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I was just reading Mark Noonan’s latest screed about free speech. I’d like to remind readers of this blog that we do not delete comments for any reason unless requested to do so, or in the case of errant information or potentially actionable cases of libel; all of which have taken place a collective total of five times in nearly nine years of bringing reason to the Living. That said the kernel of reason in Mark’s post was washed away quickly by his inability to understand that free speech isn’t always civil. People with passions about issues are often hostile in their words. Like many journalists I would like cooler heads to prevail and intellect to rule discourse, but hey, I’m quick to call a motherfucker a motherfucker when the situation warrants.

Retired Spook made an interest comment here it is in full

I apply the same metrics to free speech that I apply to anything involving freedom. When someone condemns something I’ve said, my first reaction is, why? That simple one word question, more often than not, will open a dialogue, and, worst case scenario, you may just have to agree to disagree. Now if someone goes beyond disagreeing to attempting to punish me for something I said or prevent me from saying it, then my fall-back position is ALWAYS, “I will defend my right to say what I said with my life. Will you defend your position to punish me for what I said with YOUR life? If not, then get the hell out of my face. I’ve found, 100% of the time, that people who would attempt to shut someone up that they disagree with NEVER go beyond either the mob mentality of shouting someone down or recruiting others to do the dirty work for them.

hindsight 2312
In Hindsight
That last line in italics is the part that makes me wonder about the belief that Mark Noonan and many of the others on the conservative side of the fence really have in their ideology. It’s also what made Cluster take down his own site simply because people cannot be cordial. Fuck that. If you don;t have passion for politics and political thinking you need to go back to your knitting group. This is a hardball issue that will affect the future not only of America but of the world you live in. If that’s not worth calling someone an asshole or a fucking bigot when you clearly know they are then get out of the game.

Pax Terra!

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As posted by one of our long time readers at B4V:

“I’m perfectly capable of arguing with the folks here. It’s simply not worthwhile. We on the left do not need to suppress you. You’re dinosaurs and will die out, unloved, unremarked, and unmissed. You’ve lost the arguments. All of them. Gay marriage will be the law everywhere in a few years. Abortion is here to stay. Obamacare. Well, you’ve got your guns. Cling to them. While you can.”

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In Hindsight

That’s it in a nutshell. I did see the weak argument from mark Noonan that conservatives are marrying more than Liberals and they are having more children. I will grant him both of those points. In the end though I would be willing to bet that as soon as those conservative kids become 18 they bolt from the trough of horseshit they’ve been fed during their formative years for the freedom of rational thought, good sex and diverse friendships and interests. The only other options they’d have would be to be like their bland angry parents, or worse, end up a hypocrite like Mark Noonan.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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I had fleeting memory of Cindy McCain and Megan McCain being in an ad for the gay rights group NOH8 four years ago but this ad has burned an image in the mind of Mark Noonan at Blogs4Victory. Noonan an intractable Catholic conservative who is so concerned with his own immortal Soul that he would be willing to disenfranchise millions of Americans, deny millions more their civil rights and even deny health care options to every woman in America who would seek any form of birth control writes:

“I remember a while back ago when I saw a picture of Cindy and Meghan McCain made up in the “NoH8″ logo and it immediately occurred to me just how absolutely disgusting it was – while “NoH8″ had been around for a while, it suddenly struck me what it really meant – what the liberal fascists, that is, meant by using it: that anyone who disagrees with them is a hate-filled bigot, unfit for decent company. It told me, point blank, that by the mere fact of being a Catholic in accord with the Magisterium, I was the modern version of Bull Connor. Plenty of Republicans fell for it – after all, it was just about not hating, right? Perhaps not. Maybe the whole purpose of “NoH8″ was to get people to hate the “other” – in this case, anyone who disagreed with same-sex marriage?”

This is just the beginning of a post (which should be read in full to understand the lunacy of the right) that exposes what is wrong with the mainstream religious conservative in America. In one way he wants special treatment for himself and his beliefs despite not holding these beliefs all his life and not ever being challenged or discriminated against because of them. This is in stark contrast with countless black Americans, women and LGBTQ persons who have given their lives in their struggle for equality with self proclaiming religious white men.

cindy mccain noh8

Noonan, a Catholic is now on the same side of history as those who were in the Ku Klux Klan in their heyday at the onset of the Roaring Twenties. The similarities between the rhetoric, bigotry and desire for unearned privilege is almost without divergence. He makes a point that any conservative that disagrees with a Liberal who feels that LGBTQ Americans deserve the same equal treatment under the law as he does as a citizen will be portrayed as a bigot or worse, is a non-starter. Anyone who does this and stands on their religion as the proof and reason IS a bigot. It is the height of hubris that Mark Edward Noonan feels that his Catholic beliefs should strip the rights of anyone. This is the definition of bigotry; that one’s beliefs are a legitimate reason to hate.


