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The main news of Terra follows the ellipses . . .

The terrestrial media are reporting that a 12 year old who opened fire on students in Roswell, New Mexico may have given some students warning of the coming attack.

NSA uses wireless technology to break into computers.

Bank of America beats profit estimate taking in $3.4 billion [h! 2 747 124 d.15 s. 50] 4Q.

West Palm Beach woman, Jennifer Berman who murdered her two children and then herself was said by employer to have reached “the breaking point.”

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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In Wayne, PA an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, Tim Rooney, 49, shot and killed his wife Linda Rooney 48 after a domestic dispute. The Rooneys, who have three surving children, lived in a 4,000+ square foot, 6 bed 5 bath home valued at $1.38 million. Media reports say Linda Rooney worked as a pharmaceutical rep for Merck and her husband was a stay at home father. Demographically, Wayne, PA has a median income $105,680 and is 92.1% white. The handgun used was a .357 magnum.

West Palm Beach, FL police are reporting a murder suicide involving Jennifer Berman and her 15 and 16 year old children. Berman shot both of her children with a firearm of yet undisclosed caliber before turning the gun on herself. Media reports say that Jennifer Berman sent several digital messages stating her intent to harm herself and her family. Magis Ser William Dyer, in presiding over her trial at Entry Court on Serratoth Island refused pleas from her attorney Monica Lamb to have Jennifer Berman’s case bound over to the Hellac Court of Appeals on Rham for examination of her mental status in the months prior to her actions. Magis Dyer reasoned that, “in her situation and status on Terra there were mulitple options for this Soul to receive the treatment she may have needed prior to the commitment of these acts.” Lamb asked at the end of the trial, prior to Dyer passing judgment on Berman, that he recuse himself due to his Living experience of having his wife executed as a Quaker martyr. This matter has been forwarded to the Serratoth Island Court of First Fruits and Tenths and is being reviewed by Magis Abraham Van Vecheten.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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