d better run out and invest in Lotrimin right now so I can be rich!

2. NASA and the Vatican are about to make a joint statement that aliens are real and that will be the greatest deception trick ever played on Humanity because the aliens are, wait for it, demons!

3. The United States government has procured 30,000 guillotines that will be used to execute all the Christians in America when Barack Obama gives the order for the slaughter. For the record Snopes has the refutation of this tired old email forward here.

4. Paul Bunyon [sic] was real. I have no words for this.

And on and on and . . .

The people who he has respected enough to link are equally as bright bulbs. This from joecruzmn who posts at These Christian Times who writes about a secret underground bunker below the Denver Airport.

hindsight 2017
In Hindsight
Right. I need a drink now. At least you know who the chosen few are at B4V. They jettisoned Neocon because he’s a prick. The banned Mitch because he’s a Progressive and took no shit. They banned everyone from The Dis Brimstone Daily Pitchfork because we’ve been known to post the odd scantily clad woman form time to time. But this guy Harley B4V is keen on him because Harley is pro life, pro gun and clearly needs Prozac.

Pax Terra!

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