This is nothing new coming from Noonan or from conservatives in America panicked that their unearned privilege has been exposed and that their numbers are dwindling. It is no wonder that he can bear none of my comments at his site no matter how civil or fact filled. He stands on his faith which he holds more dear than the rule power of the Constitution which conservatives swear they want America to return. This is yet another paradox for those who think like Noonan. It is not enough for him that he lives in a nation that is the most free in the world (despite NSA spying and runaway technological snooping by corporations) he and his brethren must rule; especially if it is at the expense of those who do not share his values.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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I know the headline here seems a bit harsh, but when millions of people believe lies and repeat them despite having been given the Truth then they are liars. Mark Noonan over at Blog4Victory has stood on his Catholic faith time and time again saying that he doesn’t want to be associated with liars and people who perpetuate lies yet he continues to associate with Amazona who writes this in comments to the most recent post of 10 January 2014, posted by tiredoflibbs:

“Barack Obama was steeped in contempt and even loathing for the United States from birth, from both sides of his family and from his involvement with people like Davis. These early influences have shown through the mantle of American Patriot he had to assume, at least to some limited extent, to be able to run for office in this country. It has been seen in his speeches, in his Crotch Salute during the playing of the national anthem, in his disparaging comments and his Apology Tour, in his pandering to the enemies of the United States and his lack of respect for our allies.”

What appears in bold type there has been passed around in the conservative blogosphere for nearly five years. This “crotch salute” was a lie then and it is a lie now. The effort I applied to find the Truth in this matter took me only eight seconds of searching and less than a minute of reading. For those conservatives who say I am blinded by “Obama worship syndrome” or some other nonsensical fiction, they need only see the other verification that Obama in the photo in question was standing while Hail to the Chief played, which means had he saluted he would have been saluting himself, by simply doing a Google search.

hindsight 2283
In Hindsight
The visceral need for conservatives need to make this man, who only has one difference from the other 43 presidents who came before him, into the Devil himself, is appalling. No matter their insistence that they are not racists, their bigotry seethes out in other ways whether that be that he is their nostalgic wish to go back to the days of the Cold War and have a communist enemy to fight or looking into modern times to make him a part of the Muslim apostasy that caught America with their pants down on 11 September 2001. Despite their loud and continuing cries this man belong to neither of these groups and I still hold that history will bear out that Barack Hussein Obama is one of the greatest Presidents of the United States of all time.

Pax Terra!

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The MSM is now reporting on a violent trend that has been in the conservative blogosphere for some time now. Conservatives, in their lust to show that American minorities are out for their blood, virginal daughters and property, have brought into the mainstream of American news a crime of violence mostly perpetrated by black youths called The Knockout Game. Mark Noonan at BlogsforVictory thinks that this game, where one tries to knock an unknown and innocent person unconscious with one punch to the head, is a by product of a shadowy but pervasive thing called “liberalism.” Noonan also states his belief that if America would just go back to the days when the Church ruled the lives of Americans and was unquestionable, when public office holders could not be ridiculed and women and minorities “knew their place” all the violence and fear that is now in the minds of Conservatives would be gone and the ship that is America would free itself from its wandering course toward prosperity.

We, Ourselves, of the Collective disagree with Mr Noonan’s assessment. Had he been living one hundred years ago We, and the Meditators, doubt that he would have written a similar article denouncing his Conservative and self proclaimed religious brethren for their bombing of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma or for the lynching of dozens of blacks in 1913. Noonan does not know the names of Henry Mouseon, David Rucker, Andrew Williams or Pastor Charles Tyson who suffered a far greater fate than being punched in the face by an angry and ignorant youth. The men and women and children who flocked to these spectacles, Conservatives all, were seen as people with the intestinal fortitude to “maintain order” at any cost. These were Mark Edward Noonan’s people then and they are the sort of people Mark Edward Noonan, the TEA Party and the helpless whelps of modern middle class white Conservatism poisoned by talk radio and email chains that play around the skirts of bigotry would choose to associated themselves with religiously, politically and ideologically. Maybe, just maybe, the Conservatives should consider the serious issues in their community involving the hundreds of gun related murder suicides and thousands of gun related suicides that are taking place in America annually before they fearmonger on the violent actions of those they feel are not worthy to be Americans?

