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In the recent SCOTUS decision, 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby’s right not to provide contraception to female employees conservatives have won a battle and marched toward losing a broader unseen war. The decision is a great relief valve for the Right which of recent has been bombarded with rulings from Federal Courts that go against their core “values.” Yesterday, the Internet was ablaze with joyous proclamations from conservatives about this first brick being pulled from the temple of Obamacare.

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The reality of the ruling is that it is rooted in two legal foundations. The first, is that it supports the federal nature of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. This act grants assurances that religious freedom in America will be protected against government intervention. If that is the case now you will see individuals who want to have mosques built in regions of the United States where bigotry exists against Muslims using this law as a foundation for arguing in favor of their religious beliefs. Conservative opponents of these mosques being built will argue that this is a step toward Sharia Law which of course it is not. The next time such a matter comes before a court I hope the judge reminds the conservatives of the Hobby Lobby decision.

Second is the far more political boring issue of what a closely held corporation is. Now I’ve read about a pound of articles about what a closely held corporation is and let me tell you it led to some of the best sleep I’ve had in ages. Since I’m not a business guy I’ll leave that definition to the experts:

A type of business corporation that is owned and operated by a small group of people.

A closed corporation is also known as a close corporation, a family corporation, an incorporated partnership, and a chartered partnership. In this type of corporation all of the functions are usually performed by the same parties. These individuals serve as shareholders, officers, and directors and are involved in the management and operation of the business. A closed corporation differs from a publicly held corporation since its stock is neither issued nor traded to the public at large.

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In Hindsight

I think this is a travesty from a political standpoint that religious beliefs of corporations [they have religious beliefs too?] trump the medical needs of the employees of those corporations. Makes me wonder if corporations are people are the employees cells and groups of employees organs?? Anyway, every political victory won in the courts has a consequence. That Truth applies to Progressives and Conservatives alike.

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