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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This one comes from kmgtwo based on the galactically stupid article from CNS News that was reposted by Mark Noonan. There are more holes in the conservative arguments made by CNS and B4V than fromage suisse. Anywho, the runout of all of this is more proof that the right doesn’t really care about facts they simply want to keep their dying angry base in a constatnt state of feeling victimized in the hope that just one of them might do the crazy thing that thousands of other want to do but are afraid of kicking off. And yes, I do think there is a mighty and deep vein of violence on the right that is just about at the tipping point and I don’t mean just among the ever present lunatic fringe. Middle class people are hurting and we’re talking about folks who when they feel cornered no one and I mean no one can tell them that their world is over.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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This one first:

The true freeloaders cannot, at this point, be converted…but the single mom working 40 hours a week who also gets $200 a month in SNAP can be brought over…not by an appeal for lower taxes (she pays hardly any) or by an appeal to the Constitution (she probably couldn’t accurately give even one of the rights in the Bill of Rights), but by explaining to her that she’s struggling because the liberals she votes for are stealing from her.

As I see it the true freeloaders in America are not those who cannot work, or even those who refuse to work. Instead they are the corporations who make millions and sometimes billions in profits yet feel they need tax breaks from the government while refusing to hire new workers even when that new income would inject new steam in the US consumer economy. Those entities who want the rights of individuals cannot be converted.
Regarding the single mother who gets SNAP benefits Mark Noonan assumes many things with his statement. He assumes that single mothers are ignorant of history while not taking into account the revisionist notions that he himself holds as truth regarding the Constitution. An appeal to the document that governs the United States simply does not interest anyone save for those who feel there is no other means by which to argue against a President that they feel is the Other. Keep in mind that there were not any such appeals during the Clinton years save from those of militias and fringe groups like the Branch Davidians.

Then there’s this:

I presume you mean that there are non-negotiable items which God has decreed and we must follow, come what may. I agree with that. We Christians have been tossed to lions before and if we’re to be so tossed again for our faith, then we’ll give glory to God for the honor. But our duty does lie in escape if that be possible – we are never to court martyrdom. As long as we are not being directly complicit in an immoral act, we’re fine – that immorality will go on all around us does not effect us unless we participate. This, I think, is what liberals don’t get – we don’t have a reason to stop people from doing wrong, but we must never be compelled to in any way, shape or form participate in it…so, we can’t bake a cake for gay marriage, nor pay for things which will buy abortion for others. If it comes down to that where I am to be forced by our government to participate in evil, then I’ll refuse and suffer what I must…though I hope, if it ever comes to that, that I’ll have the courage of a Cristero.
But we can still work with people – even, at times, with people who are ok with immorality. Tactical alliances can be made in the service of the larger good – if having a libertarian in favor of gay marriage yet gets me to the point where the laws will forbid anyone from forcing me to participate directly or indirectly in gay marriage, then that libertarian is my ally. I think we can cobble together a majority which will allow us to save the nation and, in the by and by, restore it to Judeo-Christian morality…but it will be an odd assortment of people, to begin with.

Mark Noonan has said many times that he will not side with liars. Anyone who is in favor of marriage equality is in Noonan’s eyes a liar. But now he is willing to “negotiate” on some things as long as this negotiation leads to the sort of Theocratic governmental success that he feels is the only true path for America. This is sad when you consider that the vast majority of problems that America faces these days are not simply moral issues but are issues of economics and secular law.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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I hate to start this post off sounding like Andy Rooney but . . .

Have you ever noticed that when pious conservatives write or speak they always talk in terms of what “should” be? These people have invented a cottage industry centered around telling other people how they should live their lives and what they deserve to have and not to have. Noonan is catholic but I think if he were a Lutheran it would not make a difference. Mark Noonan wants to be able to tell everyone what they can and cannot do based solely on what frightens him and what he knows he wants but should not wish to have. In his comment below the reader will get a glimpse into the mind of a Dominionist:

That is because you don’t understand that Big Government and Big Corporation are two sides of the same coin – they are in it together and against the rest of us. But here’s the thing – a 26 year old ISN’T A CHILD. For crying out loud, someone at 26 should be married, working, owning their own home, have a couple kids. My dad at 17 was a United States Marine being sent to fight on Saipan…he wasn’t a little boy who needed mommy, any more.

Our children might be our greatest asset, but someone in his 20′s isn’t “our children” anymore…he’s an adult and can darn well look after himself like an adult.

This theocrat begins in the right direction because on of the biggest problems in America today is the merger of corporation with elected officialdom. You have to keep in mind that this is the opinion of a neutered drone who has lived the best years of his life more than two decades ago. He has no hope of passing his genes on and seeing his grandchildren grow up in his old age. All he has to look forward to is that decline that ends in death. So to punish you young people out there who are doing all the things he wishes his religion of choice allowed him to do he and millions of other like minded dominionists demand they put aside their personal freedom in the name of far right nostalgia and power concentrated in the hands of white men.

Of course a 26 year old is a child if he or she is your child. A 26 year old shouldn’t be married unless they want to be. They should be working and thousands of 26 year old who work for the federal government would be working if it weren’t for crazy conservative voters who scare the crap out of establishment GOP members of Congress who fear primaries in 2014 more than they fear polls in 2013. As far as where mark Noonan’s father was when he was 17 i have to say who gives a fuck? I say the same thing about the grandstanding right wing stunt about veterans at the WWII memorial. Who gives a fuck? I really wish Americans would stop death worshipping and begin life honoring.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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I’ll make this brief. I was reading B4V as I do everyday and came across this post by Mark Noonan proving once again he knows nothing about realpolitk. Since this post is about Syria it give Neocon1 one a chance to show just how big a bigot he is:

September 9, 2013 at 9:17 am
islam is a barbaric 16th century moon worshiping cult. There are no innocents but the Christian population. The rest are future crazy loons with low IQ’s and zero education, I say let them thin the herd to as close to zero as possible….THEN we will have a few decades of peace.

hindsight 2288

In Hindsight

If you want to read some intelligent commentary from people who really want to see America prosper and continue as the most diverse and prosperous nation on Terra click the beautiful lady above and head on over to

Pax Terra!

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I have struggled quite a bit with this rebuttal because as a member of the Hellac Bar the issue appears to be such a clearly straightforward matter of civil rights that to argue against it causes me to wonder about the mental ability of those that oppose same sex marriage. Mark Noonan begins his explanation on his views of this matter this way:

My views are as follows:

1. Marriage is not a right. It is a privilege assigned by society to some people in order that both our species and our civilization may be effectively propagated in to the next generation. This privilege has heretofore in our society only been assigned to one man and one woman who are of age, not closely related biologically and not encumbered by any previous marital commitment. Whether or not we’ll alter this is not a matter of human rights.

From the outset Noonan devolves into fallacy for marriage is a right and has been held to be so in the United States of America for quite some time just as it is here in Hell. Of course, no one has to take the word of a demon journalist that this is true so I will simply quote the opinion of Chief Justice Earl Warren in the case of Loving v Virginia [ 388 U.S. 1, 1967 ]

The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.

Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival. Skinner v. Oklahoma,[ 316 U.S. 535, 541 1942 ]. See also Maynard v. Hill, [ 125 U.S. 190 1888 ].

That decision, in the face of all the tidal forces of the times that demanded the races be kept apart from this right for both political and religious reasons, destroys the notion that any of those reasons weight more on the scales of Justice than the rights of the party petitioning. Noonan’s views on this simple fact of civil rights are clouded because he feels his particular brand of morality and religious belief outweighs the constitution of the United States and the decisions of the Supreme Court. They do not and cannot because the United States of America is a nation of laws not a nation that must abide by the religious beliefs of any man, or group of men.

On the alternation of what marriage can be is certainly a matter of Human Rights as it was for the Lovings it will be for same sex couples.

2. Same sex marriage, so called, bears as much resemblance to traditional marriage as plowing a field does to horse racing. They both might have horses involved, but the activities are fundamentally different…the results are not at all the same. Of nature, a traditional marriage will do what marriage is supposed to do – form a socio-biological unit which will naturally produce children and raise them up. Same sex marriage will not of nature do this. Same sex marriage and traditional marriage are not the same thing and to call them the same thing is, to put it bluntly, to lie.


A bad analogy to start this expose into the beliefs of Mark Noonan. First off, same sex marriage resembles “traditional” marriage exactly with the only difference being that the parties that enter the union happen to be of the same sex. Noonan, a man who married so late in life as not to be able to meet his own definition of marriage is willing to cast himself as a hypocrite in a feeble attempt to seek a moral high ground on the issue and fails. Just recently there was a Time Magazine cover story regarding marriage written by one of my favorite writers Lauren Sandler entitled, “The Childfree Life.” By Noonan’s definitions, by the very words he writes and says are his beliefs, the fundament of marriage is to “naturally produce children and raise them up.” This would disqualify for marriage all couples that cannot have children biologically or like those in Sandler’s article choose not to have children. From this poor, hypocritical, place of reasoning Mark Noonan finally gets to the point of his views why same sex marriage is not really marriage. He calls any such comparisons a lie. Mark Noonan, a man rescued from his own addictions by drowning them in Catholic dogma, has settled it in his heart that a civil right must be a lie because it goes against the teachings of a Church that was his last chance at rescue from a lonely life of masturbating to pornography. I would point out to Mr Noonan that the rights of millions of Americans are more important to me, a demon, than they are to him, a man who took refuge in pornography due to his lack of ability to attract a warm sexually willing partner.

3. The fundamental problem, then, for same-sex marriage as it relates to me is that it is a lie – it is untrue that a same-sex marriage is just the same as a traditional marriage and so assigning to a same-sex union the same benefits we provide to traditional marriage (benefits which cost me, as a member of society) is to force me to be complicit in a lie. While I have lied in my life – being a sinner, you see? – it is not for me to go along with something which I know to be a lie from the get-go. Just because I have done wrong at some points in my life it doesn’t follow that it is ok for me to deliberately do something wrong elsewhere. I cannot agree to legal same-sex marriage because I cannot agree to be untrue.

I find my horns aching at the reading of this. However I am well trained in both Reason and Rhetoric and I will attempt to remain civil in the face of such a farcical attempt to make a basic civil right into a falsehood. For clarification purposes let us take a moment and define just what a lie is.
A lie is defined as, “a false statement made with deliberate attempt to deceive. Something intended or serving to convey a false impression. An inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.” A marriage between two men or two women is not a lie; there is simply nothing false about it and despite Noonan’s anger it is and does exist in his plane of reality just as it does here in Dis. Yes, yes, I get that this is drifting toward religion and Noonan’s personal religious beliefs [which of course he feels are under “attack” because I am writing in-counter to his beliefs and hopefully expressing myself well in a tongue that is not native to me] as he admits that he is a sinner [how gracious!] I still am dumbfounded by why this has anything to do with granting a basic civil right to two consenting adults?

4. The secondary problem for same-sex marriage as it relates to me is that even if I can avoid participating – by act or omission – in the lie, I am still under threat because when a lie is foisted upon the people by government fiat then the only way that lie may be sustained in the long run is by repressive measures. We already see it in Europe and Canada where same sex marriage has been legal for some time: activists seeking to fine and/or jail those members of those societies who dissent from the lie and assert what they believe to be true about same-sex marriage: that it is an inherently disordered action. Same sex marriage was recently legalized in Britain, for instance, with an exemption for churches – they don’t have to perform same sex weddings. But already the activists who managed to get the legalization through are working on forcing churches to perform same-sex weddings. It is very much a slippery slope.

Though he tiptoes around the matter a bit this is about Mark Noonan and those who hold similar religious views are being threatened by the very existence of same sex marriage. many in the middle of the last century in America made similar arguments about interracial marriage. These people are not pious or patriots–they are bigots.

5. Given all of this, I have come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to separate Marriage and State. All State licensing of marriage is to cease – apply the tax benefits accruing to marriage to children (this way, even a same-sex couple with children will obtain the same tax benefits as anyone else with children), but leave marriage entirely alone. This is made an extra strong conviction in me when I realize that the destruction of marriage is my fault – mine and so many Christians like me who for so many years lived as practical pagans. It is no fault of gay people when they want gay marriage after we Christians spent so many years gutting marriage with divorce, adultery, birth control, in-vitro fertilization and other anti-human horrors. Adding an extra bit of zest in this is the final realization that State licensing of marriages is actually a degradation of marriage…calling the transient State to some how “sanctify” what God has joined together. Absurd! Make marriage a legally non-binding activity and there is no grounds for anyone to complain about what particular ceremonies any religion does to solemnize any union, at all. We can all go our separate ways on the matter with no one offending anyone else. An added benefit is that we’ll throw divorce lawyers out of work.

I am nearly at a loss for words after reading this for what feels liken the one hundredth time. There was little thought on the part of Mr Noonan put into the reasoning of this last bit of theocratic nonsense. In my very sensitive ears it sounds like, “If the marriage I gave up pornography for is not seen as special because I say it is a gift given to me by the deity I worship then no one can be married at all!” That sort of “reasoning” is the most absurd bit of blather I have encountered in quite some time.

Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

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